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WWE is well on its way to Battleground, The major players were highlighted. Plus, Chris Jericho and The Miz had their first encounter.

Welcome to Montreal.

A look back at last week’s announcement that John Cena would go into a Fatal Four Way at Battleground. He will face off with Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. The four men were put into a tag match: Orton and Kane vs Cena and Roman. Kane just annihilated Cena, drawing a disqualification for his team. Kane hit a Tombstone Piledriver. Seth Rollins came out to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Before the ref could call for the bell, Dean Ambrose assaulted Seth. Roman came back out and Speared Kane. At the time, Kane was getting ready to bash Cena with a steel chair.

Roman Reigns came out to a monster pop. HHH and Stephanie were on vacation, this week. Roman had the stick and waited to speak. Roman said he always comes to the ring with a point. Roman admitted that he could neutralize John Cena but knew Kane couldn’t take him down. Roman was ready to make sure that Randy Orton will not get the belt. Roman said he was a Wanted Man with a Hair Trigger. “Cena Sucks” rose from the Canadians. Roman acknowledged the chant, which got a nice round of applause. Roman said Randy and The Authority were all irrelevant. Roman claimed he would be the next WWE World Champion.

Kane strolled from the back and stared at the big Samoan. Roman asked Kane if he was the representative for The Authority. Roman said he was more like Randy Orton’s B*tch. That led to one Hell of a fist fight. Roman used a La Bandera Clothesline to send Kane out into the crowd. Roman followed Kane and they went near the audio/video set-up. Kane began to fight back. Back at ringside, Kane ran Roman into the ring post. Refs rushed out to break it up. They got seriously booed. Kane Chokeslammed one of the refs. Senior officials came down to keep the guys apart. Nice to see Finlay. He got Speared by Roman. Kane broke free and got on the apron, only to feel the Superman Punch!

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Jimmy and Jey Uso
Non-Title Match

Luke came in and slugged away at Jey. Jey avoided a Running Clothesline and hit a Crossobdy. Tag to Jimmy. Double La Bandera to send Erick to the floor. Erick got up limping. Luke rolled back in the ring and took Jimmy to the corner. Luke bashed Jimmy and then went for a Whip. Jimmy put on the brakes and nailed Luke. Luke came back and dropped Jimmy. Tag to Rowan. Rowan twisted Jimmy in the ropes. Scoop Slam by Erick into the Neck Twist. Rowan then pulled at Jimmy’s nose. Rowan missed the Hogan Leg Drop. Tag to Jey. Clotheslines had little effect on Erick. Erick Bulldozered Jey for a two count. Tag to Luke.

Luke with a modified Fallaway Slam. Tag to Erick who nailed the Big Splash. 1-2-no. Time for another round of commercials.

As Raw returned, Rowan almost got the pin. Temple Dig by Rowan. Erick then went back to the Neck Twist. Uso got to his feet but Erick beat on Jey. Luke Whipped Erick but Jey had moved. Jey inched his way to tag his twin brother. A Dive brought in Jimmy. Clotheslines to Harper. Thrust Kick to Luke after Rowan was sent off the apron. Samoan Drop but he didn’t get the Rikishi Run. He settled for the Whisper in the Wind. Jey with the Uso Suicide Dive. Luke blocked the Spinning Enziguri and nailed a Thrust Kick.

Luke got popped in the face on a Rush. 2 count. The fans were very appreciative of the action. Luke tripped Uso, on the top rope. Sit-Out Powerbomb but the other Uso made the save. I have a heck of a time telling them apart. Double Thrust Kicks to Luke. USO Crazy was stopped by Erick. Luke nailed the Clothesline from Hell to take the win.

Your Winners: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Jey complained to the ref that the wrong Uso got pinned. The ruling stood.

Michael Cole announced that WWE Network was giving away a free week’s trial of WWE Network. I have the service and I really love it. As a wrestling historian, I’m like a kid in the candy store.

