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Money in the Bank got a few more matches added. Plus, the fate of Vickie Guerrero was determined.

Welcome to Raw, Episode 1100! (I was there for the first episode and have seen probably 90% of the episodes since the mid-90s).Stephanie McMahon came out to chat with the crowd. Stephanie sashayed out to the ring. Raw showed how Roman Reigns earned his way into the Money in the Bank Championship Match, last week.

Stephanie couldn’t believe that the fans were booing her. McMahon demanded that Vickie Guerrero come out and learn her fate for her actions, last week. Vickie slowly walked down the ramp. Vickie tried to kiss up to Stephanie. Vickie said Roman Reigns was the person who doctored Stephanie’s drink. Stephanie then brought up that Roman was to be kept out of the Battle Royal. Stephanie said the orders were very clear. Because of Vickie, Roman not only went into the Battle Royal but won the whole thing. Roman will now go to Money in the Bank. Stephanie accused Vickie of riding the coattails of the late Eddie Guerrero. A huge “Eddie” chant rose from the crowd. Stephanie was about to fire Vickie but Vickie said she would do anything, even beg. Stephanie enjoyed watching Vickie go to her knees to grovel and plead for her job. This was just wrong. Stephanie said she would give Vickie two options: 1. Get Fired or 2. Remain the General Manager…if she could win her match, tonight.

Vickie was totally confused. Vickie admitted that she was not a competitor. Vickie wanted to know who her opponent was. Stephanie explained that Vickie would fight…Stephanie McMahon! Cool. Stephanie said Vickie didn’t have the guts. Vickie went all Family as she said the Guerrero name was more respected than the McMahon name. She said Eddie taught her to lie, cheat and steal. She then excused herself with a shrieking “Excuse Me!” This should be interesting.

The Usos came out to their Tribal Entrance.

Jimmy Uso (w/Jey) vs Luke Harper

The Usos will defend against Harper and Rowan, on Sunday. Rowan and Harper came out to an annoying version of “Whole World in his Hands”, played on an out-of-tune organ, I think.

Dropkick by Luke to open things. Knife Edge Chop and European Uppercut by Harper. Luke stomped away on the champ. Thrust Kick and Spinning Enziguri by Jimmy. Luke with a Double Sledge. Jimmy dropped Luke and almost got the pin. Jey took out Erick Rowan. Discus Clothesline by Luke. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Luke Harper
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Jey Uso then challenged Erick to come and fight him. Uso-Crazy Top Rope Plancha to both members of the Wyatt Family. Time for a break.

Jey Uso vs Erick Rowan

Erick twisted on Jey’s neck. Jey went to fly off the ropes but ended up on the wrong end of a Fallaway Slam. 2 count because Erick took too much time before making the cover. Erick ripped at Jey’s face. Erick dropped Jey over the top rope. Erick sat Jey across the top turnbuckle and pounded away. Erick went for a charge but hit the ring post. Jey with a wild Thrust Kick. Superfly Splash to even up the set of matches between the Usos and Wyatts.

Your Winner: Jey Uso
Raw Ranking: 1.5

The four men went wild on each other. Erick destroyed the USOS until Luke pulled him back. Luke slapped Erick and then continued to annihilate the tag champs. The destruction moved out to the floor. The Wyatts got back in the ring and stood tall. Harper and Rowan picked up the Bronze Belts and held them high.

In the back, Bray Wyatt talked about being proud of his “boys”. Bray discussed how all three of his family members would attain power. Bray explained that the Wyatts would travel like Giants. Follow the Buzzards.

I will definitely have the laptop up and running on Sunday.

It was confirmed that Daniel Bryan will be on the Kickoff Show. I’d just about bet my cat, (Tommy) Dreamer, that Daniel is going to somehow end up in that Championship Money in the Bank Match.

Raw 1100 came from Washington, DC. That led to a vignette of Rusev and Lana doing some sight-seeing. Lana, of course, had to trash talk the USA. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Paige came out to a huge pop. She joined the announce team for the next match.

