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The new Kurt Angle Era began, this week. Kurt brought the fans a Pay-per-View level night of action. The Main Event would be Eric Young getting his rematch against (Bobby) Lashley.

The show opened with a look back at how MVP was ousted as the Director of Wrestling Operations and Kurt Angle was put in his place. Kurt put MVP, Kenny King and Lashley in their respective places.

On to tonight and Kurt Angle came out to kick off his Red, White and Blue Throw Down. Kurt got in the ring and talked about how he was going to change things in TNA. It was a night of Freedom. The best thing that Kurt did was call out Earl Hebner. He “un-fired” the legendary referee. Cool. Warl was given the zebra shirt and reinstated as the Senior Ref (in multiple ways) of TNA. Smile.

Kurt ran down the night’s card:

EC3 vs Bully Ray…in a Tables Match

The Wolves vs The Menagerie and Jessie and Zema Ion in a Triple Threat for the tag belts
Angelina Love vs Gail Kim for the Knockout Title

Again, the main event was E.Y. vs Lashley, for the World Title.

As Kurt was getting ready to leave, Samoa Joe made an unexpected entrance. Joe mocked Kurt’s position in TNA. Joe said Kurt was all B.S.. Joe felt that Kurt was just like all the others that came before. Joe knew Kurt was all about the World title. Joe accused Kurt of lying in wait to go after the World Title as soon as the knee heeled. Joe let Kurt know that they haven’t gone down the same path. Joe claimed Kurt was bought in and brought in, while he had to fight and scratch for everything. Kurt accused Joe of coming in “Half-*ssed” a lot of times. Joe was ticked that Kurt would dare to question his dedication. Joe discussed his roots, with veiled nods to Ring of Honor. Kurt was cool with this side of Samoa Joe. Joe warned Kurt to be careful for wishing to see “this side” of Joe. Joe then walked to the back.

In the back, MVP was on the phone. Bobby Roode came in but got jumped by Kenny King. King took full advantage of the surprise attack. That will most likely be a bad move.

Kurt Angle checked on Bobby Roode. Bobby thanked Kurt for bringing him back. Bobby refused to get medical attention. Bobby wanted to fight MVP. Kurt took Bobby to find MVP and Kenny King.

Zema Ion and Jessie Godderz vs Knux and The Freak vs The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)
Triple Threat Match for the World Tag Team Titles

The Menagerie’s Stilt Walkers were dressed like Uncle Sam. Zema and Jessie jumped The Wolves just as the bell rang. Davey and Eddie went to the floor. Knux and Freak then took out this new BroMans team. Zema got Double Hip Tossed over the top. He crashed into everyone else. Knux pitched Eddie back to the waiting Freak. Stall Suplex by Freak. Davey kicked Freak with minimal effect. Double Suplex by Freak. Corner Splash but Jessie got a tag. Double team on Eddie.

Jessie got a two count but Eddie would not give up that easily. Top Wrist Lock by Jessie. Robbie E is out, for now. Tag to Zema. Ion stomped on Eddie’s chest. Forearm Smash by Iona and tag back to Jessie. Double Whip into a Spinebuster/Back Stabber combo. Eddie with a wicked Double Hurancanrana. Tag to Davey. Davey with wild kicks to Jessie. Backsrping Jumping Enziguri to Jessie. Exploder Suplex to Ion. The Menagerie had some communication errors. The Wolves with the Lift Kick (The Pack Attack) combo to retrain.

Your Winners: The Wolves
Impact Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

In the back, Kurt was trying to keep peace as Bobby got ready to annihilate MVP and King. MVP said he had a doctor’s note to avoid getting in the ring. Kurt made a match of Bobby Roode vs Kenny King…in a Street Fight!

Bobby Roode vs Kenny King
Street Fight Rules

Bobby came out first and cut a scathing promo. Roode was dealing with a hurt shoulder, thanks to the jumping…moments earlier. Bobby ordered King to get is (backside) out to the ring. King came out in shorts. King asked Bobby if he really wanted to deal with this. King told MVP that they should go break Bobby’s neck. Kurt came out and banished MVP to the back. Bobby smiled and then ran up to Clothesline King in the back of the head. Bobby kicked King off the stage. Straight punches to King. Rodde used a plastic trash can to crack King across the back. Roode then threw King into the exit doors. King ran Bobby into a wall and hit him with a can. He dumped the garbage on Bobby. King called Bobby “garbage”. Smash to the face by King. King went to Bobby’s eyes. The fans were 100% behind Roode. That helped him to rebound and punch King. Bobby dumped King over the railing and down to the next level.

Roode jumped down and threw King into some steps. King began to fight back. Roode with a wicked Back Drop that sent King back into the ringside area. Roode got himself a chair but King with a Spinning Leg Lariat to drive the chair into Bobby’s face. King punched away at Bobby’s skull. King tossed Bobby into the ring and the match officially started.

