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Battleground is this Sunday. Most of the major players were highlighted. Plus, a Legend made his return to the WWE Flagship program.

This week’s show came from Richmond, VA. John Cena came out with his twin belts to address the crowd. He got a most definite mixed reaction from the crowd. Raw looked back at how Kane and Randy Orton attacked Cena. Roman Reigns made the save but messed with John’s mind. Raw’s main event is set to be a Six Man with Cena, Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane. Cena noticed that the crowd was feisty. John pushed the WWE Network. Cena admitted he might not be the champ, after Sunday. Cena explained that he had to deal with Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Reigns got a huge pop form the crowd. John knew he didn’t have to get pinned to lose the title.

Roman Reigns came through the crowd to join Cena in the ring. Roman takes Wild Samoan to the next level. Cena introduced Roman to the crowd. Roman may be the next Diesel. Cena thanked Roman for coming out to save him, last week. Cena realized that Roman was not to be ignored. Cena began to ramble about trust but Roman told him to get to the point. Cena was a bit surprised that Roman cut him off. Cena wanted to find out if Roman was as good as he thinks he is. Roman agreed that they should get rid of Kane and Orton and then Cena could prove how good he is.

On the Tron, Dean Ambrose told John and Roman to chill out with the Dance Routine. Dean had a plan called “Operation Screw the Authority”. Kane came up and got in Dean’s face. He also had Seth and Randy with him. The trio mauled Dean, backstage. Dean did his best to battle the Authority Forces but the numbers just were too much. Dean, in a defiant move, asked “Is that all you got?”. Seth showed he had a little more as he Curb Stomped Dean’s head onto a packing crate. He’s very likely out of the main event.

Thought I’d take a moment and send out a Birthday Wish to an old friend (and former brother-in-law), R.D. Douglas, Sr.. He turned the big 5-0 on Monday. His little brother, David, would have been 49, on Sunday, had he not passed away a few years back.

Sheamus vs The Miz
Non-Title Match

Sheamus has the possibility of holding both the U.S. and Intercontinental titles, on Sunday. Insert Video from Sheamus where he said he was going to kick the head off Miz. I love Miz’s new entrance video. Even more, I really think his ring jacket rocks. Looks like something out of the Terminator movies. Miz said he would be in the Battle Royal, Sunday. He was determined to be the new I-C champ. Miz was determined to keep the Brogue Kick away from his face. Miz put his face up on the TitanTron for the entire match. The poor guy in the cheap seats got denied the Tron relay of the match. That stinks.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Go Behind by Miz. Sheamus took a Side Headlock and hit a Shoulder Tackle. Back Elbow by Sheamus. Miz went to the outside to protect his face. Sheamus came out and threw Miz back in. Miz stomped Sheamus’ chest, over and over. Low Bridge by Miz but Sheamus pulled Miz to the outside and pounded the back. Miz sent Sheamus into the barricade and then tossed him back in the ring. Miz went up top and nailed an Ax Bomber. 2 count. Straight fists to Sheamu’s head. Sheamus reversed a Whip and hit the Rolling Senton. Miz bailed out to the floor as Raw went to break.

The two were fighting on the floor. Sheamus with a Side Headlock. MIz fought out and shoved Sheamus into the ring post. He kicked the leg and Sheamus tumbled off the ring steps. Back in the ring, Miz got a two count. Ankle Lock by Miz but Sheamus kicked free. Raw ran photos of some of the guys involved in the Battle Royal. I’ll have my predictions, later in the week, and you may be surprised who I will choose.

Double Sledges by Sheamus but he missed the Mr. Wrestling II Million Dollar Kneelift. 10 Beats to Miz’s chest. It was actually more than 10 shots. Scoop Powerslam by Sheamus but he only got a two. Back Elbow by Miz but Sheamus caught Mr. Hollywood with a Clothesline to the back of the head. Sheamus with a hard kick and then he went up to the top. Miz pulled Sheamus off the top and nailed a Seated DDT. 1-2-Denied. Miz began to work over the legs and went for the Figure Four. Sheamus countered it into the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Miz kicked Sheamus’ knee. Sheamus blocked the Skull Crushing Finale. He missed a Brogue Kick and Miz used a School Boy to get the win.

