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TNA has a new World Champion. That isn’t the only change at the Impact Zone.

The show opened with a look back at how MVP manipulated his power to put Eric Young into 2 different World Title Matches, last week. Eric defeated Kenny King but fell to Lashley. After the match, MVP and crew wanted to finish off Eric Young but Bobby Roode returned to defend his long-time friend.

MVP and his boys were dressed to the nines, ready to party.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs Taryn Terrill and Gail Kim

Gail and Love to open. Love changed her mind and sent Sky in to fight. Sky has a huge new tattoo on her arm. Sky kicked away and Whipped Gail to the Corner. Float Over, Drop Toe Hold and Jackknife Pin for two, by Gail. Tag toTaryn. Double Whip into Double Elbows by Gail and Taryn. Sky kicked Taryn but Taryn went wild with a wicked Snap Mare. Sky scooted to the corner and tagged in Love.

Love kicked away at Taryn. Love slapped Taryn, which fired Taryn up. Love slid out to the floor. Gail pitched Love back in. School Girl for a two. Backslide, by Taryn, for a two. Taryn started up the turnbuckles, but Sky distracted her. Taryn with a Crossbody, off the ropes. 1-2-no. Floor chase. Sky tripped Taryn, from the outside. Love with a World’s Strongest Slam and tag to Velvet. Double Elbow Drops for a two. Sky with a Whip and Corner Smash. Boot Choke (thank you, Mr. Cameraman). Taryn tried to fight back but took a boot. Flying Neckbreaker by Sky. 2 count. Cross Tie Chin Lock by Sky. Taryn flipped free and Face Slammed Sky.

Tags on both side. Gail with wild kicks and a Shoulder Block. Crossbody but the Original Knockout Champion. Drive Through Crossbody and a Roll Up for two. Necktie Neckbreaker by Gail but Sky made the save. Taryn with a Crossbody to both BPs. Gail with Eat Da Feet!

Your Winners: Gail Kim and Taryn Terrill
Impact Score: 2.0 out of a possible 5

MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley were on their way to the ring for a Championship Celebration. This should be interesting.

Bound For Glory is going to be held, this year, in…Tokyo, Japan!

Dixie Carter strolled backstage. Dixie said it was going to be a good night to be Dixie Carter.

MVP and Kenny King came out with several honeys. There was a fancy table set up in the ring. MVP introduced Lashley. He came out with some chick on his arm. I guess they have dropped the Bobby from Lashley’s name. He is now going by the moniker, “The Destroyer” Lashley. MVP said he and his crew did conquer the World. MVP said he had some house-keeping to do. MVP was ready to give E.Y. his TNA release.

That bought out the former champ. Eric had his arm in a sling. Eric said he wasn’t going anywhere. Eric explained that you can’t fight city hall, but he was going to tear it down. Eric rushed to the ring after removing the sling. He got demolished by MVP and his associates. Bobby Roode rushed through the crowd and took out King and sent MVP limping to the outside. TNA took a quick break.

Eric was enjoying the champagne. Bobby talked about the ups and downs between him and Eric. Bobby mentioned that both he and Eric signed their original TNA contracts, on the same day. Bobby also talked about how he and Eric built TNA from the bottom up. Bobby also talked about how he and Eric love the sport of pro wrestling. Bobby showed his passion and love of the business through his rant. Bobby was determined to bring the respect and honor back to TNA. Bobby warned MVP that they were taking back TNA. The fans exploded. Bobby said he didn’t want to sit on his butt and just let the paychecks roll in. Bobby told MVP to either further his suspension or fire him. MVP said he would come in the ring and talk to Bobby Roode, only if Roode would remain civilized.

MVP was riveted by Roode’s speech. MVP told Roode that returning to TNA was a mistake. MVP was ready to fire Bobby Roode but he was stopped by the arrival of a representative from the Board of Directors, Earl Solomon Armstrong (B.G.’s cousin?). Armstrong stripped MVP of his position as Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP’s replacement would show up, later tonight, to start putting TNA back together again. Roode clarified that MVP was not the boss, anymore. When he learned that, Roode smacked the taste out of MVP’s mouth. King and Lashley helped the former DoWO to the back.

Elsewhere, Knux talked with a bill collector. He then told The Menagerie that the family business was in danger of being dismantled. Knux told Crazy Steve to go out and challenge Sanada for the X-Division title. Zema Ion came in and said he was going to challenge Sanada. Manik also talked about challenging Sanada, tonight.

