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MVP was in a horrible mood, after Slammiversary. His two men, Lashley and Kenny King, both failed to defeat Eric Young for the World Title. MVP will put several champions to the ultimate test…and beyond.

Slammiversary highlights opened the show. MVP had to pull out of the main event, due to an injury. Eric Young ended up facing both Lashley and Austin Aries. He barely survived the encounter.

MVP and crew came out to talk with the fans. MVP had an evil smirk on his face as he neared the ring. MVP has a torn Meniscus. MVP got straight to the point, sort of. MVP explained that he got an official reprimand from the TNA Board of Directors. MVP had to do things the Board’s way, on Sunday. He knew he wouldn’t make that mistake again. MVP was ready to do things his way. MVP demanded that Eric Young get his “Sawed off *ss” out there.

The World Champ came out to a huge show of support from the fans. Eric said he was someone that the people could believe in. MVP suggested that Austin Aries and Eric Young were in cahoots. Eric called his fans his “Younglings”. Eric told MVP that this was the Fans’ TNA, not MVP’s. Eric wanted to come down and beat on MVP. Kenny King snatched the microphone and said he was going to fight Eric for the title, right now. Eric called for Earl Hebner to come out and ref the match.

Eric Young vs Kenny King
TNA World Title Match

King charged but Eric dodged. Float Over and Slide Under into an E.Y. Dropkick. Thesz Press and punches by Eric. TNA is considering going back to the six sided ring. King dropped Eric on the top rope. Eric fell to the floor. The Wolves, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe came out to counter MVP and Lashley. King with a Crossbody, over the top.

Whip by King into a Spinning Leg Lariat. Rear Chin Lock by King. Earl checked closely on the champ. Eric punched free. Eric slid out of the Fireman’s Carry. Haymakers into the Flying Forearm and Clothesline by Eric. Eric didn’t get to hit the Savage Elbow. Bridging Northern Lights Suplex by King. King went for the Royal Flush but Eric spun into the Small Package. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Score: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Jeff and Matt Hardy are going to reunite at TNA’s New York shows.

MVP was going off on the Bell Ringer. MVP slapped him in the face. MVP demanded that the guy say he was sorry for ringing the bell. MVP swore King kicked out of the Small Package. Eric, Joe, Austin and The Wolves rushed back down to continue the fight. Security broke them up, for a moment. Taz said to let the show keep going. MVP got back in the ring and screamed this was not a game. He told everyone he was like a God. MVP was ready to have some fun. MVP claimed he would abuse his power by making Eric Young fight Bobby Lashlery, for the title, later tonight. MVP said security would escort all of Eric’s supporters out of the arena. MVP then made a tag team match for The Wolves vs Samoa Joe and Austin Aries and a mystery third team. MVP got flustered and messed up. He screamed at himself for messing up. MVP then ordered Earl Hebner to come out to the ring.

Earl came out and MVP went off on the senior ref for the bad count in the title match. MVP actually had the audacity to fire Earl Hebner! Brian Hebner, Earl’s son, rushed out to try and plead for his dad. MVP then threatened to fire Brian if he didn’t back off. Kenny King snatched the zebra shirt off Earl. Earl took the stick and told off MVP. Earl mentioned he had been part of the business for 37 years and MVP was what made him hate it. He did love the fans, though. MVP dismissed Earl and then called for his music. This is such B.S..

Dixie and Ethan Carter III arrived. Dixie said MVP was just proving her point to the Board of Directors. Dixie gave Ethan the night off. Ethan said he is the Hardcore American Icon. Dixie said she did invite Tommy Dreamer to come and face her about the social media battle that they have been having.

Earl HEbner was shown leaving the arena.

The Wolves vs Austin Aries and Samoa Joe vs Willow and Abyss
Triple Threat World Tag Team Title Match

Eric Young said he would fight again but he felt MVP was seriously out of line for firing Earl Hebner. Eric got a call from…Kurt Angle. Kurt would be in the arena, later. Wow.

