Posted July 20th, 2014 by jshannon

After the last match, Lana ordered Rusev to brign Swagger in and put him in the Accolade. Swagger was out cold.

It was time for another fun Dust2Dust vignette. I really get a kick out of StarDust (Cody Rhodes). They started talking about he Cosmic Key.

Seth Rollins came out to chat. Seth demanded to win his match against Dean Ambrose by forfeit. Seth orderd that he be announced the winner of the match from earlier.

Technically, the Winner (by Forfeit) Seth Rollins

Suddenly, Dean Ambrose came out of nowhere to attack Seth. Dean threw Seth out into the crowd. Dean threw Seth into the Spanish Announce Table. Security pulled Dean and dragged him away. Dean broke loose and went back to beating on Seth. Dean was eventually carried out, until Seth jumped in the middle of things. Dean was handcuffed but continued to want to fight. HHH pulled Seth Rollins away form the chaos. HHH raised Seth’s arm in victory.

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