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Luke Hawx forfeits spot in Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 14 to challenge Matt Hardy for the MCW Heavyweight Championship in historic Tables, Ladders & Chairs Championship Match

Formers WWE Stars Matt Hardy, Devon, Shelly Martinez & Celese Bonin fka Kaitlyn prepare for “Maryland’s Greatest Professional Wrestling Tradition in just over two weeks.

Baltimore, MD July 2, 2014- As the reigning Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Champion Luke Hawx had a guaranteed spot in the finals of this year’s tournament. When Hawx realized that he would be in the same building as Hardy on July 19th, he decided to make an unprecedented challenge. Hawx would challenge Hardy to a match for the MCW Championship at SHAMROCK XIV. But, in order to make this match happen, Hawx offered to give up his spot in the Shamrock Cup Finale and give up the ability to defend the Cup, making him the first to do so in MCW’s history.

The Champion has accepted the challenge, on one condition. That he would decide what type of match this would be. Knowing that the hatred between these two was at an all-time high, MCW Owner Dan McDevitt met with the Maryland State Athletic Commission last week to lobby for the match Matt Hardy wanted. After a series of meetings, MCW was given clearance and Hardy was granted the match he asked for. So, at Shamrock XIV, MCW Champion Matt Hardy will defend the title against Luke Hawx in the first-ever TABLES, LADDERS, & CHAIRS MATCH in MCW history!

The Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 14 will take place at The Maryland Championship Wrestling Arena located at 1000 Joppa Farm Road in Joppa, MD 21085. “For anyone that knows about professional wrestling in the state of Maryland knows how big of a deal this actually is. The Maryland State Athletic Commission closely regulates pro wrestling and has been very strict about the involvement of weapons such as chairs, ladders and especially tables. This shows how even the Athletic Commission realizes how big this match is that they agreed to sanction it” says Dan McDevitt

In regards to the change in tradition concerning the reigning Shamrock Cup Champion; “I truly respect the feelings of some of the MCW fans that wanted to stick with tradition but the truth is that several times in the tournaments history the reigning champion has not been able to defend the cup the next year due to an injury or contract status with another company. I believe that even tradition can evolve and starting this year it will be the champion’s choice every year. The winner of the Shamrock Cup will now have the right at the following year’s tournament either to take the bye into the finals and defend the cup or forfeit that spot and get a guaranteed shot at the MCW Heavyweight Championship.” McDevitt said.

An adjustment has been made to fill the void of the sixth spot in the Shamrock Cup finals. Shamrock Cup qualifying match #5 between the Los Ben Dejos and Team WildKat was originally set up so that the person that scored the pin fall or got the submission would advance into the finals. Now both members of the winning team will advance into the finals Cup. The Full line up is as follows

Qualifying Match #1:

Tony Nese vs “The Greek God” Papadon

Qualifying Match #2:

The CEO Of Black WallStreet DROLIX vs “The Punk Rock All Star” SHAUN CANNON

Qualifying Match #3:

“The Appalachian Outlaw” BO NEKODA vs “Mr Xcellence” BRANDON SCOTT

Qualifying Match #4:


Qualifying Match #5 Both memebers Of the winning team advance into the finals

. LOS BEN DEJOS (Cruz & Rios) vs. TEAM WILDKAT (Bolt Brady & Bu Ku Dao)

Ladies Match

Reby Sky vs Shelly Martinez

Six Man Tag Team Match:

“Team 3D’s DVon, Buck Chyld & G-Fed vs “The Kings” Ryan McBride & The Hell Cats w/ Ken Dixon, Justin Schlegal & Jessie Kaye

MCW Tag Team Championship

Napalm & Solo “BlackWallStreet” w/ Amber Rodriquez (Champions) vs Adam Flash & Ronnie Zukko

Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 14 Finals

The winners of the 5 Qualifying matches face off in a 6 way elimination match

MCW Heavyweight Championship Table, Ladders & Chairs Match

Matt Hardy (Champion) vs Luke Hawx (Challenger & Shamrock Cup 13 Champion)

Doing a special meet and greet before the event from 5:30-7:30 will be former WWE Divas Champion Celeste Bonin FKA Kaitlyn. You can get more event information as it becomes available & Purchase tickets online at MCW’s official website www.MarylandWrestling.com or you can call the 24 Hour MCW Information line at 410-541-6291. Also make sure to stay up to follow MCW on all of our social platforms. On Facebook search Maryland Championship Wrestling, follow us on Twitter @MCWWrestling and also follow on Instagram @MarylandWrestling

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