Backstage, Randy Orton and Kane talked. Randy gave a baloney speech about almost coming out to aid Kane. Kane suggested that “one way or another” the WWE World Title was coming back to The Authority. Seth Rollins said he would think twice about cashing in on either Kane or Orton. Kane turned to Orton and told him that he was starting to hate The Viper. That came after Randy mentioned that he was starting to hate Seth Rollins. Hmm…I smell a feud a brewin’.

Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox
One-Arm Tied Behind Your Back Battle

This weird match was set up by The Authority. Raw looked back at when Brie Bella quit and slapped the makeup off Stephanie’s face. The ref tied up Nikki’s arm but Fox had a problem with getting restrained for the match. Fox jumped the restricted Nikki which made this totally unfair. The fans cut loose with a “Boring” chant, which it was. Nikki ended up on the floor.

Fox went to the floor with Nikki and slammed Nikki’s head into the barricade. Fox went off on several audience members. The “Boring” chants grew in intensity. Fox with another kick and then she went to the floor. Why didn’t’ the ref untie Nikki? Fox went under the ring to find some liquid refreshment. She poured it all over Nikki. That was just stupid.

Your Winner: No Actual Match
Segment Ranking:-2

Rusev vs Rob Van Dam

Lana decided to give the USA a break and went off on Canada. She had to praise Putin. Whatever. She was cut off by the arrival of RVD. RVD with wild kicks to open. Rusev sent RVD into the corner but RVD with multiple Thrust Kicks. RVD was put on the apron. Springboard Tornado DDT by RVD. 2 count.

RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash but Rusev tossed RVD from the top. Rusev with vicious kicks and Knee Strikes to the ribs. Rear Chin Lock by Rusev.

Insert Video by Zeb Colter. Zeb issued another challenge for Rusev to face Jack Swagger, at Battleground.

Jawbreaker by RVD. Rusev with a Back Elbow and hard kicks. He screamed in Bulgarian at RVD. Knee Lift by Rusev. Rusev kicked the inner thighs of RVD. Front Face Lock by Rusev. RVd punched away and kicked Rusev in the face. Rusev caught the flying RVD. Small Package to get a 2 for RVD. RVD with a couple of kicks but Rusev caught the foot. Double Boots by RVD. Top Rope Thrust Kick by RVD. Rusev avoided Rolling Thunder and hit the Bicycle Kick. Accolade! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose

I really like Ambrose. He so reminds me of the late, great Buddy Jack Roberts. The bell rang and Dean and Randy circled each other. Dean talked serious trash to Randy. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Randy tried to go after the bad shoulder but failed. Randy went to the floor and came back in. Dean with an Arm Bar. He also drove his knee into Randy’s back and twisted the arm. Hammerlock by Dean. Randy Back Elbowed his way free. Nice Drop Toe Hold by Dean. Dean went after the stapled up wound on Randy’s skull.

Randy bounced Dean off the canvas and then went to the corner for Full Corner Punches. Dean reversed things and went wild with punches to Randy’s skull. Dean ran Randy’s face over the top rope. Flying Dropkick to a rope-trapped Orton. Dean pretzeled the legs but Randy came back with a wild Clothesline. Severe punches and kicks by Randy. Randy took too long to pose and Dean made him pay for it. Dean exploded all over The Viper. Randy went to the floor as Raw went to break.

Randy controlled Dean’s arm as the show returned. Randy had his focus on the injured shoulder of Dean. Headbutt by Dean but Randy came right back with a Dropkick. Randy stomped the bad shoulder of Ambrose. Arm Bar by Randy. Arm Breaker Drop by Randy. Dean fought out of another Arm Bar. Arm Yank by Randy but Dean came back with an Underhook DDT.

Both men back and forth with punches. Dean exploded on Randy with a flurry of moves. He took Randy down with a Crossbody. Corner Punches by Dean. Dean blocked the Twisted Sister Backbreaker. Figure Four by Dean. Randy inched his way over and finally got to the ropes. Dean slid to the outside and went for an Ax Bomber. He totally missed the move and Randy smacked him. I think Dean may have slipped off the ropes. Randy took time to pose for the crowd. Really?

