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It was a nice filled with surprise returns and a title switch that no one saw coming.

The show opened with a look back at Money in the Bank. I caught the last hour or so of the event and it was awesome. Randy Orton got one Hell of a gash on the very top of his head. When it was all said and done, Kane wasn’t able to help Randy win the title. The dual belts went to…John Cena. I so seriously got my predictions wrong on that event. I think I maybe got 1 right. Jeez.

Tonight, Raw has a brand new fan. He’s a little young to understand things but his mom and dad are huge wrestling fans. My Grand Nephew, Casey Titan James McDonald, came into this wonderful world of ours on June 27th. The family is home from the hospital and the whole family is tuning in to watch Raw 1101 (with breaks for diapers and such). I dedicate this recap to wrestling’s newest fan, “Big Mac”.

The Authority came out to address the crowd. Stephanie and HHH were wearing matching suits. JBL mentioned that Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank Contract. Stephanie was born in Hartford, which is where tonight’s show came from. A “C.M. Punk” chant rose from the masses. Stephanie mentioned that Daniel Bryan’s recovery will take longer than expected. She then praised Seth Rollins for his win. HHH called Seth Rollins the “Future of the WWE”. HHH then discussed the WWE World Title Match. HHH said an A+ player won the title for the 15th time. HHH then introduced John Cena.

Huge mixed reaction from the crowd. Cena came out wearing the twin belts like an Alberto Del Rio scarf. Jerry Lawler did the “The Champ is Here!” thing. Stephanie handed Cena a microphone. John Cena sent a shout-out to Daniel Bryan. Cena said Daniel would get a shot at the title, when he gets back. Stephanie mocked Cena’s offer. Stephanie then showed that John Cena would be on the cover of the next video game…WWE 2K15. Stephanie danced to Cena’s theme music. She congratulated Cena for getting the cover. Cena said The Authority members were being way too nice. Cena showed the reaction of HHH and Stephanie, from last night (when Cena won the title). Cena let The Authority and the rest of the crowd that “The Champ is Here!”

HHH mocked Cena’s Thug Life talk. Cena threatened to kick HHH’s behind. HHH said he was not bothered that Cena was champ, as long as he showed respect to the title. HHH said Cena would be in a Fatal Four Way at Battleground (the next PPV). HHHH let Cena know who he would face: Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns. The four men would face off, tonight, in a tag team match. Cena then brought up Stephanie’s dip into the pool of crap (last week).

As Cena started to leave, HHH reminded him that there was a Plan B. Plan B (Seth Rollins) strolled out with the golden Money in the Bank briefcase. Seth came to the ring as Cena left.

Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam

Kane threw Dean Ambrose off the ladder, last night, to help Seth win. Shoulder Tackle by Seth. Universal with a Monkey Flip that sent Seth to the floor. Seth slid back in and let go with kicks. RVD with a kick. Heel Trip by Seth. RVD kicked free and Seth went out to the floor. The two got into a kick fest. Enziguri by RVD that just stunned Seth. The ref had to pull RVD back. Shoulders to Seth’s lower back. Spin Kick to the face. RVD was limping but continued to keep kicking. Float Over into a Monkey Flip attempt by RVD. Seth blocked that but fell victim to an Abdominal Stretch. RVD rolled back into a modified Crucifix. Seth barely escaped by going to the floor. Seth caught RVD with a Clothesline as RVD went out to the floor. Raw took a quick break.

Seth with a Whip but RVD came back with a kick and several punches. Double Heel Trip into the Single Leg Crab by Seth. RVD crawled towards the ropes. Seth didn’t release so RVD just spun under to send Seth flying. RVD missed a Spin Kick but turned it into a Body Scissors for two. Thrust Kick by RVD. RVD put Seth in position and nailed Rolling Thunder. 1-2-not yet. Scoop Side Breaker by RVD. Split-Legged Moonsault. Could Be…Might Be…Denied! Seth wanted a Piledriver but settled for an attempt at the Buckle Bomb. RVD turned it into a Hurancanrana. RVD went to the Penthouse but Seth rolled outside. RVD then dove off the top to lay out Seth, on the floor. RVD threw Seth back in the ring. Seth caught RVD, coming in, and hit a variation of the Dragon Screw Leg Whip…in the ropes! Seth then Iced the Cake with the Curb Stomp!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Renee got in the ring and interviewed Seth. Typical cocky promo from Mr. Money in the Bank. He sounds more and more like C.M. Punk, each week. Seth said the fans were just bitter. He was cut off by Dean Ambrose, who was on the Tron. Dean warned Seth that this was not over. Dean talked about The Authority sending “Uncle Kane” down to make sure Seth won. Dean explained that he would be there, any time that Seth goes to cash in his Money in the Bank Contract. Seth screamed that it was His time.