Alicia Fox vs Naomi

Since Brodus Clay is out of the WWE, shouldn’t Naomi and/or Cameron get new music? I’m just saying…

Paige showed a ton of respect to Naomi. The bell rang and Cameron came to the announce table. Fox with a Side Headlock. Cameron disrespected both Paige and Naomi. Dropkick by Naomi. Fox avoided the Rear View. Snap Mare by Naomi. It was a verbal cat fight at the announce table. Naomi with a Hurancanrana. Cameron really talked trash. Meow!

Naomi and Fox fought on the floor. Fox drove her knee into Naomi’s back. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Fox. 2 count. Naomi popped Fox in the face. Back Elbows by Fox into a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. 2 count. Cameron threatened to slap Paige. Fox drove her knee into Naomi’s back. Fox choked Naomi on the middle rope. Fox with the Side Slam Dump to the floor. Cameron wouldn’t go and check on her partner. Quote of the night to Cameron “A Closed Mouth doesn’t get fed”. Naomi with an Inverted Impaler DDT. Nice.

Your Winner Naomi
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Paige got up on the apron and showed off her Divas title belt. She then extended a hand in a show of respect. Cameron was bored with all of it.

In the locker room, Sheamus was taping up his wrists. He asked Roman if he was ready for their 4-on-3 fight. Roman said he was always ready. Sheamus appreciated Roman’s intensity. Sheamus said he still didn’t trust Roman. Roman said if he wanted to take Sheamus out, he would. Roman said people should start believing in him.

Raw looked back at Adam Rose’s win over Titus O’Neil, on Smackdown. Titus whined that he was not ready. He ordered Rose to come back in. Rose with a quick Roll Up to beat Titus, twice, in seconds. Welcome to Jobberville, USA, Titus.

Titus O’Neil vs Bo Dallas

Bo grabbed the microphone and talked to Titus. He told O’Neil that Titus fell off his horse, got back on it and fell off again. Bo said Titus should just Bo-Lieve. Dropkick by Bo. Titus with a series of Backbreakers and Side Sling. Titus flipped Bo back in the ring and hit hard shots. Whip by Titus but Bo moved and nailed the B-Dog.

Your Winner: Bo Dallas
Raw Ranking: 2 Point Bo

Bo then tried to motivate Titus but O’Neil pushed him away. Bo told Titus to get back up on that horse and “Don’t Stop Bo-Lieving”. (Suddenly, cheesy Journey music echoed in my addled old brain).

HHH came out to announce who would compete in the “Standard” Money in the Bank Match. The winner of the secondary Money in the Bank would get the traditional contract for a future WWE World Title Match. Seth Rollins had already been named as one of the participants. Who would join him?

HHH felt it interesting that he was always the bad guy, despite being in the city where bad politicians continued to bring down the country. HHH switched to talking about the 2nd Money in the Bank match. The red and blue (and chocolate brown) briefcases have been retired for the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket version. HHH announced the other entrants: Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, and Bad News Barrett.

HHH then brought out the man that he thought would win…Rob Va –no wait it’s Seth Rollins. HHH really praised the daylights out of Seth. Rollins came out in his new ring gear with new music and video. Is it just me or does Seth really seem to be the “New” C.M. Punk? He has a similar look, as well as an interview style that parallels the former champ. The fans burst out with the “You Sole Out” chant. Seth told the fans that they needed to move on. Seth felt the fans should thank him for making Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose successful. Seth claimed he only dropped the “dead weight”. Seth took credit for creating The Shield and was determined to destroy it. Seth said The Shield got him very far but only he could climb the ladder to get the contract. Seth went to call himself “Mr. Money in the Bank”, but he was cut off by the arrival of RVD.

RVD felt that neither HHH nor Seth took him serious. Seth got in a shot about RVD’s age. RVD shot back that Seth watched, as a kid, and wanted to be like RVD. RVD brought up crushing HHH’s trachea at the first Money in the Bank match. RVD was tired of living in the past, so he wanted to fight Seth…right now. HHH said to get a ref out to the ring and get it going.

Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam

Seth with kicks to RVD. RVD reversed a Whip and hit the Rolling Leg Lariat. Monkey Flip by RVD. La Bandera Clothesline by RVD.RVD with a Plancha over the top. RVD seemed to hurt himself on the landing but kept going. Moonsault by RVD, off the apron. Time for a break

Seth choked RVD on the bottom rope. Seth with the Three Amigos Suplex Combo. RVD started to fight back but Seth with a kick. Rolling Neckbreaker by Seth for a two. Seth stomped away on RVD. Flying Forearm, into the corner, by Seth. Forearm Smash by Seth but only a two count. Modified Kokina Clutch by Seth. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. RVD got up to his feet and Elbowed free. Arm Drag by RVD. Leg Scissors by RVD and a Back Elbow. Clotheslines and Thrust Kick by RVD. Rolling Thunder! Seth knocked RVD off the top rope. Springboard Tornado DDT by RVD. RVD went to the top but missed the Five Star Frog Splash. Seth jumped on RVD and pounced away. Buckle Bomb by Seth into the Curb Stomp. Dean Ambrose hit the ring and beat on Seth. They went to the floor and it took several refs to pull Dean off Seth.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Dean kept beating on Seth until Rollins tucked tail and ran. Dean demanded to be placed in the Money in the Bank Contract Match or he would just show up anyway. Dean now has his own music that sounds like something out of a Rob Zombie remake of a Hitchcock film.

Vickie Guerrero warmed up backstage.

Seth and HHH talked about Dean’s threat to show up at Money in the Bank. Seth begged HHH to put Dean in the match, even though it sounded crazy. Seth needed Dean where he could keep an eye on him. Seth wanted Dean to be there to see him grab the contract. HHH said if this blows up, it would be on Seth’s head. Seth was confident that he had this. HHH gave Seth what he wanted. Hmm…could there be a Triple Cross in the works?

Bad News Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Title Match

Barrett felt Dolph got a fluke victory over him, last week. Barrett went off on the Washington Redskins for having a racist logo. I am slapping my fingers not to get up on my weather-beaten soap box about this subject but this is pro wrestling, not football

After a replay of Dolph beating Barrett, on Smackdown, we got to tonight’s battle. Barrett kicked and punched away. Barrett tied Dolph in the ropes and choked him. Dolph fought back and almost pinned BNB. Dropkick by Dolph for two. BNB reversed a Whip but ate a boot. La Bandera Clothesline by Barrett. Dolph fought to his feet to counter a Rear Chin Lock. Dolph flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Flying Crossbody by Dolph. Corner Mount Punches by Dolph. Funk Neckbreaker by Dolph. Barrett dodged the Famouser and hit Winds of Change. 1-2-no. Dolph fought out of Wasteland and nailed the Zig Zag. Wade rolled out to the arena floor. Raw paid the bills with a few more ads.

Dolph with the Heart Stopper Elbows. 1-2-no. BNB rolled to the apron. Shoulder Thrust. BNB with a Back Body Drop, over the ropes. Dolph landed hard. Savage Elbow to the floor. BNB pushed Dolph back in but only got a 2 count. Barrett blasted the neck and sent Dolph to the ropes. High Kick by Barrett for a two plus. Dolph ran the ropes to hit the Super X-Factor for a two.

The two threw with wild punches. Lift Drop by Barrett. Dolph fought out of a Powerbomb but fell to Wasteland. 1-2-Kick Out! Barrett completely lost it when he failed to get the win. Barrett set for the Bull Hammer Elbow. He missed and Dolph nailed the Famouser. Could be…might be…No! Dolph wanted the Sleeper but had to settle for the Backslide Crucifix for two. Dolph went for a Corner Splash but Barrett knocked him out with the Bull Hammer Elbow!

Your Winner (and Still I-Champ): Bad News Barrett
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Vickie slowly walked towards the ring. Renee Young asked Vickie for her thoughts. Vickie knew she wasn’t the most beloved, backstage. Vickie said she was tired of being the doormat of the Authority. Vickie said she was taking back her dignity. Randy Orton came over and got in Vickie’s face. Randy said Vickie would regret putting Roman in the Battle Royal last week. Randy was confident that he would win the WWE World Title, Sunday. Vickie was on deck to fight Stephanie.