Back to the ring. I love this Altered States tag team of Abyss and Willow. Willow and Aries started the match. Go Behind into a Back Throw and Ride by Aries. 1 count. Side Headlock by Aries. Willow punched free. Float Over Head Scissors by Willow. Aries dodged a Rush and tagged out to Joe. Double team. Kneedrop by Joe. Knee Strikes by Joe. Jawbreaker by Willow. Tag to Abyss. Poetry in Motion by Altered States. Kokina Clutch and Last Chancellory. The Wolves got involved to save their titles. The Wolves sent Aries and Joe to the floor. They got back in. Joe and Aries with Dual Suicide Dives. Tommy Dreamer arrived as TNA took a break.

Back from break and Abyss was blasting Davey Richards of The Wolves. Boot Choke by Abyss. Whip by Abyss but Davey slid under. Eddie came off the ropes. Both hit Dropkicks on Abyss to escape the Double Goozle. Aries tagged in and hit a Running Dropkick on both men, in the corner. Miz and Morrison like Kneedrop combo by The Wolves. 2 count. Eddie tagged in and nailed a Knife Edge Chop that sounded like a gun shot. Tag back to Davey. Huge hard kick and tag. Chop and Kick combos by the Wolves. Aries fought back with moves of his own. Double team on Aries but Willow made the save on the German Suplex. Aries tried to get to his corner but had to fight every step of the way. Backspring Enziguri by Davey. Aries cracked Davey, who fell into the Altered States corner. Tag by Abyss. Aries stomped on Abyss’ foot and hit the Discus Forearm. Tag to Joe. Big Boot and Backsplash Senton. Clubbing blows on both sides. Snap Powerslam by Joe. 2 count. Abyss sent Joe into the corner. The Wolves wanted a tag but Joe hit them both. Flying Leg Lariat. Willow got the tag and sent Joe to the floor. Aries attacked Willow. Willow eventually did the backwards Nestea Plunge to take out just about everyone. Davey was down and Willow went for the Swanton. Davey got the knees up. The Wolves with a wild Powerbomb/Back Stabber combo. Wicked.

Your Winners: The Wolves
Impact Score: 3.5

MVP, King and Lashley talked about Kurt Angle. MVP went off on King for his recent losses. MVP suggested his boys should do something to Kurt’s recently repaired knee.

Taz and Tenay talked about the Twitter War between Tommy Dreamer and Dixie Carter. This all started when Dixie pulled talent from Tommy’s show, at the last minute. They will talk, later. Dixie was on the way to the ring with Spud. Spud was dressed in a horrific green suit with cards all over it. Where to they find these outfits? Man, and I thought my old rival, Funky Brewster, looked back in his Papa Smurf/Cookie Monster blue outfits. Smile.

Samoa Joe and Austin Aries were ordered out of the arena. MVP didn’t want The Wolves to leave, just yet. He put them into another World Tag Team Title Match…against Bram and Magnus. The Wolves told MVP to be careful what he asked for. MVP said the Wolves were to be escorted out, right after their match.

Dixie and Spud came out. She was being booed out of her designer shoes. She eventually brought out Tommy Dreamer. Huge “ECW” chant. Tommy did an awesome promo about wrestling history and all that the business gave him. It did give him a namesake, my cat.., (Tommy) Dreamer. My Dreamer just meowed when he heard the name “Tommy Dreamer”. Smile. Dixie listened to all that Tommy had to say and then kneed him in the crotch. I sense a Hard Core Justice war in the making.

Kenny King got up in Kurt Angle’s face. King and Lashley both had pipes in their hands. Kurt ordered King to go find MVP, to talk. King did as he was ordered/asked to do.

The Wolves vs Bram and Magnus
World Tag Team Title Match

The Brits jumped the tag champs just as the bell rang. Evil stomps to Eddie by Bram. Bram yelled at the ref and then tagged to Magnus. Thrusts into a Whip. Float Over into a Head Scissors by Eddie. Tag to Davey. Arm Twist. Tag to Eddie. Ax Bomber to the arm. Double Team on Magnus. Magnus rolled out to the floor. Bram with a wicked Clothesline, on the floor, to Eddie. Bram took the tag and went after Eddie. Bram threw Eddie’s face into the canvas. Eddie with chops and punches. Kneelift by Bram . Eddie slid under Bra but got caught. Magnus with the tag. Jumping Enziguri to Magnus. Tag to Davey. Davey with a Boot to Bram and Back Elbow to Magnus. Slide Under into the Enziguri by Davey. Davey with a Running Mafioso Kick. Rapid Fire Kicks to the chest. Davey threw Bram into Magnus. He then kicked Magnus who ended up DDTing Bram. Missile Dropkick by Bram. Davey went up top to finish things off but Bram attacked with a chair.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): The Wolves
Impact Score: 2.0

Willow and Abyss rushed out to protect The Wolves form evil intentions by the Brits.

