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Kurt Angle presented a Champion Showcase. The X-Division, Knockout and Tag Team titles were on the line. In addition, there was a 20-man Battle Royal to determine who would get a World title shot, next week.

Abyss should have defended the TV title. Remember that one? TNA talked about the title matches in a video package.

Kurt then came out to the ring to discuss the night’s card. Austin Aries will face Sanada for the X-Division title. The Wolves will defend against Bram and Magnus. Gail Kim would be involved in a Fatal Four Way that also included Brittany, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. Plus, there would be a 20-man Battle Royal to determine the number one contender to Bobby Lashley’s World Title.

Kurt then asked Willow to come out to the ring. Kurt understood why Jeff Hardy transformed into the bizarre alter-ego. Kurt asked Jeff Hardy to shelve Willow, for the time being, to have Jeff Hardy enter the Battle Royal Willow shook Kurt’s hand but didn’t agree to or reject the request.

The Wolves walked backstage. Their title defense was up next. Elsewhere, Austin Aries was asked about his X-Title Rematch. Austin bragged about how great he is (justified boasting). Aries was determined to have all the options in his hand by the end of the night.

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (The Wolves) vs Bram and Magnus
World Tag Team Title Match

All four men were ready to go and the bell set them off. Davey and Magnus opened up the match. The fans chanted for The Wolves. Davey kicked Bram off the apron but Magnus jumped him and pounded away. Whip by Magnus led to the Backspring Enziguri by Davey. Tag to Eddie. Eddie kicked Bram off the apron. Double Team with kicks and Chops. Bram rushed in and got the same treatment. Double Drop Toe Hold sent Magnus into Bram’s nethers. The challengers tried to take over but Eddie rammed Bram into Dvaey’s skull. Davey got trapped in the ring skirt and Magnus pounded away. Bram tried to get a pin but failed. Magnus pulled Eddie off the apron and Slammed him on the floor. Bram then slammed Davey, in the ring. Bram missed the Jumping Elbow Drop. Davey went for a tag but Eddie wasn’t there. Corner Clothesline by Bram. Tag to Magnus.

Davey missed the Enziguri and Magnus nailed the kidneys with the point of the elbow. Tag to Bram. European Uppercut by Bram and tag back out to Magnus. Davey converted a Suplex attempt into a Small Package. Spinning Mule Kick by Davey. Bram and Eddie both got tags. Bram tried to hold Davey but he was too close. Monster Chops by Eddie. Strikes took Bram down, multiple times. Eddie slid through the ropes and caught Magnus with an Apron Enziguri. Missile Dropkick to Bram. Eddie charged the corner but took a boot. Bram started up the ropes but took an Enziguri and then a Top Rope Hurancanrana. 1-2-no.

Bram and Magnus wanted the Double Suplex but Davey blocked it. Double Low Bridge and then Stereo Tope Suicidas. Davey missed the Warrior’s Way. Davey went for a Backslide but he wasn’t legal. Eddie came in to catch Bram with a Reverse Jackknife Pin to retain.

Your Winners: The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Bram went nuts, after the match, and attacked the champs. Magnus finally had to pull his long-time friend off the champs.

Backstage, Bobby Roode was asked about how he felt, this week. Bobby was happy with the beating he gave Kenny King but he still wanted MVP. Bobby headed to the ring to call out MVP.

Bobby Roode had the stick and was ready to declare war. First, he asked the crowd if they wanted anything so bad that they would do whatever they had to do to get it. Bobby explained that was his mindset about the World Title until he was sent home by MVP. Bobby knew that MVP saw him (Roode) as a threat. Bobby said MVP’s threat was in the middle of the ring. Bobby claimed MVP was hiding behind a Doctor’s Note. Bobby gave MVP until the count of 10 to come out for a beating…or Bobby would just come to the back and kick MVP’s *ss. The count was on and MVP came out around 5.

MVP was in a wheelchair and whined that Bobby made his knee injury worse. MVP said he did Bobby a favor by extending Roode’s career. MVP said his knee was so swollen he couldn’t get an MRI. Bobby didn’t give a damn if MVP couldn’t stand, he was on his way up to kick MVP’s backside.