King dug at Bobby’s face and tried for a pin. Snap Suplex with Roll Over by King. 2 count. King choked Bobby on the middle rope. King went for the Royal Flush but Roode reversed it into the Roode Bomb (Attitude Adjustment) onto the steel chair that had made its way into the ring.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.75

EC3 was asked about Bully Ray. Ethan said neither he nor his auntie, Dixie Carter, would go through a table. Ethan called himself the “Hardcore American Icon”.

Brittany was on her way to the ring to make some kind of announcement.

Bobby talked backstage about his plans. He was not happy about getting jumped. Bobby said King was the first. He was then going after MVP and, eventually, Lashley.

Austin Aries wanted to talk with Kurt. Aries and Kurt discussed Aries’ confidence. Austin needed some help from Kurt. Austin wanted his rematch against Sanada for the X-Championship. Kurt knew Austin wanted to parlay the X-title into the World Title. Kurt granted Austin a title match, next week. Kurt said he was there to help the boys. Kurt threw out a challenge for somewhere down the road. He wanted to battle Austin Aries to see who truly was the best of the best.

Brittany looked incredible in her Americana outfit. Brittany asked Madison Rayne to join her in the ring. Madison came out in a beautiful purple outfit. Brittany held the ropes for Madison. Madison told Brittany to stop. Madison said she would fight Brittany, if she had to. Brittany wasn’t there to fight. Brittany admitted that she was wrong and Madison was right. Brittany claimed she was naïve and didn’t realize how demanding the Knockout Division could be. Brittany apologized for her previous actions. Brittany said she had learned an important lesson from all this. Madison said she could be there for Brittany, if Brittany was sincere. The two shook hands and hugged. Brittany said she learned “Never meet you heroes because they only disappoint”. Not always, but sometimes that is correct.

Brittany attacked Madison and threw Rayne into the ring post. Brittany then came out and hit the Slop Drop, on the floor. And Brittany completes her Mickie James/Trish Stratus storyline turn.

Bully Ray cut a harsh promo on Ethan Carter III. Bully admitted that Ethan proved his toughness during their Texas Death Match, at Slammiversary. Ray did give a ton of credit to Spud and Dixie for helping Ethan win. Ray promised to put Ethan through a table…next.

MVP introduced the fans, again, to Lashley. MVP was certain that Lashley would become the most dominant World Champion, ever. MVP didn’t understand why Kurt wanted to sacrifice Eric Young. MVP hoped that Kurt wouldn’t hold him or Lashley responsible for what was about to happen to E.Y..

Ethan Carter III vs Bully Ray
Table Match

Impact looked back at how EC3 beat Bully Ray in their Texas Death Match. Ray slowly made his way down to the ring. Ethan screamed at his foe. Taz reminded us that Bully Ray was now a Hall of Famer. Well deserved. Ray seemed to have new ink on his left arm.

The two started throwing bombs and Ray detonated many more than EC3 did. Huge Whips by Ray into a Clothesline. Ray punched away and then ran Ethan into several corners. Ethan got the fans into calling for tables. Ray then pitched Ethan up and over the top rope. Ray slammed Ethan’s face onto the ring steps. EC3 was stunned as Ray continued to drive Ethan’s face into the metal steps. The “We Want Tables!” chant rose in intensity.

Ray tossed Ethan back into the ring. Ray missed a Corner Splash. Flying Crossbody by EC3. Flip, Flop and Fly by Ray. Ray called for the Tables. He went out and found his pick for a table. Ray took the table into the ring and set it near the corner. Ethan got to his feet and nailed a Flying Clothesline. Ethan screamed he would give the fans tables. Ethan drove Ray’s face into the canvas, over and over. Ethan picked up Bully Ray’s steel chain. The ref tried to talk Ethan out of using it. Ray fought back to avoid getting hit. Ethan came back with a Chain Clothesline. Corner Mount Punches by Ethan. Ray lifted Ethan and took him to mid-ring. Rock Star Spud rushed out and hit the Low Blow. It was a two-on-one beat down.

Suddenly, Rhino came out!. He Gored…Bully Ray! “You Sold Out” rang out. Ethan adjusted the table and hit the Chokeslam, putting Bully Ray through the table.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III (and Spud and Rhino)
Impact Score: 1.5

The trio had a celebration party, after the match. Rhino is now, apparently, the Carter Family Enforcer.

Backstage, Bobby Roode talked with Eric Young. Bobby told Eric to go out there and take out Lashley. Eric seemed distracted. Eric said he has lost to Lashley, three times. Eric didn’t think he had a chance against Lashley. Bobby did the pep talk to turn Eric’s attitude around. Eric was ready to prove everyone wrong. Bobby told Eric he would be out there to have E.Y.’s back.

TNA is so working towards an ECW Reunion with Taz, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow and Rhino on board. Rhino said he didn’t owe an explanation to anyone.

A promo for the upcoming Bound For Glory, from Japan, aired. I rarely order PPVs, anymore, due to WWE Network. This is one that I just might save up for.