MVP talked with Brian Hebner, who had been crying. MVP said the stuff with Brian’s dad, Earl, was all business. MVP talked trash about Earl and then told Brian that he would be the ref of record for the Lashley vs Eric Young title match. MVP hinted that if Brian didn’t to “The right thing”, he just might end up joining his dad in the unemployment line. MVP said he’d take Brian out for a drink, after it was all said and done. Jerk.

Taryn Terrell was back and DAMN she looked hot as the Las Vegas Strup in the summertime.

Bram and Magnus discussed their failed attempt to get the tag team belts. Magnus said they were paid to beat up The Wolves and got paid well to do it. Abyss and Willow jumped them and the fight was on.

Gail Kim brought out Taryn Terrell. Taryn looked poured into her flaming red dress. Gail started to say something but stopped for the “Welcome Back” chants. Gail admitted that she didn’t like Taryn, at first. Taryn proved herself in their Last Knockout Standing Match. Gail felt Taryn proved that she did belong. Gail said Taryn earned her respect, which is why she wanted to welcome he back. Gail with a huge hug. Taryn thanked Gail and the fans. Taryn said she took time off to have her baby girl. Taryn said she and Gail were tied, 1-1 in their match series. Taryn challenged Gail to a 3rd match to determine who truly is the best.

The Beautiful People came out to mock Gail and Taryn. Angelina Love made it clear that Gail lost to her, on Sunday. The BPs got in the ring and made fun of Gail and Taryn’s dresses. Love then formally introduced herself to Taryn…with a kick. The BPs then went after Gail. Taryn let her Cajun Temper cut loose. Gail and Taryn threw the BPs out to the floor.

Backstage, MVP came up to talk with Kurt Angle. Kurt said he wanted MVP to self-examine himself. MVP said Kurt showed up acting like Dr. Phil. MVP wanted Kurt to celebrate with them, not be in a fight he could not win. King told Kurt to leave. Kurt dropped King and then got in Lashley’s face. King can’t win for losing.

Security ushered Taryn and Gail out of the building. This was getting ridiculous. Jeremy Borash was celebrating his 12th year anniversary. JB said everyone was gone. MBP kicked out JB and the cameraman. This just got ultra-stupid.

Eric Young vs (Bobby) Lashley
World Title Match
The crowd was 100% behind Eric. Lashley talked with MVP and King as the bell rang. Collar and Elbow into a Lashley Arm Bar. Eric with a hard punch. Impressive Universal. La Bandera Clothesline by Eric. Eric flew off the top rope to hit a Crossbody, on the floor! Lashley caught Eric and went for a Powerslam. Eric with a Roll Up for two. Back Body Drop by Lashley. Lashley tossed Eric out to the floor. TNA took a final break.

Lashley almost got the pin as TNA returned. Short Arm Clothesline by Lashley. Stall Suplex by Lashley. 2 count. Lashley ran Eric into the corner. Back Elbow by Eric and then a Boot. Eric popped Lashley, over and over. Flying Forearm and Dropkick by Eric. Eric went up top and waited. Crossbody for a two. Lashley with a hard Whip. Eric tried to dodge him but took a boot. Lashley caught Eric off the Float Over. Eric escaped the Back Drop Suplex. Piledriver! 1-2-Ref Pulled out by Kenny King. Eric attacked King. Bobby clobbered King, by accident. Spike DDT by Eric. Eric went for the Savage Elbow, which missed. Spear! 1-23.

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): (Bobby) Lashley
Impact Score: 2.5

This seriously stinks to high Heaven. MVP hugged his new champion. King also got in on the party. Destination X should be interesting, should Kenny King do as I predicted, last week, and take the X-Title and then challenge Lashley. It’s a page out of the old Four Horseman Playbook. King went to destroy Eric’s arm with a stomp on the chair. Bobby Roode came out of the crowd and attacked Kenny King. I love it. King jumped Bobby but Roode tore him a new one before tossing him out to the floor. MVP tried to hold Lashley back.


–Jay Shannon

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