Dixie Carter was in the best of moods when she learned that MVP was gone, as an authority figure. Dixie was certain that she was going to get back total control of her company. Dixie told Spud to go fetch her some special champagne.

Sanada came down to the ring, wearing his awesome ring jacket. Sanada had three men to choose between: Crazy Steve, Zema Ion and Manik. Sanada decided to give all three men a shot, right now.

Sanada vs Manik vs Crazy Steve vs Zema Ion
Fatal Four Way for the X-Division Title

Zema got attacked by all three. Zema fought back. Triple Dropkick to Zema, as Ion flew off the ropes. Boots by Manik to Sanada. Manik used Sanada to Clothesline Steve. Manik blocked the Backwards Tiger Suplex. Steve with Knife Edge Chops. Ion pulled Sanada to the outside and did a Crotch Chop. Ion then snapped Steve’s throat over the top rope. Steve bit Ion’s head. Wild Sunset Bomb by Sanada. Manik with a Double Dropkick to Sanada and Steve. Manik with a Drop Toe Hold. Steve blasted Manik which sent him backwards, hurting Sanada’s trapped leg. Ion with a La Bandera Clothesline to Sanada. Ion charged and went to the floor. Steve was elevated on the floor. Manik with a Somersault Plancha to take out all 3. Sanada with the Outside In and Springboard Tornado DDT to Steve. Ion put Steve on the top rope and Manik turned it into the Tower of Doom. Sanada blasted Manik. Bridging Back Tiger Suplex by Sanada to pin Zema Ion.

Your Winner: Sanada
Impact Score: 3.75

Spud told Dixie it was time. Would she be the new Director of Wrestling Operations?

MVP was doing his dead level best to try and understand and correct this situation. MVP didn’t anticipate this swerve. MVP said he would overcome this and Dixie Carter.

Bram and Magnus talked about the upcoming Tag Team Monster’s Ball Match against Willow and Abyss. They weren’t worried as this kind of battle was just like Friday nights at the bar back home.

Dixie came out with Spud. Spud was wearing another horrific Peacock-design suit. It takes nerves of steel to dress that bad. Dixie WooHoo’d as she got ready to become the new Director of Wrestling Operations. The fans booed her down as she talked about those who she made the mistake of putting her faith in: Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. She said the fans put their faith in MVP, who also turned his back. Dixie claimed she was Dixie Carter 2.0. Dixie said she would be back, a lot more. Dixie brought out Earl Solomon Armstrong to announce her as the new DoWO.

E.S.A. got in the ring and burst Dixie’s bubble by letting her know that she was NOT going to take MVP’s position. Spit Take by Spud. (Dick Van Dyke would be so proud). Armstrong said the new Director did not want his/her identity revealed, until the person showed up, later. Dixie said she would let someone else be in charge, “over her dead body”.

That was the magic phrase to bring out Bully Ray. Ray was ready to kick Spud in the face, then drink up the bubbly and finally put Dixie Carter through a table. Dixie offered Ray $200,000 not to put her through a table. Ray admitted it was a lot of money. Ray decided that while the money was nice, he wanted to put her through a table. Spud and Ethan Carter III tried to attack Ray but failed. Dixie got up in Ray’s face and went to slap him. Ray hoisted Dixie up and got ready to put her through the table. Spud rushed back in and tipped over the table. Ethan pulled Dixie to the outside as Dixie almost fell out of her top. Ray told the trio that Dixie was “This Close” (with visual aide) to going through a table. Break time.

Dixie and Spud took off, leaving Ethan behind. Ray swore that soon Dixie would find herself going through a table. Ray said he would not rest until it happened.

James Strom vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson

TNA looked back at how James Storm got into it with several members of the Dallas Cowboys, back at Slammiversary.

Ken did his intro piece on the Drop Mic. The fight started on the floor. Ken took full advantage, even after Storm went to the eyes. Elbow Drop by Ken. Storm with the Jumping Enziguri by Storm. Whip by Storm but Ken got the boot up and then hit the Rolling Neckbreaker. Storm went back to the eyes. Ken blocked a Corner Slam and opened up on Storm. Green Bay Plunge by Anderson. Ken hurt his leg on the landing. Storm almost pinned Ken. Storm set for the Last Call Superkick but missed. Storm held the ropes to avoid the Mic Check. Storm with the Last Call, after all.

Your Winner: James Storm
Impact Score: 2.25

A limo pulled in backstage. The new DoWO was likely inside.

TNA is coming to Jamestown, NY. Trivia: That is the real life birthplace of comic legend, Lucille Ball.

