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Sunday, Ring of Honor will bring us “Best in the World” (2014), on Pay-Per-View. This week’s show was basically a “Best Of” the players in Sunday’s PPV.

Roll the Opening Footage!

The show was hosted by Larry Mercer and Mandy Leon. She is a new graduate of the ROH Dojo. She’s green but I see serious potential in her.

They started talking about the upcoming match between Kevin Steen and Silass Young. Silas has said that he needed to make a statement. RoH looked at Kevin Steen’s battle at the Hammerstein Ballroom (War of the Worlds).

Nakamura vs Kevin Steen

The Finish:

Nakamura got Powerbombed by Steen. Nakamura came back with an Engiguri. Steen with a wicked Spinning Superplex for a two. Steen called for the Package Piledriver but Nakamura countered into the Shining Wizard. Steen kicked out at one. Wicked Kick by Nakamura to finish off Steen.

Your Winner: Nakamura
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

After the match, the fans thanked Steen for all his hard work. Steen took the stick. Steen thought his jaw was dislocated. Steen talked about his family. Steen said it was time for him to take a break. That started a huge “No!” chant. Steen joked about the Daniel Bryan Catchphrase. He was cut off by the arrival of Silas Young. Silas grabbed a second microphone. Silas apologized for the interruption. Silas didn’t want Steen to retire. Silas joked about how bad the champions are. Silas said Steen was the only other “Man” in the locker room. Silas then mocked Steen for sucking up to the fans. Silas went too far when he brought up Steen’s son. The fight was on. Refs and Security rushed in to keep them apart. They didn’t have much luck trying to separate them. Steen flipped off the top rope onto the Security Force.

Silas Young then ridiculed Kevin Steen for his “Sad Sap” of a speech. Silas said Kevin was no Real Man. Silas claimed he was going to whip Kevin’s *ss at Best in the World.

The next segment focused on The Decade and their various wars. Roderick Strong has his sights set on Cedric Alexander. The two men have butted heads, several times. Strong and Cedric will face off in a Submission Match at Best in the World. RoH showcased several incidents involving Strong and Cedric. This one should be a pretty even match. The recent battle between Cedric and Roderick was shown, again.

Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander

The Finish:

Cedric with the Lumbar Check. Cedric then rolled up Strong to take the win.

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Jimmy Jacobs, B.J. Whitmer and Roderick Strong discussed how Strong would force Cedric to quit. Cedric did his own promo video where he talked about how Strong took so much from him. Cedric swore he would not give up…Roderick would.

Larry and Mandy were talking tag teams, in this segment. Mandy felt the Briscoe Brothers were the greatest team in the company’s history. ReDRagon feel they are the best. They will be seriously tested at “Best in the World” by the returning team of…Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian! Sweet! A brief video of Kaz and Daniels aired, which led to an episode of…

The Fish Tank

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly took shots at War Machine (they called them War Hammer), the Young Bucks, and Kaz and Daniels. Kyle said ReDRagon and Kaz/Daniels were similar. Kyle considered they might all be friends, in a perfect world. Bobby didn’t think Kaz and Daniels were ready for them. Bobby said ReDRagon would rise to the occasion, like his ancestors did.

“ The Fallen Angel”, Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards
World TV Title Match (2011)

The Finish:

Daniels with a High Angle Suplex but only got a two. Whip by Daniels. Flying Knee Strike by Eddie. Code Breaker and Superkick by Eddie. Spiinning Faceplant Suplex by Eddie. 1-2-no. Daniels was put on the top rope. Hurancanrana by Eddie. Angels Wings by Daniels. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and New TV Champion): Christopher Daniels
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Speaking of the TV Title, Jay Lethal and Truth Martini talked about the on deck battle against Matt Taven. Truth will be taken out of the match. Jay said Matt would be humiliated, on Sunday.

Larry and Mandy were back for another discussion. This time, it was Jay Briscoe’s feud with Matt Hardy. It has expanded to the Briscoe Brothers vs The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennetr, Matt Hardy and Maria Kanellis). Stills were shown of Ladder Wars form New Orleans. Adam beat Jay and then gave the camo belt that Jay had been wearing to Matt Hardy. Matt converted it into the I.C.O.N.I.C. title and plastered his face on the center of the belt. Jay and Mark broke in on the video piece to talk about how Matt has lost his mind. Jay said he was taking he belt back. Jay and Mark will fight Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett, at “Best in the World”.

Maria then came on and talked about how the Beiscoes have come and gone. She had the creepiest of eyes during this promo. Still a pretty girl but her eyes just didn’t look real. Maria said her men were going to destroy the Legacy of the Briscoe Brothers.

Larry and Mandy returned to talk it over. Mandy knew that the Briscoes were angry and that could be a major problem for The Kingdom. Time for a break.

The Briscoes discussed Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin. Mark felt Elgin was going to take the belt from Cole.

The final segment dealt with Adam Cole vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Larry mentioned how only 18 men have held the RoH World Title. Elgin has yet to hold any gold in RoH, so far. Elgin pinned Cole at last year’s Death Before Dishonor, but the ref was out of position. Elgin goes to right he wrong that cost him the title.

A great video package ran about Michael Elgin. Elgin then talked about how special the RoH World title was. He mentioned Samoa Joe, C.M. Punk and Bryan Danielson (WWE’s Daniel Bryan). Video clips of the various champions were intermixed with Elgin’s comments. Elgin also brought up others: Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro), Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) and Christopher Daniels. Elgin felt that he needed to be the World Champion. Elgin hoped to be the greatest World Champion of all time.

Adam Cole then cut a promo about the upcoming match. Cole knew this was the first PPV of his Ring of Honor career. Cole told Elgin that he was the very best in the business. Cole was ready to break the Unbreakable One.

Mandy and Larry were getting ready to wrap things up when a Grip rushed in with Breaking News. They sent it to a house show back on June 7th. Michael Elgin was fighting Michael Bennett when Adam Cole got involved. Elgin was Zip Tied to the top rope. Bennett and Cole beat on Elgin and then cut off “THE MULLET!”. That will light a fire under Elgin like there is no tomorrow. They also partially shaved Elgin’s hair. Elglin’s wife, MsChif, rushed out to aid her hubby. Cole was ready to attack Elgin with a steel chair when MsChif got in front of her hubby. Bennett grabbed MsChif. Cole got on the microphone and talked about the physical and emotional attacks on Elgin. Elgin played major mind games with the Elgins. MsChif spat in Cole’s face. Cole went to hit Elgin but stopped. Elgin said to bring it. Bennett took MsChif down and Cole slapped on a Figure Four! Elgin was losing it but couldn’t do a thing about what was happening. Elgin did get one arm free but couldn’t reach Cole. Elgin swore that he would kill Adam Cole. The Kingdom then left ringside as a security guy finally cut Elgin free. Elgin completely snapped and annihilated all the security guys who had been trying to help MsChif. Those blows didn’t look like Wrestling-level shots, they looked legit. RoH went to black, quickly.


–Jay Shannon

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