Rusev came out waving the Russian flag. Lana was at his side. I liked the old Hammer and Sickle flag much better than this flag. I realize that he red and yellow flag was for the now-defunct Soviet Union , but still… The announcers quickly discussed the epic battle between Rusev and Big E. Lana said Big E was a loser. She said failure was woven into the U.S. custom. She got upset at the “U.S.A.” chant. She mocked the country’s obsession with “It’s not about winning and losing but about participating”. Lana said Russia was the only Super Power left in the world. She said no one could stop the onslaught of Rusev. Lana called for someone to come out and be America’s next failure. Rusev babbled in whatever language he speaks. That got another “U.S.A.” chant going.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out to address the pair. Zeb said he was sick and tired of listening to Lana slamming the U.S.. Big pop for Zeb. Zeb had something to say. He called the pair “Natasha and Boris”. He accused Lana and Rusev of taking advantage of American Freedom. Zeb said a Real American would be able to stop the Rusev Crush. Zeb got the whole audience to do the “We The People” chant. I love this face turn for Zeb and Jack, even if it doesn’t last. Jack was sullen and starred daggers at Rusev. Lana held Rusev back. “Let’s Go Swagger!” echoed off the walls. Lana left the ring but Rusev stayed. Deep Arm Drags by Swagger. Rusev went to the floor. Lana held the Bulgarian Brute back. The fans popped massively for the Real Americans.

WWE will be doing a special tribute to the retiring Vickie Guerrero. I hate to see her leave. So pretty and such a good sense of humor. I will be watching the “Cougar Countdown” on WWE Network, on Tuesday. Smile.

Sheamus and the Usos vs The Wyatt Family
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The cell phones brought a lot of light to the arena. That is such a cool effect. Erick Rowan started against Jey Uso. Jey with hard punches. Jimmy came in to help. Double Thrust Kicks and Stereo La Bandera Clotheslines. Raw went to another break.

Rowan was twisting Jimmy’s neck. Erick dropped Jimmy, hard. Straight punches to the face by Rowan. Tag to Bray. Running Corner Splash by Bray. Tag to Luke Harper. Double Thrust to the chest. Luke ran Jimmy into the corner. Whip but Jimmy with a Back Elbow and kick. Whisper in the Wind by Jimmy. Tag to Sheamus and Rowan. Sheamus went through Rowan and took out Bray. Mr. Wrestling II Million Dollar Kneelift by Sheamus. Sheamus with the 10 Beats. Luke pulled Rowan out of harm’s way. Sheamus flew off the top to take out both Luke and Erick, on the floor. Sheamus planted Rowan and got ready for the Brogue Kick. Bray provided a distraction and Rowan with the La Bandera. Luke took the tag and hit his version of the Brogue Kick to Sheamus. Sheamus was stunned. Bray tagged in and nailed the Backsplash Senton.

Tag to Rowan. Bray got in one final shot before turning the Irishman over to the Crimson-Bearded Beast. Knuckle Dig by Rowan after a huge Scoop Slam and Splash. Sheamus got to his feet but Rowan took him back down. Kneedrop by Rowan. Bray took the tag and continued the assault with Headbutts and punches. Bray went for the Corner Splash but Sheamus with the Big Boot. Sheamus went up top but was kicked off. Sheamus hit the floor, really hard. Bray got the “Whole World” song going. Tag to Harper. The two men fought on the floor. Luke took Sheamus to the apron as a “JBL” chant got going.

Harper with a sick Superkick that nearly took Sheamus’ head off. 1-2-no. Harper then went after the Usos. Irish Curse Backbreaker. Tag to one of the Usos. Thrust Kick and Dropkick by Jey Uso. Top Rope Plancha by Jey. Jey with the Spinning Enziguri and Thrust Kick. Rowan made the save. It broke down into complete chaos. Discus Clothesline by Harper to Jey Uso.

