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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 6.30.14
By Neil Borenstein
Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from Monday Night RAW and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.
Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for June 30, 2014
3. Seth Rollins — for grabbing an early evening victory over Rob Van Dam and coming close to cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase after the main event:
Not everything went according to plan for The Authority at Money In The Bank, but Seth Rollins coming out of the pay-per-view as the briefcase holder with a guaranteed title shot for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was a success. Rollins’ victory came with considerable help from Kane, but those are the perks of being an ally of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.
On RAW, Rollins got the opportunity for some in-ring action after new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and The Authority has a bit of an exchange to open the show. Rollins even walked past Cena on the top of the ramp with briefcase in hand just to boast his confidence. Then it was time to get in the ring and meet up with one of the Superstars Rollins got past to snag the briefcase 24 hours earlier, Rob Van Dam.
Rollins managed to avoid a Five Star Frog Splash late in the match by rolling outside, but RVD still made Rollins pay by hitting a crossbody from the top to the outside. Van Dam put Rollins back into the ring, but he got caught coming back in when Rollins grabbed his leg and hit a dragon screw against the rope. Rollins got back to his feet slightly before Van Dam did, enabling him to hit the ropes to deliver a Curb Stomp that netted him the three count.
After the match, Renee Young tried to interview Rollins. Dean Ambrose interrupted Rollins from the Tron, though, and he warned Mr. Money In The Bank that every time he tries to cash in the briefcase, he’ll be there.
Ambrose came through on that promise when, following the main event, Triple H and Kane pretty much set the stage for Rollins to come down and cash in the contract. Cena was laid out from an attack by Kane, and Triple H motioned for Rollins to come out. But during the whole scuffle of getting a referee to start the match, Ambrose shot into the ring and attacked Rollins, continuing his assault through the crowd.
Ambrose is certainly going to be a problem for Rollins going forward, and it’s safe to assume that they will have a one-on-one encounter by Battleground. Still, with Triple H calling the shots, Kane around to give him some assistance and his own natural talent, Rollins has a good thing going. And it’s all highlighted with a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
2. The Wyatt Family — for scoring a six-man tag team victory over The Usos and Sheamus before ruining Chris Jericho’s return:
Bray Wyatt didn’t leave Money In The Bank as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan failed in their bid to defeat The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championships. But the fight rages on for The Wyatts, and they battled a threesome of champions in six-man tag team action this week on RAW.
Going up against The Usos and United States Champion Sheamus, The Wyatts proved they remain a force to be reckoned with.
Things heated up for the championship team when Jey entered the ring with a crossbody to Harper, following with a kick to the midsection, an uppercut and finally a dropkick that sent Harper to the outside. Jey wasn’t done just yet, as he launched himself to the outside onto Harper. He headed up top after sending Harper back into the ring, but he missed a move off the turnbuckle. Luckily, he avoided a move from Harper and took the big man down with an enziguri. A nasty superkick followed, and a cover by Jey was interrupted at two by Rowan.
Sheamus promptly took care of Rowan with a Brogue Kick that sent him to the outside, and then Jimmy launched himself onto Rowan on the outside. Sheamus, who helped the high-flying attack, turned around into a slam from Wyatt. Jey tried to nail Wyatt with a superkick, but Wyatt avoided the hit and slid out of the ring. Then Harper shot up and drilled Jey with a closeline to get the cover and a three count for The Wyatts.
That was a big statement win for The Wyatts, and it wasn’t their last for the evening. Chris Jericho made his return to the WWE when he interrupted The Miz, but The Wyatts ruined Y2J’s night by cutting him off to dish out an attack. Harper and Rowan did their damage first, and Wyatt put the exclamation mark on the whole thing with a Sister Abigail to Jericho.
That should be a fun feud between Wyatt and Jericho. Wyatt didn’t get the last laugh over John Cena and he couldn’t come away with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but he stays dangerous by going right at the returning hero with the aid of his almost-tag team champion partners helping along the way.
1. AJ Lee — for regaining the Divas Championship by playing Paige just as she was after WrestleMania in her surprise return to action:
Chris Jericho wasn’t the only person making a return to the WWE on RAW. When Divas Champion Paige got a little speaking time on RAW this week and talked about the impact she has made over the past three months, she could hardly expect that out of nowhere, former Divas Champion AJ Lee would make an appearance.
Lee, who lost the title the night following WrestleMania to the debuting Paige, told Paige that she was right about her before thanking her for essentially bringing her back down to Earth. She also offered up congratulations. Paige wasn’t buying it, and called Lee out for trying to do the same thing she did following WrestleMania. Paige said their rematch wasn’t going to happen.
When the WWE Universe was polled about what they thought, however, Paige changed her tune and granted the rematch right there and then. Bad move.
Paige was extremely aggressive in this contest and seemed intent on proving her status as the top Diva in the division. She may have gone a bit too far when she smack-talked Lee, though. Lee responded with a slap to Paige’s face and then quickly moved in for a small package that resulted in a three count.
Paige was completely stunned by the loss, but things certainly fell into place for Lee. The title is back home as far as she’s concerned, and Paige is going to have to work a lot harder this go around if she hopes to get the championship back.

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