Your Winner: The Miz
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Kane, Seth and Randy discussed the job they did on Dean. Randy was determined to take the title on Sunday. Kane retorted that he just might take the strap. Randy understood that he could only trust Kane as much as Kane trusted him. HHH stepped in and said the title would return to The Authority, Sunday. HHH demanded that Kane and Orton trust each other, tonight. Yeah, that’s going to happen. Stephanie came in and cooed over her hubby. They played a bit of Kissy Face after she declared her love to her spouse.

Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

Raw showed how both Summer Rae and Layla dumped Fandango, on Smackdown. The two girls danced with each other.

The announcers said Fandango didn’t look right as a single dancer. The bell rang and Fandango took a Side Headlock. Push Off into a Clothesline Tackle by Fandango. Universal into a Hip Toss by Dolph. Fandango held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick. Fandango punched away at Dolph. Side Headlock by Fandango. Fandango threw Dolph down and then drove an elbow into the neck. Fandango went back to the Side Headlock. Dolph nailed a Flying Clothesline but missed a Corner Splash.

Suddenly, Fandango’s music went off and Layla and Summer Rae danced on the announce desk. Dolph with a Dropkick. Both Dolph and Fandango were distracted by the babes. Famouser by Dolph.1-2-3!

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 2.0

After the match, Summer Rae and Layla got in the ring and flirted with Dolph. He ended up getting kissed by both girls.

Poor Damien Sandow. This week, he got stuck on roller skates being a Sonic Delivery Guy. I really wish he would win the I-C title. That way, he could get out of these idiotic costumes. He was interrupted by the arrival of Adam Rose. Rose really pushed the Sonic product. Damien mocked Adam’s accent and attitude. Adam and Damien fought over the hot dog. Adam sent Damien wheeling into a crash. Adam then enjoyed the Sonic hot dog. May end up going to Fallon, on Friday, and making a stop at Sonic. Smile.

The Usos came out in bright orange. They got jumped by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. One of the Usos was sent into the ring post. The other got Booted over the barricade. Harped and Rowan with a Double Team, in the ring. Interesting Double Lift Slam by the members of the Wyatt Family.

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, will be in the house, later on.

Russia vs United States “Detente”

Rusev was in the ring, waving the Russian flag. Lana, of course, was there, as well. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger then emerged from the back with a huge U.S. flag. Michael Cole was the moderator. The Real Americans got a massive pop from the crowd. Zeb is becoming a real favorite with me. I liked him, back in the day, when he wrestled and he has taken management back to the good ol’ days. I had to go to Merriam Webster for the spelling of Détente. I would have just called it a Summit and got on with it.

Cole talked about how Lana and Zeb had both been spouting their Patriotic viewpoints. The crowd was doing its best to shout down Lana. She looks awesome but that voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Zeb wants Jack Swagger and Rusev to square off, at Battleground. Lana babbled in Russian. Lana switched to English and said Zeb and the USA both turn to violence to solve problems. She called Zeb stupid and desperate. She can definitely draw heat. “U.S.A.” rose form the crowd and Lana went psycho. She shrieked at the crowd to shut up. Lana said the US people fought for freedom, only to fight themselves. YAWN! The “U.S.A.” chant rose, again, ticking off Lana. Lana wanted Zeb to admit that the US was wrong and she wanted an apology form Zeb.

Zeb clarified what Lana wanted. He called Rusev “Bullwinkle”. Zeb talked about his military experience and said he would not apologize for the country he loves. Zeb’s response was “Not NO, but Hell NO!”. Lana said Zeb had such arrogance. She claimed the US was crumbling to pieces. She then had to push Putin. Sigh. Zeb said Putin was an ugly man. Zeb explained that while not everyone liked the U.S. President, Real Americans respect the Presidency. Zeb told Lana to step aside and let Rusev answer the challenge, one way or another. Zeb told Rusev to be a man and face Swagger. “We The People” was the next chant to rise. Rusev stared at Colter and uttered “This is War!” Zeb asked Lana to teach Rusev three words “We The People”. She was seething and slapped Zeb in the face. Jack Speared Ruseb and punched away. Lana grabbed Jack by the hair. Rusev threw Jack into one of the Podiums. Corner Splash by Rusev. Jack caught the Thrust Kick and locked in the Patriot Lock. Rusev cried out in agony. Yeah! This match will seriously steal the show, on Sunday.

After another look at the assault on Dean, Cena and Roman talked in the locker room. Roman remained silent as John told Roman that they would have to work together and trust each other to survive The Authority. Roman said “They took out one of ours, so we take out all three of them”.

Flo Rida will be the Guest Host, next week.

Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam

These are two of the men involved in the Battle Royal. ADR took the fight to RVD with a wicked kick. ADR rushed RVD to the corner and punched away. Whip reversed by RVD. Monkey Flip by RVD. La Bandera Clothesline sent Del Rio to the floor. RVD went to flip over the ropes but slipped. He got trapped in the ring skirt. Del Rio hit a Step-Up Enziguri. Del Rio threw RVD back in the ring and slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. RVD got to his feet. RVD with the Sunset Flip but Del Rio rolled through. DDT by Del Rio.

There was another Step-Up Enziguri by Alberto. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock with Driven Knee by ADR. RVD got up and punched free, almost. ADR threw RVD down. RVD Roll into a Hurancanrana. Thrust Kick laid out Alberto. Rolling Thunder! 1-2-no. Del Rio with a kick and punch. RVD with a wild kick in the corner but missed the Springboard Thrust. Windmill Heel Kick by RVD. He hopped up top and went for the Five Star Frog Splash but Del Rio got the knees up. He immediately clamped on the Cross Armbreaker. Tap Out!

Your Winner (By Submission): Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The Announcers talked about the C.M. Punk documentary that will air on WWE Network: C.M. Punk: Best in the World. I definitely want to watch that one. Since I’ve been spending the last 2 years working on what will be the “Ultimate Wrestling Documentary”, I absolutely devour any documentaries that I come across.

350 Days – Coming Soon.

Nikki Bella got in the ring for her tag match. Raw showed how Brie Bella quit and slapped Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie came out and said she almost felt sorry for Nikki. Stephanie pushed that Brie abandoned her career and her sister. Stephanie decided to make the match a Handicap Match. Stephanie told Nikki should blame Brie, not her.

Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox and Cameron
Handicap Match

Cameron just doesn’t work as a heel. Fox and Nikki to open. Nikki worked over Fox’s arm. La Magistral Cradle by Nikki. 2 count. Fox ran Nikki into the enemy corner. Tag to Cameron. Cameron will face Naomi during Sunday’s Kick Off Show.

Cameron with a kick and Hair Throw. Whip by Cameron but Nikki with the Neckbuster. Nikki threw Cameron into Fox. Alabama Slam by Nikki. Fox made the face. Cameron and Fox delivered a nasty Double Team on Nikki. Fox and Cameron tagged back and forth. Snap Mare by Fox. Nikki fought as Fox screamed about Brie. Fox went for the Side Dump but Nikki with a variation of Stratisfaction. Back Body Drop by Nikki. Fox threw Nikki into the corner. Cameron took a kick but that let Fox pull Nikki off the ropes. Fox with her Playmaker-like finisher.

Your Winners: Cameron and Alicia Fox
Raw Ranking: 1.25

They showed that there is a special player that you get if you pre-order WWE2K15…Sting! SWEET!

In the office, Randy Orton came up to talk with HHH about Kane. Randy felt a bad vibe from Kane. HHH said Kane was The Authority’s pawn to help get the belt back on Orton. Randy said there was no need for a Plan B.

Elsewhere, Star Dust discussed his brother’s face. Goldust kind of slipped back into Tourette’s version of himself. The two brothers are just having too much fun with these characters.

Cesaro came out without Paul Heyman. There is a rumor that Paul got fired by Cesaro. There are also rumors that Paul abandoned Cesaro because his PRIMARY Client is returning, soon. One way or another, Heyman is gone (at least for now).

Cesaro vs Big E (w/Kofi Kingston)

Raw looked at the growing Kofi vs Cesaro feud. Big E has gotten involved to help protect his friend, Kofi. German Suplex by Cesaro. Wow! Big E planted Cesaro. Big E knocked Cesaro off the apron. The two men fought on the floor and Cesaro laid out Big E with a Hot Shot over the barricade. Big E barely beat the count to get back in the ring. Double Stomps by Cesaro. Cesaro slapped Big E and that seemed to wake up the big man. Gorilla Press but Cesaro slipped free and hit a Kidney Shot. Cesaro dropped Big E and locked in a Rear Chin Lock.

Cesaro with an amazing Butterfly Bomb. Rear Chin Lock by Cesaro. Kofi tried to rally the troops to help Big E. E stood up and Back Ran Cesaro into the corner. Belly to Belly Throw by E. Corner Shoulder Tackle into a Belly to Belly Suplex, by Big E. Big Splash and E dropped the straps. Cesaro went to the floor and said he was done with this. He came back and snapped Big E’s neck over the rope. He threw one chair at Kofi and went to bash Big E with another one. Kofi stole the chair and Big E nailed the Big Ending!

