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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 6.23.14
By Neil Borenstein
Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from Monday Night RAW and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.
Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for June 23, 2014
3. Vickie Guerrero — for leaving a lasting impression on her last night with the WWE:
Vickie Guerrero’s actions a week ago caused Stephanie McMahon to come down with stomach issues and forced The Authority out of the building. Then she put Roman Reigns in a battle royal she was clearly told not to, and that resulted in Reigns earning a spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money In The Bank.
It was clear Guerrero would face repercussions, and McMahon was quick to take action against her. She opened RAW and called Guerrero down to the ring, lambasting her for what went down and essentially calling her out for riding her late husband Eddie Guerrero’s coattails for all these years in the first of several references to the Hall of Famer. Vickie Guerrero was ready to beg to keep her job, but McMahon threw out two options — she would be fired or she could keep her job as general manager of Smackdown if she wins her match, against McMahon.
Guerrero got pretty strong in picking the second option, pointing out that the Guerrero name means more in the industry than McMahon, and that her late husband taught her how to lie, cheat and steal. With that, the match was accepted.
Guerrero even came out to the ring to Eddie Guerrero’s music, which was a pretty special moment considering it’s been a long time since we’ve heard that. From there, nothing really went according to form. McMahon came out dressed just as she did earlier in the evening, which wasn’t ring attire, and informed Vickie Guerrero that this wouldn’t exactly be a traditional bout. She pointed to a pool with some sort of slop inside, and the loser would be the first of them to get tossed in the pool.
Alicia Fox, Layla and Rosa Mendes came down to get Guerrero, but she managed to get past them and get up to the ramp. At that point, she was cornered, but she still fended off McMahon’s henchmen by tossing the three of them into the pool. Unfortunately, with her back turned, McMahon was able to push her into the pool, effectively ending her employment with the WWE.
McMahon enjoyed that and even started to sing Guerrero off. Guerrero did get the last laugh, though, when she tossed McMahon into the pool in one of the more humorous moments of the night. Guerrero then left to Eddie Guerrero’s music, with a little Guerrero shake on the way out.
It was a hell of a run for Vickie Guerrero in the WWE, a move she probably never thought she would have to make. She did well, though, and heads out on a high note.
2. Naomi — for getting a win over Alicia Fox and earning a shot at the Divas Championship at Money In The Bank:
On last week’s episode of Main Event, WWE Divas Champion Paige and Naomi had a non-title matchup that ended with the challenger picking up the pinfall. This upset of sorts put Naomi in prime position to be the next in line for a shot at the Divas Title, and it was even followed with a fracas between Paige and Cameron that Naomi chose not to get involved in.
On RAW this week, Naomi competed in singles action against Alicia Fox. Paige and Cameron sat by at the announce table to provide some guest commentary, and to get a close-up look at the likely No. 1 Contender.
As Paige and Cameron bickered on commentary, Naomi was able to reverse a tilt-a-whirl from Fox into a modified inverted DDT. That kept Fox pinned to the mat for the three count, impressing Paige enough to step away from the announce table to hop onto the apron and shake Naomi’s hand above the top rope as she flaunted the Divas Championship.
It was later announced that a Divas Title Match would take place at Money In The Bank between Paige and Noami. If the result is anything like what went down on Main Event last week, we could have a new Divas Champion this Sunday.
1. Bad News Barrett — for defending his Intercontinental Championship in a hard-fought contest against fellow-Money in the Bank Ladder Match participant Dolph Ziggler:
On Smackdown last Friday night, Dolph Ziggler was able to pick up an upset of sorts when he defeated Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett in non-title competition. That led to a championship match for this week’s RAW between the two, who were also named to the Money In the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday by Triple H during the broadcast.
In what was easily the match of the night, Barrett narrowly managed to avoid defeat to Ziggler twice in a row.
Barrett thought he had a chance at the pinfall when he transitioned a counter from Ziggler into a Wasteland, but he only got the two count. Then Ziggler came up with his own two count from a leg drop bulldog, which came after ducking a Bullhammer. Zigger tried for the Zig Zag when both men made it to their feet, but Barrett held the ropes and shrugged him off. He caught Ziggler on a charge, but Ziggler still managed to drop down for a crucifix pin that again netted only a two count.
Ziggler tried to follow with a splash to Barrett in the corner, but he caught a Bullhammer to the face as he leapt at the Intercontinental Champion. Barrett was finally able to cover up for the three count, retaining his title and heading into Money In The Bank with some momentum.
Things definitely got close in that match, but Barrett found away to get in the Bullhammer and retain the Intercontinental Championship. His next goal is to head into the pay-per-view on Sunday and grab the contract to eventually upgrade his title status to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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