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Crystal Ball: Money in the Bank 2014

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive skills to try and figure out the winners and losers of a major wrestling event.

WWE needs a new WWE World Champion, so 8 men will get to battle in a Ladder Match. Plus, 7 others will fight it out to try and earn a guaranteed future title shot. Let’s try and sort all this craziness out…

Big E vs Rusev


This one should be pretty easy to figure out. Rusev is on a major push and has destroyed Big E, several times, already. Big E should be allowed to at least get in a few shots before the Bulgarian Brute annihilates Big E. Tap out to the Accolade.

Predicted Winner: Rusev
Predicted Grade: 1.5

Paige vs Naomi
Divas Title Match


Naomi is going to get done wrong in this match, but not by Paige. Cameron is getting all kinds of jealous over her partner’s success. The match is going to be going well when Cameron gets involved. This is going to lead to several Triple Threat Matches between the Funkadactyls and the British beauty.

Predicted Winner: Match Thrown Out
Predicted Grade: .75

StarDust and Goldust vs Ryback


No doubt about it, the Brothers Rhodes will take this one. I kind of feel sorry for Curtis Axel and Ryback. They both had good runs but have drifted down into mid-card Hell. The Brothers are on the rise and will likely be involved with the winners of the Tag Team Title Match. More on that match in a minute.

Predicted Winners: StarDust and Goldust
Predicted Grade: 1.5

Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett vs Dean Ambose vs Seth Rollins vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam
Money in the Bank Contract Match

This kind of match is all about cancelling out others. What I mean is Dean and Seth are going to neutralize each other. Same for Dolph and Barrett. That leaves RVD, Swagger and Kingston. I’d love to give this win to RVD but I just don’t think the WWE is going to go there. I was tempted to go with Swagger winning this and Cesaro taking the big one but that seems almost too obvious. Kofi’s been on the back burner for quite some time. It’s time for the kid to finally get back to the main event. I’m taking Kofi to score the contract.

Predicted Winner: Kofi Kingston
Predicted Grade: 3.5

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Jimmy and Jey Uso
Tag Team Title Match


The Usos have had a nice run as champs. It’s time for a change. With Goldust and StarDust on the rise, they really need a heel team to go after. The Usos might well come back and win back the titles, even undergoing a heel term, but they are going to drop the straps, on Sunday.

Predicted Winners (and New Tag Champs): The Wyatt Family (Harper and Rowan)
Predicted Grade: 3.0

Kane vs John Cena vs Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Cesaro vs Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio
Money in the Bank Match for the WWE World Title


Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE World title due to his neck surgery. The WWE has pushed to the extreme that there will be a new champ, guaranteed. Me Thinks thou doth protest too much. I see two possible outcomes for this one.

1. Daniel Bryan makes it clear in the Pre-Show that he was cleared to compete and would inject himself in the match. The others would be beating the daylights out of each other and Daniel slides in, heads up top and takes back his title. That would be such a cheesy ending but it seems so likely.

2. Assuming Daniel doesn’t get involved, then I have to look at the whole Cancellation Scenario, yet again. Cena and Wyatt negate each other. Sheamus and Cesaro will also likely keep each other away from the top strap. Roman will have a Hell of a fight on his hands with both Orton and Kane. That will leave the door open for Alberto Del Rio to scoot up the ladder and retrieve his prize.

Predicted Winner: Either Daniel Bryan or Alberto Del Rio
Predicted Grade: 4.0, either scenario

Final Thoughts:

This show should be pretty decent. It’s a beginning set-up for SummerSlam, to be honest. I really hope that they don’t go with the Daniel Bryan angle, as that would be so cheesy. It would be so much better to have someone like Del Rio taking the win and then eventually battle Daniel Bryan.


–Jay Shannon\

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