Your Winner: Big E
Raw Ranking: 2.25

The announcers then talked about Chris Jericho’s return and pending feud with Bray Wyatt. Chris Jericho then came out to address the situation. That lighted jacket is still great. He came to the ring as Raw took a quick break.

On Smackdown, Randy Orton beat Chris Jericho when the Wyatts played mind games with Jericho. Jericho got a huge pop as the show returned, live. There was a strong “Y2J” chant. Chris let everyone know that “Raw is Jericho”. Chris expressed that the ring was his home. Jericho ran down a list of the things that he has seen. I’ve seen most of them along with him. Chris Jericho mentioned fighting John Cena in Cena’s first match on Pay Per View. Jericho threw out an open challenge to Bob Barker. Jericho reminded us that he was the first undisputed champion, ever, when he beat Steve Austin and the Rock…in the same night. That led to Chris talking about Bray Wyatt. Chris said he didn’t know why Bray set his sights on him. Jericho will fight Bray Wyatt, at Battleground. Jericho acknowledged he was ready to get nuts and crazy at Battleground. Jericho let it be known that he and the Jericholics were a true unstoppable force.

Bray came on the Tron and went all cryptic about Jericho’s mind set. Bray brought up that children have moldable minds that can be manipulated. Bray wanted to know where Jericho went after promising to “Save Us”. Bray discussed going to war, over and over. “Boring” echoed off the walls, which this segment definitely was. Bray seemed to cut his talk short but came back. Bray asked Chris if he was afraid of the dark. The lights suddenly went out. When the lights came back up, Harper and Rowan were in the ring. Jericho thought about it and went after Harper. Jericho slid under a Big Boot and eased out of the ring. The announcers agreed this was a wise move on Jericho’s part. Bray came out of nowhere to attack Jericho, on the ramp. After a few kicks, Bray took Chris down with Sister Abigail. Bray did block the head, partially, so Jericho didn’t strike the metal floor. Bray knelt over Jericho and struck the Raven Pose. “Follow the Buzzards”. I’m wondering if this will be a way to bring back Raven?

Michael Cole made it official that Dean Ambose would not be able to compete. He was on his way to a local medical facility.

Paige was at the announce desk for the next match. Paige gets her rematch, against A.J. Lee, at Battleground. Raw showed how Lee won the belt, a couple weeks back.

A.J. lee vs Eva Marie
Non-Title Match

The Crimson Cutie circled the champ. Paige talked about having respect for Lee. Eva Marie worked over Lee’s arm and pulled Lee down by the hair. Paige called Lee a “Frienemy”. Lee sent Eva Marie to the ropes and took her down with a Leg Lariat. Eva Marie sent Lee back into the ring and got a two count. Bow and Arrow by Eva Marie. JBL wasn’t buying Paige’s sincerity about being friendly and respectful towards Lee. Backbreaker by Eva Marie into a Whip. Lee came out of nowhere with the Black Widow. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: .5

JBL told A.J. not to buy into the friendship from Paige. Lee and Paige chatted like old girlfriends. They discussed hair styles and being in shape. Lee then took off. Jeez.

In the office, Stephanie and HHH discussed Flo Rida coming to Raw. Kane came in and said he didn’t like or trust Randy Orton. Stephanie said there were tons of people in the WWE that they didn’t like. HHH suggested that Kane should get it done. That just solidified my choice on who is taking or keeping the WWE World Title, Sunday.

Bo Dallas vs Great Khali

Bo was doing his Thinker Pose. Bo bragged about beating El Torito, last week. Bo wanted an opponent with a BIG Heart. He got it. Bo grinned as he realized his mouth had overloaded his behind.

The bell sounded. Bo with a Knife Edge Chop. Khali Khop to Bo. Khali trapped Bo in the corner and hit Open Hand Slaps to the chest. Ouch! There were a total of three Slaps. “Bad Giant” was BO’s yell at Khali. Khali threw Bo over the top rope and to the floor. Khali went out to get Bo. Bo with a Dropkick to Khali’s knee. Khali’s head hit the ring stop. Bo-Dog, off the apron.

Your Winner (by Count-Out): Bo Dallas
Raw Ranking: 1 point Bo

Bo came out to give a motivational speech to Khali. Khali shut him up with another Khali Khop! Yes!

