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Harley Race stopped by Under the Mat Radio to discuss why he’s the greatest wrestler to walk on God’s green earth, toughest opponents, and so much more! You can listen to the full interview below; here are some of the highlights:

Harley on what it meant to be NWA World Heavyweight Champion:

“Well at that point in time you were considered to be the top wrestler in the world. I was lucky enough to have that honor 8 different times. I wonder if I should’ve said I was lucky enough or good enough which one of those works the best (while laughing).”

Harley on his toughest reign as NWA World Champion:

“Well I suppose my toughest reign was the last time around I was getting up in years and the young guys coming against me. At different times in your life you pay the price for being there (being the World Champ).”

Harley on his toughest opponents:

“Oh gosh it was several of them back then it’s almost impossible to give you a person. At that point in time wrestling was really starting to pick up worldwide. Way back Lou Thesz was as tough as tough got then you had Dick the Bruiser and The Crusher…”

Harley Race also discusses more of his toughest opponents; how he got paid while NWA Champion and much more. Also Leland Race (who runs Harley Race Academy) stopped by to give his thoughts on wrestling and more in this exclusive 120-minute interview on Under the Mat Radio.


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