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This week’s edition opens with a video package highlighting the events of Monday’s Raw and the encounter between Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, which ended with an assault at the hands of Kane and Randy Orton before Roman Reigns cleared the ring of all but Seth Rollins whose subsequent cash-in attempt was thwarted by Dean Ambrose, before Reigns and Cena once again cleared the ring, seemingly forming a somewhat uneasy alliance heading into the fatal four way match for the championship at Battleground in 11 days.
Rusev and Lana face off with Roman Reigns
The action from Ottawa kicked off with Lana and Rusev making way to the ring to address Rusev’s opponent in tonight’s main event, Roman Reigns. Both men have been on a huge momentum swing as of late, with both men looking to keep that momentum going. Lana starts by saying that Reigns is all style with no substance, like the “impotent” leaders of America and Canada. The Ravishing Russian promised that Rusev would prove himself and crush Roman.
That was all Reigns would have before interrupting the minx from Moscow and her Bulgarian brute, making his trademark path through the throng of fans. Reigns quickly tells Rusev that they are in his ring before warning Rusev that the fight could easily start sooner rather than later. Lana quickly inserted herself warning him to be careful. Reigns called for a referee as Charles Robinson made way to the ring. Lana flatly refused to leave the ring, not letting the match start on Reigns’ terms before exiting the ring with Rusev in tow. A tense altercation to further set the stage for this evening’s clash.
Cameron vs. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee
Cameron looked very nonchalant heading into this match with reigning champion AJ Lee, staring at herself in a compact mirror as AJ made her way to the ring, before applying lip gloss after the opening bell and using the distraction to attack the titleholder before trying to apply make-up to Lee’s face. Close affair in the early going that saw a nice chain wrestling exchange from the two before the former Funkadactyl tried to toy with the Divas queenpin. This only resulted in motivating the champion to her feet and into the drivers seat taking Cameron down with a series of hair pulls and tosses weakening Cameron. After a near fall, Cameron tried to leave the match early and make her way backstage only to be thrown back into the ring by Naomi, setting her former friend up for a Shining Wizard from the champion to secure the pinfall victory in this non-title contest.
Randy Orton addresses Kane
Renee Young is backstage with The Viper trying to get his reaction to Kane’s after Monday night when The Demon told Orton he was beginning to hate him. Orton says he doesn’t care what Kane says, only what Kane does and that it’s best for business. What’s best for business, according to Orton, is that he leave Battleground WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As for his opponent tonight, Chris Jericho. Orton admits that Jericho has done it all in WWE and may even be a legend before harkening back to the early days of his career in saying he would introduce Y2J to The Legend Killer.
Fandango vs. Adam Rose
Fandango, who has had his share of lady problems in recent weeks with Layla and Summer Rae, or more accurately has found himself in the middle of the aforementioned ladies’ problem, is in action tonight facing the captain of the Exotic Express which is graced by the presence of Summer Rae, much to the dismay of the ballroom dancing duo.
Before Fandango could get too caught up with his opponent, he had to break up a cat fight between Summer and Layla outside the ring, giving Adam Rose the count out victory. Rose, tried to cheer up an angry Fandango after the match with an offer of a lollipop, further infuriating the Cha Cha king, who swung wildly at Rose before being planted with a Party Foul as Summer Rae basked in Fandango’s continuing misfortune at her hands.
Renee Young interviews Chris Jericho
After a video package featuring Chris Jericho’s burgeoning unpleasantries with The Wyatt Family, Young queried Jericho about his match against Wyatt at Battleground. Jericho called the cultish Wyatt a “dark, manipulative spider” before continuing that Wyatt was too far gone to be saved. Y2J then promised Wyatt he would show action tonight, first crushing the head of the serpent, Randy Orton, as for spiders, he squashes spiders, telling Wyatt he will see Jericho at Battleground.
Heath Slater and Titus O’Neill vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos
Heath Slater and Titus O’Neill or “Slater and The Gator” as JBL coined them are pairing up for the first time this evening and their first task as a team is a tall one in Jimmy and Jey Uso who are preparing to defend their gold against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match at Battleground.
Slater and O’Neill showed great team work in the dawn of the match, as Slater deftly distracted Jimmy Uso from the corner, setting him up for a sneak attack from O’Neill, the two trading tags and focusing on Jimmy. A quick reversal and subsequent near fall from Jimmy Uso brought O’Neill back into the ring to break the count up resulting in a short fracas that saw Jey and O’Neill go outside the ring as Slater ate a kick to the jaw into a Samoan Splash for the victory.