Bo Bo got a Boo Boo!

Seth talked with HHH and Stephanie. Seth said he would be there, just in case Kane or Randy couldn’t get the job done. Seth was set as Plan B.

Paul Heyman walked in and said he was picking his spot and making his move. Paul was there with Plan C. He walked away, leaving it open for interpretation. I’m thinking a big return, soon.

Ric Flair was Stylin’ and Profilin’, backstage.

Renee Young was waiting in the ring. She brought out Ric Flair. I’m a huge Flair fan but MAN he is looking SO old. He is still the best dressed man in professional wrestling. Flair stopped to interact with a few of the fans. Renee bowed to “Naitch” and handed him the microphone. The “Woos” were deafening. He flirted with Renee, a little, and did a Foley Pop for Richmond. Flair mentioned having some fun in Richmond. “Nature Boy” rang out from the Virginians. Flair reminded Renee that “Virginia is for Lovers”. Flair bragged about what a Lover he has been. Renee was blushing. She composed herself and asked Flair who would be champion, after Sunday’s PPV. The fans were solidly behind Roman Reigns as a choice. Flair said John Cena would still be the Man, come next Monday.

Roman Reigns came down for the Main Event. Roman shook Flair’s hand. Ric then exited the ring without any discussion between the two. That was lame. I was hoping for some sort of confrontation. Flair started to leave but stopped to greet John Cena at the top of the ramp. Flair danced to Cena’s music. Cena was wearing the WWE belt but handed the World belt to Flair. They hugged as Flair took the World belt to the back. I guess they are going to go with the WWE belt as the official belt. I really don’t care for that cheesy looking strap. They should have created an all-new belt to replace the two precious titles. Just my opinion.

John Cena and Roman Reigns vs Kane, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton
3-on-2 Handicap Match

John started against Seth. “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” exploded form the crowd. Cena took down Set, easily. Tag to Randy. Side Headlock into the Universal. Back Elbow by John. Tag to Kane. The Big Red Monster stalked John. Side Headlock by Cena. Shoulder Tackle by Kane. John rolled to his corner and Roman tagged himself in.

Kane kicked and punched Roman. Roman gave as good as he got. Headbutt by Roman into Corner Mount Punches. Uppercut by Kane. Roman snapped Kane’s arm over the top rope. One Arm Ax Bomber by Roman. Corner Clothesline to Kane and a shot to Randy. Kane caught Roman and dropped him with a Clothesline. Tag to Seth. Rollins stomped away on Roman, as Raw went to break.

Kane had Roman trapped in a Rear Chin Lock. Roman spun under to get up to his feet. The two men traded hard punches. Flying Clothesline by Roman. John called for the tag. Tag to Cena and Seth. Cena went Vintage on Seth, including the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Seth escaped the Attitude Adjustment. Seth with a Jumping Enziguri as Kane distracted Cena. Tag to Orton. Randy punched and kicked at the champ. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. John with a rare Dropkick. Twisted Sister Backbreaker by Randy. 2 count. Tag to Kane.

Kane with a huge Legdrop for a two count. Cena tried to hit the AA on Kane but Kane shifted his weight and drove Cena to the canvas. Seth tagged in and punched away at the champ. He also threw in a hard kick. 2 count for Seth. Seth Rollins will battle Dean Ambrose, on Sunday. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. Seth jumped up on Cena’s back to lock in the Sleeper. Cena slowly walked towards his corner but ended up going backwards. Suplex by Seth but Cena came right back as Seth tried for the Three Amigos. Roman got the tag, as did Randy. Randy reversed a Whip but Roman nailed a Flying Clothesline and Corner Splash. Monster Punch into the Rising Son Dropkick. Roman took out Kane with a Superman Punch. And a La Bandera Clothesline to Seth. Seth hurt his knee on the landing. Samoan Drop to Randy. Kane came up from behind to attack Kane. It was a double team on Roman. When Kane and Randy refused to listen to his instructions, Charles Robinson called for the bell. Cena attacked Kane and went for the AA. Roman accidentally Speared Cena. Moments earlier, Kane had hit Randy. Major miscommunication all around. Kane looked around before falling to a RKO! Really?

Your Winners (by Disqualification): John Cena and Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Roman came back to Spear Randy Orton! Cena, Kane and Orton were all down and Roman stood on the ropes to absorb the admiration of the fans. Cena looked a bit worried as he stared up at Roman Reigns.


–Jay Shannon

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