Kenny King tried to Pearl Harbor Bobby, but Failed. Roode rolled MVP to the ring and dumped him out of the wheelchair. King cracked Roode across the back with a steel chair. MVP got in a few shots. That brought out Eric Young. Eric went after MVP but had to settle for King. Discus Clothesline by E.Y. to King. Bobby Lashley hit the ring and Speared Eric.

Elsewhere, James Storm chatted with Sanada. Storm brought up Great Muta. Storm warned that if Sanada were to lose, he would bring disgrace to his country and to his mentor, Great Muta. Storm wondered what would happen if Sanada were to lose the X-Title. Storm is up to something but darned if I can figure out what.

TNA looked back at the opening segment with Willow/Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Kurt wants to see Jeff Hardy, not Willow, in the Battle Royal. Kurt was asked about it and he felt that he would see Jeff Hardy come out.

Austin Aries vs Sanada
X-Division Title Match

Buckle Up, campers, this one’s going to be wild as can be. I really appreciate both of these young men for their abilities. Brian Hebner was the Zebra-in-Charge. Collar and Elbow into a Drop Toe Hold by Austin. Arm Bar by Aries. Sanada flipped around and took a Side Headlock Takeover. Aries got free but instantly ate a Dropkick.

Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlobk by Aries. Sanada escaped and worked over Aries’ arm. Aries quickly took down Sanda and nailed a Dropkick. Crucifix and Backslide before the Last Chancellory. Sanada got to the ropes. Sanada blocked a Whip and caught Aries in the Abdominal Stretch. Kim Duk Roll by Sanada. 2 count. La Bandera Clothesline by Sanada. Sanada flipped over onto the ropes and went for a Springboard. Aries pushed Sanada out to the floor. Double Sledge off the top, by Aries. Amazing!

Aries threw Sanada back in and hit the Jumping Elbow Drop. Aries reversed a Whip. Sanada sent Aries to the apron. Aries flew off the top but got grazed by a Dropkick, from Sanada. Back Elbow and Dropkick, by Sanada. Standing Hurancanrana by Sanada. Punt by Sanada. Sanada pulled Aries onto the floor. Cannonball Plunge by Sanada. Sanada with the Springboard Chop. Aries blocked the Tiger Suplex and went for the Knee Breaker. Sanada countered it. Sanada wanted the Tiger Suplex but Aries took the champ to the corner. Back Elbows and a vicious Chop to Sanada’s chest. Sanada with a Backbreaker but didn’t get the Moonsault. Aries pulled Sanada down and dropped him over the top turnbuckle. Full Speed Dropkick. Sanada blocked the Brainbuster and hit the Tiger Suplex. 1-2-no. Front Slam and Moonsault by Sanada. Sanada lost it and went for the same move. He missed. Discus Forearm into the Knee Breaker/German Suplex. Full Speed Dropkick into the Brainbuster. Could Be…Might Be…Denied! Aries went up and connected with the 450 Splash! New Champ!

Your Winner (and New X-Champion): Austin Aries
Impact Scorecard: 4.75

This is why I so respect and enjoy watching the X-Division. Others have tried using the smaller guys with moderate success, at best. TNA has turned this division into a work of art. Hopefully, they will have enough sense not to mess it up by going back to guys like Abyss or Samoa Joe competing for the strap.

Bully Ray was about ready to talk about Rhino.

TNA replayed how Rhino turned on Bully Ray, last week. During a Tables Match between Ray and Ethan Carter III, Rhino came down and Speared his old friend. Bully said he had over 20 years of history with Rhino. Ray thought Rhino was a friend. Ray screamed that he was going to talk with Rhino, right now. In another area of the backstage area, EC3 said it was time for Rhino to reveal just who he is.

Bully Ray’s music hit and a ticked off Bully Ray stormed down to the ring. Taz still didn’t understand why Rhino Gored Ray. Bully Ray brought up the late, great Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow told Ray that by the time he retired, he wouldn’t need the fingers on one hand to count the true friends he would have made. Ray thought Rhino was one of those friends. Ray demanded an answer from Rhino, face to face, right now.