European Uppercut by Randy but Dean came back with the Teeter Totter Clothesline. Randy blocked Dirty Deeds so Dean with the Low Bridge. The two started fighting on the floor. Dena tossed like a half dozen chairs into the ring. Dean had completely lost it. Dean rolled Randy into the ring. Randy took off out the other side. Randy ran Dean into the ring post. The ref kicked all the chairs out of the ring. Randy threw Dean over into the Bullpen. Barricade-Assisted DDT! The ref started to count and got to 9 Plus before Dean slid under the bottom rope.

Randy went for the Rope Assisted DDT but Dean converted it into a School Boy and then a Backslide. Big Boot by Randy. RKO.1-2-3.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Renee Young chatted with John Cena about Seth Rollins. Cena said he was the biggest target in the WWE, right now. Roman Reigns came in to cut off Cena. Roman wished Cena “Good Luck!”. Cena said he didn’t need luck. Roman said he would need a lot of luck when they faced off, at Battleground.

Fandango was out to watch the next match. Fandango announced that he was now in the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal, at Battleground.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Side Headlock by ADR. Shoulder Tackle by Del Rio. Del Rio held the ropes but Dolph still assaulted the Mexican Superstar. La Bandera Clothesline by Dolph. Dolph slid out of the ring but got caught in the ring skirt. Step-up Enziguri by Del Rio. Rear Chin Lock by Del Rio. Fandango was evasive when asked which girl he wanted to be with. Layla or Summer Rae. (Personally, I’d vote for Layla. Then again, I don’t much care for skinny bondes).

Crossbody by Dolph into wild punches. Del Rio slid under Dolph and pushed Dolph into the ring post. Top Rope Inverted Superplex. That was seriously cool. The winner of this match would become the number one contender to the U.S Title. Dolph avoided the Cross Armbreaker and hit the Sky High DDT. Del Rio blocked the Zig Zag but took a Dropkick. The announcers got in a ton of Happy Days references when Fandango called himself the Fonz of WWE.. Dolph came back with the Famouser after getting nailed with a Flying Armbreaker. Fandango got on the announce table and danced, using JBL’s hat. Del Rio with a Sneak Attack that led to Alberto Del Rio earning his title match.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 2.25

StarDust and Goldust cut a weird promo. Star was cooing over the long blonde wig. The brothers started discussing how bizarre they are. Goldy put the wig on. Goldy barked and Star hissed. Whatever. I really get a kick out of Dust2Dust.

Fandango ran into Layla, backstage. She was looking seriously hot. Layla asked Fandango if he had a problem with Dolph kissing Summer. Fandango did his best to avoid answering Layla’s questions. They cuddled and Fandango looked over and saw Summer Rae. Dang!

Jerry Lawler talked about having his heart attack the last time the WWE was in town. He thanked the great medial people at the local hospital. The fans chanted for him. Lawler felt bad that his issue took away from Pat Patterson and Bret Hart. Lawler then brought out The Hitman.

I want to thank Bret for all the hard work he has done on the film, 350 Days. This project, created by Darren Antola, is an in-depth look at the Glory Days of the world of Professional Wrestling. It should be released very shortly. I’ll have more details, very soon.

Bret thanked the fans and said it was an honor to be in Montreal, despite the happenings of the part (Montreal Screwjob). Bret said if he could wrestle just one more math, he would want it to be in Montreal. Bret was cut off by his own music. Damien Sandow came out doing an impression of Hart. He called himself “Bret The Hitman SandHart”. Damien mocked Bret by pushing the Montreal Screwjob. Hit him, Bret. Damien said he couldn’t believe that Bret would be proud to be from “a third world country like Canada”. The fans chanted “You Suck” towards Damien. Bret busted Damien in the face as Sandow said “Talking wasn’t your strong suit”. “No, Punching was” was the response. Too cool.