Vickie came out to Eddie’s old music. I love it.

Vickie Guerrero vs Stephanie McMahon

Vickie gives an all new meaning to Latino (make that Latina) Heat. Stephanie came out in street clothes as the 2nd Hour Turner segment kicked into high gear. Stephanie said Vickie shouldn’t be in the ring. She pointed to a pool filled with awful stuff (Mud Plus, I guess). So,l it’s…

Stephanie McMahon vs Vickie Guerrero
Yucky Pit Match

Vicky sent Layla, Alicia Fox and Rosa to get Vickie. The trio of Divas came down to the ring. Vickie hopped out of the ring and started up the ramp. Stephanie blocked her exit and called for the three girls to come and throw Vickie in the pit. Vickie did her best to fight back. Vickie got free and sent Rosa into the pool of stuff. She then tossed Layla into it, face first. Alicia thought she had Vickie but Fox went sailing. Vickie celebrated her victory a little too early. A knee from Stephanie sent Vickie into the waste water. Stephanie then fired Vickie.

Your Winner: Stephanie McMahon
Raw ranking: .25

Stephanie started singing the “Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye” song. Vickie drew up her anger and used it to send The Billion Dollar Princess into the goop that she had just crawled out of. Get her. Yeah! Vickie may have lost her job but she leaves with her head held high. She did the Eddie Shimmy before taking off. She blew a kiss up to Eddie and then left. Can’t wait to meet her at the conventions just to say how much fun she’s made wrestling for all these years. Smile.

Stephanie fought to get out of the Goo Pit. She dragged the ref in with her. Eww! Stephanie had to Dog Paddle out of the gunk. The crowd gave her Hell as she started to leave. Stephanie screamed that she would get her revenge on each and every one of us.

Raw looked at the arrival of Star Dust, last week. Star Dust is the new alter-ego for Cody Rhodes. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time but they went a different direction than I suggested. That’s OK.

Goldust said he didn’t see Cody Rhodes, he saw Star Dust. Cody came in singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” and blowing gold confetti. I still think Col-Dust would have worked better. Goldust joked that he was now the “Normal” one. Right. Gotcha.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were in the ring, doing the “We The People” chant.

Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston

Kicks blocked by Jack. Kofi overcame the blocks and rocked Jack. Shoulder Tackle by Jack. Universal into a Flying Back Elbow, from Kofi. Jack ran Kofi into the corner. Knee Strikes by Jack. Short Arm Clothesline by the Oklahoman. Swagger Bomb for a two. Butterfly Lock by Jack. Jack with a wild Throw. Rear Chin Lock by Jack but Kofi with a Jawbreaker. Pendulum Kick by Kofi. Jack reversed a Whip but they landed badly as Kofi came off the ropes. Kofi with a Dropkick and Flip Dive. Kofi pitched Jack back into the ring. Kofi went up top and flew. Jack caught him and tried to throw Kofi out. Victory Roll for 2. Jack with a Lift into the Patriot Lock. Kofi rolled over to try and break the hold. When that failed, Kofi then tried to get to the ropes. Jack pulled Kofi to mid-ring. Kofi had no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Jack Swagger
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Paige will defend the Divas title against Naomi, on Sunday. Plus, The Usos will battle the Wyatt Family of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan for the tag belts.

Renee Young tried to interview someone but got Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was certain he would be the new WWE Champion. Paul Heyman and Cesaro came in to counter Del Rio’s claim. Heyman got in his Brock beat Taker thing. I’ve heard that’s turning into a “Hi Bob” like drinking game. Paul said Cesaro would win the title. Del Rio called Cesaro a puppet. Cesaro called Del Rio a Loser and then left.

Sigh. Damien Sandow was back. This week, he’s Abraham Lincoln. Trivia Point: Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler. Damien said he was tired of people directing his career. He was interrupted by the arrival of Big E.