Gunner returned to the Asylum to talk with Samuel Shaw. Shaw has been released…into Gunner’s care. This is just getting seriously interesting.

James Storm talked with Sanada. Storm wanted to know if Sanada would cash in his X-Title to go after the World Title. Storm asked Sanada if he was going to choke. Sanada nearly got physical with Storm but held back. Storm told Sanada not to choke.

Tommy Dreamer jumped Ethan Carter III. Tommy went seriously Hardcore on the young Carter. Tommy found all kinds of toys to use on EC3. Taz fully supported his old friend, Dreamer. The picture of me and Dreamer is still one of my favorites. Dreamer blasted EC3 with a trash can and then smacked him with a water bottle. Tommy choked Ethan with a ”House of Hardcore” jacket. Ethan got a vicious shot in on Dreamer. Ethan rolled back the protective mat around ringside. Back Drop Suplex by Dreamer. Ethan reversed a Whip and sent Dreamer into the ring steps. Dreamer sent EC3 flying over a different set of steps. Tommy attacked EC3 with a chair. Ethan slammed Dreamer’s face into the ring post.

They got in the ring and EC3 stalked Tommy. Dreamer exploded off the corner with a Clothesline. Dreamer gnawed away on EC3’s head. Al Snow and several refs rushed down to keep them apart.

Backstage, Abyss and Willow cut a cryptic promo about the Monster’s Ball Match, next. “She” would also be at the ball.

MVP and his posse came up to talk with the person inside the limo. They beat up the limo driver when he would not tell them who was inside the limo. MVP and his group were on their way to the ring to find out who was the new Director. But first…

Abyss and Willow vs Bram and Magnus
Monster’s Ball, Tag Team Match

The fight started on the floor. Bram went after Abyss and Magnus took the war to Willow. Abyss blocked a Whip but took a Boot. Clotheslines and a La Bandera Clothesline sent Bram to the floor. Willow and Magnus got in the ring and Willow with the Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop and Dropkick. A barbed wire board was placed. The “Toys” went flying into the ring. Magnus found a hockey stick and Bram grabbed a trash can. Willow with a Double Clothesline. Whisper in the Wind by Willow. Jawbreaker and Dropkick by Hardy/Willow. Willow threw a chair and a can into Bram. Outer Limits Dropkick into a trash can, placed against Bram.

Magnus threw a chair into Abyss. Abyss found “Janice”, under the ring. Bram was busted open. Janice got stuck in the corner. Abyss was bashed, out on the floor. Abyss was handcuffed to the ring barrier. The Brit Bruisers then went to double team Willow. Willow was cracked with a steel chair. 1-2-no. Kendo Stick assault on Willow. Bram and Magnus teased Abyss, woke broke the handcuffs. Abyss went nuts on the two Brits. Magnus clocked Abyss with a can. Willow with a Twist of Fate to both Bram and Magnus. Willow went up top but got blasted with a steel chair. Willow fell out to the floor, where he crashed through the barbed wire table. Willow was seriously out of this match.

Abyss brought out the thumbtacks! After a couple of failed attempts, Abyss Chokeslammed Magnus into the Tacks. Ouch! Magnus dropped Janice, which he had retrieved from the corner. Bram got the nail-encrusted board and drove it into Abyss’ mid-section. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Bram and Magnus
Impact Score: 2.5

Someone was walking, backstage. Those legs looked very familiar.

Mr. Armstrong was back and he announced the new Director of Wrestling Operations…Kurt Angle! Kurt was all smiles as he strolled down to the ring. Kurt said TNA has made a lot of mistakes, including Dixie Carter and MVP. Kurt had achieved all his goals and was ready to make things “Damn Real” for those in the locker room…

Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King came out to discuss this situation. MVP tried to bully Kurt which fell flat. Kurt reminded MVP that he (Kurt) was now MVP’s boss. MVP couldn’t believe that Kurt was his replacement. MVP wanted to know if Kurt had dealt with all his personal demons. Kurt warned MVP that if any of his group touched him, he’d fire all three of their *sses. Kurt told Bobby Lashley he would be giving Eric Young his rematch, next week. Kurt said he had just reinstated Bobby Roode. The fight kicked into high gear as TNA called it a night.

Well, as I finish this column, I am still on Baby Watch for my niece, Sarah. She’s in the hospital, back home in Texas, getting ready to bring my Great-Nephew (and he will be), Casey James into the world. He is going to be so overly loved by his huge family. Smile


–Jay Shannon

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