Byron Saxson then interviewed the champions in the ring about their upcoming title defense. A hilarious play-by-play satire ensued as The Usos claimed victory coming up a week from Sunday.
Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
Make no doubt. Chris Jericho is still one of the most popular superstars in WWE. Especially in his home Canada. After his entrance, however Bray Wyatt made his presence known warning Jericho to save himself, making his move in the ongoing chess game between the two.
The only two men to unify the Big Gold Belt with the WWE Championship started the match with Jericho enjoying the upper hand for the opening segment of the match as we went to the commercial. Coming back from the break Jericho is still in pole position exerting his will upon The Legend Killer before Orton was able to turn the tables and send Jericho into the corner and assert his own dominance, using his wiliness to send Jericho over the top rope to deliver damage outside the ring to the crowd’s chagrin.
After tense back and forth action that saw Orton try to slow things down further, Jericho was able to gain some offense again, almost trapping The Viper within The Walls of Jericho before Orton was able to reestablish himself. Though it wasn’t for long as Jericho was able to gain a two count and the momentum once again. A cross body off the top rope almost sealed it for Jericho but the nine-time champion was able to kick out and set Jericho up for his trademark DDT which Jericho was able to turn into another attempt at The Walls, though Orton was able to reach the ropes after being in the hold for a brief moment.
Orton took advantage of the broken hold to gain the upper hand and successfully administer his Middle Rope DDT. A blocked RKO and Lionsault looked to seal the deal for Jericho, but the lights cut out as it appeared the Wyatts were making their way to the ringside area, distracting Jericho just long enough to leave him open for another RKO attempt giving one of John Cena’s challengers at Battleground in action tonight a victory heading into the title match. Fantastic performance from both participants.
Summer Rae vs. Layla (Special Guest Referee: Fandango)
After the quarrel earlier in the evening between Layla and Summer Rae along with their recent past, viewers are treated to a Money in the Bank rematch between the two vixens with the man responsible for it all, Fandango, once again officiating the contest.
The match started with Layla calling her current beau of and planting a kiss to which Summer Rae responded with one of her own. After calling for the bell and separating the ladies, Fandango began to dance in the center of the ring until both ladies proceed to attack him sending Fandango running up the ramp as Layla and Summer had a dance off in the ring before dancing with each other seemingly joining forces and dropping Fandango.
Curtis Axel vs. Goldust
Two former Intercontinental Champions are in the ring for this single contest that saw both mens respective tag teammates, Ryback and Stardust, accompanied them ringside for the match as the rivalry between RybAxel and the as yet unnamed team of Goldust and Stardust (until they’re given a name, I’ll just call them The Dust Bros.) is showcased once again.
Axel was distracted by the eccentricities of Stardust in the early going, who was able to get the crowd behind his brother as Goldust quickly handled Curtis Axel. After the pin fall, Ryback was quick to try to attack Goldust, only to be thwarted by Stardust literally and figuratively when Stardust blew dust into Ryback’s eyes.
Bo Dallas vs. Diego and El Torito (Handicap Match)
JBL gets brownie points for making what will probably be the only Mantaur reference of 2014 as Diego was making his entrance with El Torito this evening, suggesting the forgotten mid-90s star was responsible for Fernando being on the shelf.
As Bo Dallas made his way to the ring, he said that despite appearances he was not alone as all of his BO-lievers in attendance were his tag team partners.
Dallas was able to quickly handle Diego. Finishing him off in mere minutes with a Bo-Dog for the pin. An upset El Torito however was not safe as he was violently brought into the ring by Bo, who had seemingly momentarily snapped before realizing what he did and checking on him, before delivering a Bo-Dog to Torito off the middle rope before taking his 14th victory lap in a row.
Rusev vs. Roman Reigns
The match between the two big brawlers started quickly with the two trading blows early in the match before Reigns sent Rusev to the outside, aggravating Rusev and leading Lana to calm him down as the match went to commercial. We learned during the break that Rusev was able to gain control of the match delivering several blows and a spinning heel kick before picking him apart with more short strikes.
Rusev was in control for a good portion of the match, utilizing his short strikes and throws leading the crowd to egg him on with chants of “Russia sucks” proving that most North Americans are on the same page in geopolitical affairs. Reigns was able to wrest control back from the bearlike Bulgarian taking him out with a Superman Punch and nearly having Rusev in postion for the Spear before Randy Orton interfered, costing Rusev the match. After taking Orton out with a Superman Punch, Rusev sent Reigns to the mat with a kick to the throat and exited the ring, leaving Reigns prone for Orton and an eventual RKO to send Roman Reigns a message to end the evening.

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