Your Winners: The Wyatt Family
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Nikki Bella was interviewed. Brie had been at the PPV, last night, until she was sent out of the building. Stephanie came in and said Nikki would fight both Funkadactyls, next, since Brie abandoned her.

A limo pulled in backstage. There would be a huge return, later on.

Bo Dallas came out to talk with his adoring fans. He asked for 60 seconds of silence for Bad New Barrett and Daniel Bryan, who were unable to compete, due to injury. He didn’t get the silence…far from it. Bo stretched it out way too long. Yawn. Lawler felt this was so bo-ring. Oh, come on. Bo showed how he tried to inspire Daniel Bryan, last night. Daniel may be facing a second surgery. Bo came out to try and support the injured superstar. Daniel turned the tables on Dallas by telling him to “Bo—Leave”. Bo blew it off and said to not stop Bo_Lieving.

Nikki Bella then came out for her match.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi and Cameron
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Cameron aka Bomb Dot Com started the match. She threw Naomi down by the hair, a couple times. Nikki popped BDC in the face and hit a Back Elbow. Nikki drove BDC’s jaw into the knee. Naomi tagged herself into the match. Naomi with a wild kick to Nikki’s head. Top Rope Crossbody by Naomi. Naomi with a modified Slop Drop to take the win.

Your Winners: The Funkadactyls
Raw Ranking: .25

The Funkadactyls had a serious disagreement, after the match. BDC was ticked that Naomi took the win. She dismissed her and walked away.

There were several Special Olympians in the house. There are some great kids, men and women involved in the Special Olympics.

The announcers talked about he separated shoulder of Bad News Barrett. The Intercontinental Title was vacated, since Barrett will be out for several months. At Battleground, there will be a Battle Royal to determine the new IC champ. I do wish Wade Barrett a full and speedy recovery. While his character may annoy me, he is quite a talented young man and deserves more great moments in the future.

Paul Heyman came out to crow about Brock Lesnar and Cesaro. Paul was thrilled that Barrett was hurt and had to give up the I-C title. He expected his man, Cesaro, to win this upcoming Battle Royal, just like he did the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Paul brought out Cesaro, who has a new robe. I still hate his annoying entrance music.

Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi was limping as he made his entrance. Kofi did an insert video where he claimed he would win his 5th I-C title. Cesaro with an Amateur Takedown. Front Face Lock by Kofi but Cesaro with a Gut Wrench Throw. Cesaro slapped Kofi. Kofi then punched back. Whip by Cesaro but Kofi with a Pendulum Kick and Springboard Crossbody. Universal into a Monkey Flip that sent Cesaro to the floor. Sensational Flip Dive by Kofi. Back in the ring, Kofi got a two count. Kofi with another Springboard but Cesaro turned it into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker.

Cesaro punched at the ribs and then nailed a Suplex. Rear Chin Lock by Cesaro. Kofi punched away but Cesaro clubbed him. Double Stomp by Cesaro. Cesaro punched on Kofi’s head with the boot. Kofi tried to fight back but it had almost no effect. Scoop Slam by Cesaro. Cesaro called for the Cesaro Swing but decided not to give the fans what they wanted. He stomped away, instead. Modified Camel Clutch by Cesaro. Kofi flipped around and did a Hurancanrana for two. Cesaro nailed Kofi, in the ropes. As Kofi fell to the floor, Raw took a commercial break.

During the break, Kofi beat Cesaro. Really? The fight went to the floor in a post-match massacre of Kofi.

Your Winner (not that I have a clue how): Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 1.5 (points dropped for the win during commercial)

Cesaro threw Kofi out into the crowd and went after him. Cesaro had completely lost it. Cesaro dragged Kofi by the hair. He Hip Tossed him back into the ringside area. Heyman sat back and watched Cesaro pull Kofi into the ring post, over and over. Wicked Short Arm Clothesline by Cesaro. The refs told Cesaro to take off. They finally showed how Kofi won with a Sunset Flip, during the break. What’s up with that?

Santino was talking to Cobra that no one came to his party, not even Emma. Adam Rose then walked in and showed off some Twisted Tea. That brought in his Rose Buds to have a real party. The Bunny had a whole Cooler of the Twisted Tea. Dumbest commercial in like forever.