EC3, Rock Star Spud and Rhino came from the back. Ray looked confused at the arrival of the trio. Taz didn’t understand why Rhino was running with EC3 and Spud. “You Sold Out” rose from the crowd. Ray knew he should beat the crap out of Rhino, right now. Before that happened, Ray just wanted an explanation. Rhino told Ray to shut his mouth and he would get answers. Rhino told the fans to “Go To Hell” that were chanting that he sold out. Rhino showed he was jealous of Bully Ray getting into the Hall of Fame. Rhino brought up Devon, who Ray conned and Used. Rhino said Bully conned Paul E/Heyman. Ray said Rhino was copping out and selling out to the Carters. Rhino and Ray screamed at each other. Ray said he was going in the Hall of Fame because the fans wanted him there. Rhino said the fans didn’t have a clue. Ray brought up that Rhino got fired from WWE and TNA. He called Rhino “nothing but a b*tch”. Ethan stepped in and said Rhino’s family lost money when Ray stole the spotlight. Ethan said he paid Rhino, last week, and would continue to do so, to take out Bully Ray. Ray went after Ethan, only to get Gored by Rhino. Rhino started stomping on Bully Ray until Tommy Dreamer made the save. Tommy had the kendo stick and used it like a pro. (ok, my big fuzzy orange cat just started purring for his namesake).

Angelina Love whined about wasting time flirting with Brian Stiffler and Kurt Angle. The Beautiful People were grumbling about this match being a Four Way. Love was ready to become a 7-time Knockout Champion.

Willow was up in the Sting Perch position, thinking over his future plans.

Knux talked with his gang, The Menagerie, about the Battle Royal. Knux instructed his oddball crew about throwing out those in the ring during the Battle Royal. The Freak and Crazy Steve seemed to understand what they had to do to earn big money to pay off “Him”.

Gail Kim vs Brittany vs Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love
Fatal Four Way for the Knockout Title

Brittany jumped Madison during Rayne’s entrance. The BPs got involved, stomping on Rayne. Gail rushed down to blast Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Gail then Forearmed the taste out of Brittany’s mouth. In the ring, Love and Gail squared off, while Madison took the fight to Brittany. Madison whipped Brittany into Love and then Gail Whipped Madison into Brittany and Love. Brittany fell and Madison sent Gail into Love. Madison with a Sunset Flip to try and pin Gail. Northern Lights Bridge Suplex by Madison to Gail. Gail caught Madison and FlapJacked her. Love tripped Gail and pulled her out of the ring and used an Inverted Bulldog to slam her to the outside floor.

Brittany went after Madison. Nasty DDT by Brittany. Love showed her respect (not that it was real) to the young girl. Love talked Love into Whipping her into Gail. Backspring Elbow by Brittany, to Madison. Double team on Madison. Side Slam, after walking around, by Love. Brittany with a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Madison. Love told Brittany to go check on Gail. Love went for a pin and Brittany realized it was a trick. The two girls got into a shoving match. It escalated into Forearms and Punches. Gail laid them both out with a Missile Dropkick. Back Elbow to Brittany, followed by a Flying Clothesline by Gail. Whip by Brittany. Crossbody by Gail but Love made the save. Running Boot by Madison to Love. Brittany with a Handspring Moonsault. Clutch Jawbreaker by Madison to Birittany. Love with the Botox Injection to Madison. Gail with Eat da Feet to Love. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 2.25
Willow’s mask was hanging from the rafters.

Austin Aries was interviewed and he said he now had power, thanks to the X-Title belt. Aries said everyone thinks Aries will go after Lashley, at Destination X, to get the World Title. Aries said he wasn’t predictable. Aries said he just made the X-Division relevant and he had all the power in his hands.

That led to a promotional piece about Destination X.

Bobby Roode was asked about the possible distractions of MVP and King. Roode said he had to put them on hold, to win the Battle Royal. Roode said he was just getting started with MVP.