Damien Sand-Hart vs Sheamus

The fight was already going hot and heavy as Raw returned. Damien went to the floor to avoid Sheamus. Damien dragged Sheamus to the floor and pounded away. He Whipped Sheamus into the barrier. Back in the ring, Damien got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Damien. Kitchen Sink by Damien into the Side Headlock. Fist Drop off the ropes, by Damien. Damien went for the Sharpshooter but Sheamus grabbed the beard. Sheamus held Damien’s leg and then shoved him down. 10 Beats to Damien’s chest. Actually, it was a lot more than 10. The fans exploded with glee. Brogue Kick.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Renee interviewed Miz. Miz cut her off to read a letter from a fan, Johnny Russo. (Vince’s little brother?). Miz talked about what the fans would lose if Miz’s face got messed up. Yawn.

The WWE Rewind looked back at the Miz/Chris Jericho confrontation from Raw. Jericho surprised the talkative Miz with a Code Breaker. After that, Jericho was attacked by the Wyatt Family.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz

Lawler talked about the rumor that LeBron James might join the WWE. Collar and Elbow into a Miz Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle and stomps by Miz. Jericho fought back with a wicked Knife Edge Chop. Miz covered up to protect his face. Jericho sent Miz over the ropes and then nailed a Springboard Dropkick.

Jericho came out to get Miz. Miz blocked the Post Slam. Jericho pitched Miz back in the ring. Running Bulldog by Miz. Miz checked on his nose after he dumped Chris to the floor. Miz drove the kidneys into the ring apron and then Miz took Chris back in the ring. Miz kicked Jericho in the head and went for a pin. 2 count. Miz with a Side Headlock. Jericho with Knife Edge Chops and Shoulder Tackles. Miz tossed Jericho onto the apron. Chris went up top and came down with the Ax Bomber. Jericho tried for the Walls of Jericho but Miz countered. Miz with a vicious Thrust Kick. Miz missed the Full Body Clothesline but Jericho connected with the Enziguri. Miz reversed a Whip. Kick to the knee and DDT by Miz. Jericho with a Roll Up for two.

Miz locked in the Figure Four but Y2J would not submit. Jericho made it to the ropes to force the break. Miz stomped on the weakened legs. Jericho with a shot to the face. Walls of Jericho! Tap Out!

Your Winner: The Miz
Raw Ranking: 2.25

After the match, Bray Wyatt showed up. Bray mocked Jericho’s old promise to “Save Us”. Bray said Chris couldn’t save himself from Bray Wyatt. Bray said he would hold all of Jericho’s words against him. Bray started to sing but Jericho told him to “Shut the Hell Up!”. Jericho said he did agree with Bray’s thoughts. Chris said he was going to come up the ramp, knock Bray out of his chair and beat Wyatt’s rear. The Wyatt psycho video ran and then Harper and Rowan were at Bray’s side. The fans urged Y2J on. Nothing came of it.

Naomi and Cameron vs Paige and A.J. Lee

Yes, you read it right. The new champ and the girl she beat were together as a team. Raw looked at how A.J. beat Paige for the title. Paige actually did the introduction of her partner. What the heck?

Naomi and Paige started with a Collar and Elbow. Hip Toss and Flying Knees by Naomi. Cameron refused to make the tag. Paige with a vicious kick to Naomi’s face. Headbutt by Paige. The Pale Princess stomped away and then tagged out to A.J.. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors and Leg Lariat by A.J.. Cameron was putting on lip gloss and ignoring the match. Paige came back in and the two went at it. Cameron forced the tag and got laid out by the Paige Turner.

Your Winners: A.J. Lee and Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.0

When it was all said and done, the Funkadactyls had a meltdown. Cameron pushed Naomi who wasn’t taking anymore. Catfight! The ref tried to break it up. He apparently doesn’t know the rule about “Never stop a girl fight…never”. The two women rolled out of the ring and to the floor. Well, guess someone is getting new theme music.

Raw looked at the Kofi Kingston/Cesaro situation. Kofi beat Cesaro and then the Swiss Superman just destroyed Kofi.