Damien Sandow came out dressed as Vince McMahon. He even did the silly Power Walk thing. Damien did a decent impression of Vinny Mac. He called himself Vincent Kennedy McMahondow. He did a pretty decent Vince rant. Damien put himself in the Battleground Battle Royal. Stephanie came on the Tron and went off on Sandow for impersonating her dad. Stephanie put Sandow against another competitor of the Battle Royal…The Great Khali!

Damien Sandow vs Great Khali

Khali seems to have put on quite a bit of weight. Khali Khop.

Your Winner: Great Khali
Raw Ranking: .01

In the back, a former champion was getting out of a limo. Who was about to return?

The returning multi-media superstar was…The Miz! Miz came out in a suit that looked like something stolen out of Don Johnson’s Miami Vice wardrobe locker. JBL thought someone else was going to be coming out. The rumor mill didn’t suggest that it was Mike Mizanin that was coming back. Miz did the “I’m Back!” chant. Miz was back from filming The Marine 4. Miz was in high demand from Hollywood but he wanted…no needed…to come back to the WWE. Miz felt the fans in WWE considered him to be a fluke. Miz wanted to prove everyone wrong. Miz said he would not leave the WWE until he got to main event Wrestlemania, again…

He was cut off by the return of CHRIS JERICHO! Y2J came out in a new blue lighted jacket. Yes! This was who the rumor mill was saying was returning. So great to see Jericho back. Finally, someone with some actual personality. The crowd just absolutely exploded at the sign of the first undisputed World Champion. I want Jericho vs Cena at SummerSlam, darn it.

Miz was not happy to see Chris in the ring. The crowd kept shouting down any attempts by Miz to speak. Miz wondered if Chris had something to say. Miz made fun of Jericho’s “Lite Bright Jacket”. Chris took it off. Miz couldn’t believe that Jericho would interrupt his segment. Miz ran down all his credits…until he ate a Code Breaker! Jericho grabbed the microphone and said “Damn, that felt good!”. Jericho then shared that “Raw Is Jericho”.

He was cut off by the arrival of the Wyatt Family. Bray, Erick and Luke circled Jericho and then began to beat on him. Why? Harper and Rowan with the vicious Double Team. Harper slapped Rowan and then Whipped him into Jericho. Clothesline by Harper. Bray then wanted his turn. Sister Abigail! The announcers had no clue what was behind this mugging.

Fandango and Layla were dancing in the ring. Last night, Fandango was the special guest ref when Layla beat Summer Rae.

Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph with a wild Dropkick to start this one. Fandango sent Dolph into the corner. Summer Rae has offered a truce between herself and Layla, which Layla accepted. Fandango danced, which let Dolph attack. Lift Drop by Fandango. 1-2-no. Layla played kissy face with Fandango. Dolph with a Flying Clothesline. Corner Mount Punches into the Fun k Neckbreaker by Dolph. Summer Rae came down and got in the ring. Damn, she looked awesome. She planted a big kiss on Dolph. Way to go, Mr. Ziggles! Fandango was beside himself at the site. Dolph and Summer Rae played another round of Tonsil Hockey. Dolph took advantage of the distraction to nail the Zig Zag.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking” 2.0

Raw looked back at how Vickie Guerrero was fired, last week. Vickie got her revenge by throwing Stephanie into the pool of goop that she had been kneed into by Stephanie. Vickie even did the Eddie Shimmy. I miss her already.

Curtis Axel and Ryback vs Goldust and StarDust

Cody’s new persona has that Jack Nicholson Joker/The Shining psychotic look. I like it. RybAxle jumped the Brothers Rhodes. Lawler called the team Dust2Dust. Good name. Whip by Goldy into an Inverted Atomic Drop. Axel got in and Goldy was Double Teamed. Ryback punched away as the “Goldberg” chant rose. Rear Chin Lock by Ryback to Goldust. Stardust ran back and forth on the apron. Shoulder Thrust and Knife Edge Chops by Ryback. Goldy flew, into the Fallaway Slam. Ryback got ready for the Meat Hook Clothesline. The old “Feed Me More” didn’t help Big Hungry. Goldust with the Spinebuster. Star tagged in, as did Axel. Clothesline and punches. Springboard Bionic Elbow. Close Quarters DDT. Star with a Springboard Clothesline. Star escaped the Neckbreaker and hit the Starburst (an Inverted Side Russian Legsweep.

