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BANG! TV Report – Jerry Lawler’s First Match After Heart Attack Now on !BANG! TV (Lawler Pile-drives Hollywood)

Now on !BANG! TV the premiere showing of Jerry Lawler’s return to professional wrestling in his first match after his heart attack live on Raw in Montreal Canada.

Special attendants on site in case of any emergency, from Russia, !BANG! TV Wrestler and Licensed Medical Doctor in Russia, Dr. Andrew Kotantinov assisted by Nurse Julie and assistant, Chika the Chihuahua.

8-Person Tag Team Match

Jerry “The King” Lawler, Johnny Magnum, and Jessica “Power-House” Hill


Hollywood Heather, Romero Youngblood, Quinton “Drop-Back” Hitchcock, Cory “Wild” Weston

Jerry “The King” Lawler is un-stoppable – Watch the entire match now on !BANG! TV at http://www.dory-funk.com
The next !BANG! TV Taping, Support Your Troops 106, “Red White and !BANG!” comes to the !BANG! TV Sound “Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday July 19th. Featured on the show, Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum, Hollywood Heather, Mansoor Al Shehail, Jessica “Power-House” Hill, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff, Danielle Moncada, Lorenzo Goode, Jordan Decker, Derrick Steele, Derren “The Axx” Cloer, Gabiel Zimmerly, Brian DeMario, Julio Chavez, Noah Mayser and more to be announced.

Tickets to “Red White and !BANG! are now online at http://www.dory-funk.com or you may call now 352-895-4658 for training schedules and ticket information.

Only 2 weeks later, The next !BANG! TV Taping, Support Your Troops 107, “Saturday Night Fight” will feature an Inter-Gender Battle Royal coming to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday August 2nd.

Visit Dory and Marti Funk on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or get an autographed Photo of Dory Funk Jr.http://www.dory-funk.com/bt-20.html

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