The situation with Samuel Shaw was analyzed. Shaw does such a great Norman Bates impression. Gunner has reached out to Shaw to help him. Gunner has Shaw out of the Asylum. Shaw said things felt weird. Gunner said it was time to mend fences with apologies. They ran into Ken Anderson. Ken couldn’t believe Shaw was there. Gunner told Ken to back off and give the kid a break. Gunner asked Ken to “Give him (Shaw) a chance”. Ken said he wanted Shaw to talk to one of his friends. They went to Christy Hemme’s locker room. She was so uncomfortable. Ken asked Christy to trust them. Ken explained that Shaw has supposedly changed. Shaw admitted the terrible things he did. He explained he had been in the institution. Shaw claimed to be a new person and hoped for forgiveness. He issued what seemed like a sincere apology and walked off. Christy just wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

Velvet Sky flirted with Brian Siffler, the ref. Love also flirted with him. The BPs said Earl Hebner was jealous of Stiffler. The girls suggested to Siffler that he should call her match. She called him “Stiffy”. Stiffler said Earl Hebner gave him the nod to call the match. Love said Stiffy wanted to be around winners. They were so using him.

Destination X is coming July 31st.

Kurt Angle pulled Stiffler off the Knockout Title match. He put Brian Hebener in.

Knux told his crew that “He” was demanding his money. Knux knew that they had a lot of work to do. Rebel agreed.

Gail Kim vs Angelina Love
Knockout Title Match

Impact looked back at the Beautiful People’s actions at Slammiversary. The BPs came out, not realizing there was a different ref in the ring. The girls sauntered down to the ring. The BPs decided to try and flirt with Hebner, which didn’t go anywhere. Brian kept saying he was going to call it down the middle.

Love went back to flirting until Gail took the fight to her. Love went to the floor. Slide-Through Dropkick by Gail. Gail came out and went after the Knockout Champ. Hebner stopped her. While Hebner was distracted with Love, Velvet shoved Gail into the ring post. 2 count as Love took Gail back into the ring.

Love sent Gail to the floor, with a Dropkick. Velvet attacked Gail, as Love drew Hebner’s attention. 2 count, yet again. Love popped Gail in the face, multiple times. Scoop by Love. She put Gail into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Love kicked away and then slammed Gail into the corner. Gail went to the ropes but Sky caught her foot. Sky snapped Gail’s neck over the top rope. The Hot Shot was supposedly an accident. Hebner ejected Sky from the ringside area. Love screamed that she needed Sky. Small Package for a two. Almost a new champ. Love sent Gail into the ropes. Shoulder Block, Back Elbow and Clothesline. Gail with a hard Whip and the Drive Through. Gail went up top and hit the Missile Dropkick. 1-2 not quite.

Back Heel Trip by Gail. Botox Injection to Gail, who was climbing the ropes, at the time. Gail tumbled to the floor. The ref started to count. Love didn’t want a Count Out Win. Love went and got Gail. She threw her back in the ring and got only a two count. Love was losing it, big time. Gail blocked the Botox Injection. Eat Da Feet. 1—2—-3!

Your Winner (and NEW Knockout Champion): Gail Kim
Impact Score: 3.0

Gail Kim is now a 4-Time Knockout Champion.

Impact did a Flashback to when Bobby Lashley won the World Title. Kurt Angle was ready to make things Real…Damn Real. Lashley and Eric walked backstage. That match was on deck.

Kurt was asked how he thought things were going. Kurt was pleased and excited about the future. Next week would see a 20-man Battle Royal to find the next Number One Contender to the World Title. Plus, all the other titles would be on the line (Knockout, Tag Team and X-Division…and MAYBE the TV Title?)

Eric Young (w/Bobby Roode) vs Lashley (w/MBP
TNA World Title Match

Taz pushed what a Destroyer that Lashley is. Bobby Roode has new theme music. Sounds more like something that James Storm would come out to. Impact took another break before the match kicked off.

The bell rang and the two men circled each other. Huge Amateur lift by Lashley. Eric with a hard punch. MVP tripped Eric. Earl ordered both MVP and Bobby to head to the back. MVP whined all the way up the ramp.

Lashley sent Eric to the corner. Back Elbow by Eric. He jumped to the floor and partied with his fans. Eric got back in the ring and hit an Elbow Drop. Bobby bashed Eric. Eric fought out of the corner with wild Haymakers. Lashley knocked Eric off the top rope. Eric tweaked his ankle on the landing. It might be broken. Lashley threw Eric on the apron and slammed the leg into the apron, a couple of times.

Lashley with a Leg Sweep into a Single Leg Crab attempt. Eric reached for the ropes but Lashley pulled Eric to mid-ring. Eric kicked out of a pin attempt. Big Boot by Eric. Missile Dropkick by Eric but the leg was obviously hurt. Eric limped to the turnbuckles. Lashley caught Eric and went for the Superplex. Eric did his best to fight free. Huge shots on the ropes. Eric knocked Lashley down and nailed the Savage Elbow. 1-2-Not Yet!

Eric wanted the Piledriver but couldn’t lift Lashley. Dominator by Lashley. Lashley waited for Eric to rise. When he did, Lashley Speared the former champ. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: (Bobby) Lashley
Impact Score: 2.0

I hope you all have a happy and safe Fourth of July. I’ll be back with you all, this week-end, to check out Ring of Honor.


–Jay Shannon

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