MVP then showcased the huge back of Lashley. It was the lead-in to a great video about Lashley’s training routine. MVP suggested that Lashley was a Monster.

20-Man Battle Royal

(Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Zema Ion, The Freak, Crazy Steve, Knux, EC3, Kenny King, Sanada, Tigre Uno, Rock Star Spud, Bully Ray, Gunner, Ken Anderson, James Storm, Bram, Magnus, Manik, Jessie Godderz and JEFF HARDY!)

The winner of this match gets Bobby Lashley, next week, in NYC. The World Title will be on the line. Jeff Hardy ran all around the ring as the crowd exploded with glee. All Hell broke loose as the bell rang. It was almost impossible to call this one.

Freak and Knux worked together but Crazy Steve got ousted quickly by Jessie.

Crazy Steve – Eliminated

Freak threw Jessie up and over the top. Zema Ion jumped Knuz and Freak. He was pitched out.

Zema Ion – Eliminated
Jessie Godderz – Eliminated

The Freak was caught off guard and pitched out by Bram and Magnus.

The Freak – Eliminated

Bram and Magnus went after Knux. Eric Young blasted Kenny King. Knux did his best to fight back against the Brits. Knux missed a Big Boot and hurt his leg. The Brits tossed Knox onto the apron and then kicked him to the floor.

Knux –Eliminated

Jeff Hardy was almost eliminated by James Storm. Hardy barley survived that encounter. Bobby Roode sent Kenny King to the apron. Gunner worked over Sanada. Bram used a Forearm to knock Tigre Uno off the apron.

Tigre Uno — Eliminated

Bully was ready to toss out Spud. Sanada and Magnus went out, back to back. James Storm then tossed out Mr. Anderson.

Sanada – Eliminated
Magnus – Eliminated
Ken Anderson – Eliminated

Gunner was tossed out by Storm, next. Hardy flipped Bram up and over the ropes. Bram tripped out and got the ring iron to go after Hardy. Abyss came out to attack Bram.

Gunner — Eliminated
Bram – Eliminated

Kenny King grabbed Manik and threw him over the top rope. King was on the apron, at the time.

Manik – Eliminated

Commercial Break.

There were no eliminations, during the commercial time out. However, Bobby Roode sent Storm out, right away.

James Storm – Eliminated

Spud went after Bully Ray. Five-on-Two aka Flair Crotch Claw to Spud. EC3 saved Spud. Double team b Ray. Spud went up top but Ray caught him. Ray with a Press Drop to the floor. Spud clutched his leg. Ray then took himself and EC3 out with a La Bandera.

Rock Star Spud – Eliminated
Ethan Carter III – Eliminated
Bully Ray – Eliminated

Down to the Final Four. (King, Roode, Hardy and Young). King stomped on Eric and then popped Roode. Double R Spinebuster to King. MVP jabbed his crutch into Roode’s ribs as Bobby went for the Roode Bomb. King tossed out Roode but Eric then rushed up to dump King.

Bobby Roode – Eliminated
Kenny King – Eliminated

Eric Young and Jeff Hardy shook hands. Collar and Elbow that danced all around the ring. Side Headlock by Hardy. Shoulder Tackle by Hardy. Hip Toss blocked. Eric Hip Tossed Hardy onto the apron. Hardy survived and snapped Eric’s neck on the top rope. Kicks and punches by Hardy. Power Whip into the Flair Flop by Young. Shoulder and Slide Under by Eric. La Bandera but Hardy didn’t go. Eric fell victim to the Low Bridge but held on. Top Turnbuckle Dropkick sent Eric to the floor.

Eric Young – Eliminated

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Jeremy Borash was in the ring to talk with Jeff Hardy. Hardy said it felt great, bad hair and all, to become the number one contender. JB wanted to know Jeff’s thoughts about Lashley. Jeff said he could get more extreme than most. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley came from the back. Hardy was ready for the Destroyer. Lashley and Hardy got face to face. I want to see Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries for the World Title.


–Jay Shannon

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