Your Winners: Dust2Dust
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Paige walked backstage.

Paige survived Naomi at Money in the Bank. Naomi was her toughest test to date. Paige took the stick and said she was a woman of few words. Paige knew that some people didn’t think she deserved to be champion. Paige knew that she deserved to be there and was there to stay.

A.J. Lee returned! She skipped her way down to ringside. Sweet! A.J. said Paige was right. Lee said Paige proved her wrong. A.J. said she let success go to her head. A.J. thought she was untouchable and Paige gave her the Reality Slap she needed. Lee said thank you and congratulations. Paige wasn’t buying it. Paige would not make the same mistake that Lee did. A monster “C.M. Punk” chant erupted, several times. Paige played on the crowd about whether she should defend or not. Lee wanted her championship rematch, right now. Paige agreed.

Paige vs A.J. Lee
Divas Championship Match

The bell sounded and A.J. jumped on Paige and punched away. Thrust Kick by Paige. Massive Headbutts by Paige. Wow! Paige with a hard Whip but ate boots. Paige with a Flying Clothesline for a 2 count. Paige screamed “This is My House Now”. A.J. with a Small Package!

Your Winner (and NEW Divas Champion): A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: 3.0 (extra points for the surprise factor)

Paige just sat and cried in the ring. My grandson, Tim, offered to give her a big hug. Smile.

Triple H was at ringside to watch the main event.

Kane and Randy Orton vs John Cena and Roman Reigns

Randy was still dealing with a dozen staples in his skull, after Sunday’s vicious battle. He has to have a concussion. The four men made their way to the ring to go to war.

Cena and Orton opened the contest. Collar and Elbow into an Orton Side Headlock. The crowd was split about Cena. Randy took a Side Headlock, again. Hip Toss by Randy, after he blocked Cena’s. tag to Roman. Randy showed some fear when Roman finally got tagged in. Randy tagged out to Kane. Roman talked trash as Kane got in. The two men traded hard punches. Roman pitched Kane up and over the top rope. Time for a final break.

Randy had Roman in a Rear Chin Lock. Roman punched his way free. Randy threw Roman down, backwards. Flying Knee Drop by Randy for a two. Tag to Kane. Huge Kick by the Big Red Monster. Snap Mare by Orton, who had tagged back in. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. Roman punched free and hit the Flying Clothesline. Corner Clothesline by Roman. Randy was stunned. Kane blocked Roman’s path, on the floor. The distraction allowed Randy to clock Roman, with a nasty Clothesline.

Back in the ring, Kane took the tag. Double team stomp down by Orton and Kane. Big Boot by Kane for a two count. Whip by Kane but Roman exploded with a huge Clothesline. Tag to Randy. Orton Stomp to prevent the tag to Cena. Roman kicked out of a pin attempt. Kane tagged in and tried for the pin. He didn’t get it. Corner Clothesline by Kane. Roman with a Big Boot. Roman powered out of a Chokeslam. Samoan Drop by Roman. Tag to the WWE World Chap. Randy also got a tag. Cena went Vintage on Orotn. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena . Randy fought out of the Attitude Adjustment. Tag to Kane. Protobomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle to Kane. Cena told Kane to get up. Randy with an RKO to Cena. Superman Punch to Kane. Randy and Roman fought out on the floor. They battled up the ramp. They disappeared into the back. Kane sent Cena into the ring steps. Kane blasted Cena with the ring steps, drawing the DQ.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): John Cen and Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 2.5

HHH told Kane to finish Cena with the Tombstone Piledriver. He hit it and Cena was seriously down and out. Of course, Seth Rollins decided to come out and Cash In. Before the ref could ring the bell, Dean Ambrose rushed down and attack Seth. They fought into the crowd as HHH freaked out. He ordered Kane to finish off Cena. Roman Reigns returned and Speared Kane into the middle of next week.

Thanks for tuning in, each and every week, for my rants and raves. Next week’s edition of Raw will be a very special one…as it will be my 49th birthday!


–Jay Shannon

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