Cesaro and Paul Heyman were waiting in the ring. Paul got a decent pop from the crowd. Paul, of course, had to crow about the Brock Lesnar thing. Cesaro stopped Paul to discuss the native language of Quebec. Cesaro said something in French that was obviously an insult.

Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro

Kofi was seriously bandaged up. Kofi with a wild Running Dropkick and Slide Dropkick. Kofi rammed Cesaro’s face on the announce desk and ring apron. Cesaro tripped Kofi as Kofi went up the ropes. Ax Bomber, by Cesaro, to the floor. Cesaro with the Gut Wrench onto the apron. Whip by Cesaro but Kofi got the boots up. Cesaro caught the flying Kofi. Sunset Flip blocked after a Victory Roll Block. Military Press Gutbuster by Cesaro. Kofi with a Roll Up for the surprise win. Are you kidding me?

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Cesato jumped Kofi and beat on him until Big E came down to save the day. Paul pulled Cesaro out of the war zone.

In the locker room, Seth Rollins came up to talk with John Cena. Seth understood that Cena did not trust him. Seth just wanted to see who was the better between him and John Cena. Seth wanted to prove he was the best and then Cash In. Seth warned Cena that his title reign days were numbered. John told Seth he felt Rollins was full of crap. John knew what The Authority saw in Seth. John guaranteed Seth he would be in for the match of his life.

Bo Dallas’s issue with El Torito was replayed.

Bo Dallas vs El Torito

Bo said he never ducked a challenge. The bell rang and El Torito ran around Dallas. Bo got down on his knees to fight Torito. Torito slapped Bo in the face. Rolling Hoof Kick that went rather low. Torito went to the outside. Torito slapped Bo, again. Bo shoved Diego and then Forearm Smashed Torito. Bo-Dog to Torito.

Your Winner: Bo Dallas
Raw Ranking: 1.0 (so darn BO-Ring)

A promo for the Monday Night War program aired. I look forward to watching that one.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins
Non-Title Match

The two men stared each other down and John yelled at Seth. Collar and Elbow into a Seth Side Headlock. Universal into a Cena Hip Toss. Whip by Cena but he missed the Bulldog. Seth with hard kicks and a Flying Neckbreaker. 2 count. Raw took a break.

Seth with an odd Arm Bar but Cena lifted Seth straight up. He dropped Seth to the mat. Wow! Cena missed a Corner Splash. Standing Sliced Bread by Seth.

Seth stomped on the mid-section of Cena. “You can Wrestle” rang out in support of Seth. This kid is just another example of how good the training is through Ring of Honor (Seth, Cesaro, C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan, etc… all got their first real big break in RoH). Seth kicked at the head and thighs of Cena. Seth taunted Cena with chants that he was the best. Seth hit an incredible DDT as a counter to the AA. Cena wanted the STF but switched to a Power Up Powerbomb. Cena went up top but got nailed with a Jumping Enziguri. 2 cont.

Seth psyched himself up and went on the offense. He missed a Big Splash. Cena went Vintage on Seth. He didn’t get the AA, as Seth landed on his feet. Cena put Seth in the STF. He pulled Seth to the mid-ring to reapply the move.

Kane’s music and explosions hit. The Big Red Monster strolled down to the ring. Randy Orton came out of nowhere to attack Cena. It was a vicious double tam.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): John Cena
Raw Ranking: 2.55

Roman Reigns came down to even the score. Kane rushed out and got laid out with the Superman Punch. Roman got in the ring and hit the same Punch to Orton. Seth clocked Roman and then Cena with the briefcase. Seth called for a ref to come out to call the match. Before Charles Robinson could start the match, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth. Again, Seth was denied his chance at gold. Randy slid back in the ring. Bad Move as Cena hit he AA. Kane went for a Chokeslam but Roman Speared Kane! Sweet. Roman and Cena held each other’s arms up in a show of victory and respect.

Thanks to one and all for sharing my Birthday with me.


–Jay Shannon

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