Damien Sandow vs Big E

So, Lincoln was a Shooter, back in the day. The bell sounded and Damien wrestled in full Honest Abe gear. Hard kicks by DAbraham. Big E with hard Clotheslines into the Belly to Belly Suplex. Big E dropped the straps and hit the Big Ending!

Your Winner: Big E
Raw Ranking: .5

Big E was being interviewed, in the ring. Big E went off on Rusev and Lana bad mouthing the country. Big E started sounding like a Southern Preacher, complete with the Has between words. Growing up in Texas, I remember the preaching of a dear family friend, Reverend Weldon Lee. He sounded a lot like Big E did during that promo. I miss that old man.

Lana came out to counter Big E. She called Big E a foolish American. Rusev ambushed Big E. Fallaway Slam by the Bulgarian, followed by the vicious Thrust Kick. Accolade by Rusev. Big E would not tap out but he also could not get free. Rusev finally released Big E and stood over the downed foe.

Renee chatted with John Cena. Cena was extremely confident that he would have to fight six others to try and gain the WWE World Title. Cena again said there would be a new Champ. I still think it’s going to somehow by Daniel Bryan. Cena reminded everyone that he show would happen in his home state (Mass). That does give him the advantage, for sure.

Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena
4-on-3 Handicap Match

Orton and Cena to open. Side Headlock by Randy. Push Off but Randy with the Shoulder Tackle. Cena jumped a distracted Orton. Shoulder Tackle by Cena. Tag to Sheamus. Sheamus ran The Viper into the corner. Cena tagged back in and sent Randy to the ropes. Kick by Orton. Tag to Del Rio. Del Rio with punches and kicks. The ref pulled him back. Cena reversed a Whip into the Bulldog. Tag to Cesaro. Test of Strength. Cesaro got the best of the Test, at first. Cena sent Cesaro into the ropes. Backbreaker by Cesaro. Tag to Bray. Bray kicked away on John. Suplex Throw by the False Prophet (Cena’s nickname for Bray during a recent interview). Bray planted Cena for a two count. Kabuki Claw to the neck muscles. Break time.

Del Rio had Cena in the Rear Chin Lock as the action continued. Del Rio with the DDT to get a two count. Cesaro tagged himself in and put Cena in the Boston Crab. Cena dragged himself towards his corner. Cena countered into the STF attempt. He didn’t get it. Cena blocked the Neutralizer. Roman got the tag and went off on Del Rio, who had also made the tag. Corner Clothesline by Roman. Reigns Dropkick from the floor. Roman with Superman Punches to Cesaro and Randy. Del Rio with the Back Stabber. Bray with the blind tag, which ticked off Del Rio. Bray with the Crossbody. Bray stomped away. Cesaro tagged himself back into the match. Gut Wrench by Cesaro. Wow!. 2 count. Randy tagged himself in and kicked away on Roman. Snap Suplex by Orton. 2 count, again. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. Roman with a Headbutt. Randy threw Roman down, backwards, by the hair. Tag to Del Rio.

Side Drop Suplex by Del Rio. 2 count. Bray took the tag and unleashed Headbutts and punches. Superman Punch! Cesaro got the tag and knocked Roman into the corner. Tag by Sheamus. Mr. Wrestling II Running Knee by Sheamus. 10 Beats to Cesaro’s chest. He threw in a few extra ones. Cesaro escaped the Rolling Senton but fell to the Celtic Bounce. Orton took out Sheamus. Cena took out Orton. Cena with the AA to Del Rio. Flying European by Cesaro. Sheamus with the Brogue Kick.

Your Winners: John Cena, Sheamus and Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Kane suddenly came out and attacked Roman.. He then took out Del Rio and Sheamus. Cena also got popped. Chokeslam to Del Rio.and then Cena. HHH walked out to make another announcement…Kane would be the 8th entrant in the Championship Money in the Bank Match. Roman then Speared Kane. I guess Roman got the Shield music as his theme. Cool.


–Jay Shannon

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