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Kevin Steen finally got his shot at Adam Cole’s Ring of Honor World Title.

Roll the opening montage!

Wee are north of the border for tonight’s show. Welcome to Canada. Ring of Honor had a pair of fantastic matches for us, this week. Let’s get right to it…

The feud between Roderick Strong and Cedric Alexander was showcased. Strong took exception that Alexander “stole” his finisher. Over the past few weeks, Strong and The Decade have done their best to embarrass and humiliate Alexander. The Decade have been banned from tonight’s match…

Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander
Grudge Match

The two men threw bombs, big time. La Bandera Clothesline and Suicide Dive by Cedric. Ceddy pitched Roddy back in the ring and went off with Knife Edge Chops. Kneelift and Elbow Drop by Roderick. European Uppercut by Ceddy into a wild series of Corner Stomps. Back Elbow by Roddy, followed by a Knife Edge Chop. Whip by Roddy but Ceddy got the feet. Ceddy went up top but a Dropkick put him into a bad way. Cedric’s leg was twisted around the top rope. Roddy with several running kicks until Cedric finally fell. Break time.

Ceddy with Forearms but Roddy with the Olympic Slam attempt. T-40 (Trouble in Paradise) by Cedric. Clothesline and Back Elbow and Headbutts by Cedric. Roddy flipped Cedric onto the apron. Springboard Clothesline by Cedric. 2 count. Spin Kick into a Michonoku Driver by Cedric. Roddy escaped the Fireman’s Carry but took a nasty Back Elbow. Scoop Backbreaker by Roderick for a two.

Cedric blocked a Uranage and then almost pinned Roderick with a Crucifix. Kitchen Sink by Strong. Knife Edge Chop by Strong. The fans got under Strong’s skin. Jumping Enziguri on Cedric. Superplex! 1-2-No! Steve Corino kept yelling that Roderick Strong could not beat Cedric Alexander. Strong went for the Stronghold (Walls of Jericho) but never quite got it locked in. Kneelift to Cedric’s chest. Slap Fest led to Ceddy spitting in Strong’s Fac.e Double Elevator Knees and 2 Running Elbows by Strong. Cedric with a Running Strike. Cedric with Kick to Kill #2. Rope Run Enziguri to the face of Strong. Cedric went to the top but missed Overtime. Double Knee Gutbuster by Strong but Cedric came back to hit the Lumbar Check. Could be…might be…not yet. Jumping Knee. Cedric converted a Suplex into a Small Package. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

After the match, the various members of The Decade rushed the ring. T.D. Thomas with a Mafioso Kick to Cedric. B.J. Whitmer, T.D. Thomas, Jimmy Jacobs, and Roderick Strong annihilated Cedric. Powerbomb through a pair of chairs to destroy Cedric Alexander.

Adam Cole cut a promo about how Kevin Steen was destined to fail in their title match. Cole wanted Steen to continue to suffer.

The Matt Taven vs Truth Marini feud was highlighted. Matt fired Truth. Truth then aligned himself with Jay Lethal. Truth has brainwashed Lethal into thinking that having him as a manager would be a good thing. Truth burned Taven, in the locker room. Taven will battle Jay Lethal at “Best in the World” on June 22nd. Wow! 3 great pay-per-views in a row: Slammiversary(TNA), Best in the World (RoH) and Money in the Bank (WWE). This is one of the best times, in a long time, to be a wrestling fan.

Kevin Steen was the next star to be focused on. Steen has been dealing with a lot, in the last year or so. He had to fight S.C.U.M. and destroy it. Now, he’s ready to take the title from Adam Cole (or whoever holds it). Tonight, he fights Cole.

Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole
Ring of Honor World Title

The ref had to hold back Steen, as Cole posed. The fans chanted “Kill Steen Kill”. Steen had his Canadian flag to honor his home country. Steen threw his flag in Cole’s face. Cole blew his nose on it and threw it out of the ring. That will draw the cheapest of heat.

Code of Honor Handshake. Steen kissed Cole’s hand to humiliate him by calling him a “B*tch”. Cole with a boot after punches. Back Elbow by Steen. Knife Edge Chops by Steen. Scoop Slam avoided and Cole Dropkicked the knee. Cole went right after the knee. Steen kicked Cole out of the ring. Cole pulled Steen out and slammed his face into the apron. Steen side-stepped the Suicide Dive. Break.

The Briscoes cut a promo against Matt Hardy. Jay was worried that he was going to get the Briscoes kicked off Pay-per-view. At Best in the World it will be The Briscoes vs Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett (w/Maria).

The fight was out on the floor. Cole’s nethers were run into the ring post. Steen chatted with the crowd. Steen ran the crotch into another post. The fans were loving it. The Ole chant got going. Cole shoved Steen into the ring post. Steen ran the crotch into another post. The Ole chant started going louder and louder. That chant used to tick off Steen, now he loves it. Corner Mount Punches by Steen. Cole slid under and Superkicked the knee. Steen tumbled off the ropes. Cole slammed Steen’s knee on the ring edge (toughest part of the ring).

Back in the ring, Cole with the KneeDT. Cole worked over the bad wheel. Steen kicked out of the Figure Four. Cole twisted the knee and then extended the leg. Steen with wild Chops to get free. Steen had a hard time getting to his feet but still hit Knife Edge Chops. Cole kept the focus on the bad knee. Steen flipped Cole onto the apron and nailed the Rope Assisted DDT. Cole fell out to the floor. Cole then posted Steen and slammed the knee into the ring post, over and over. Ring Post Figure Four by Cole.

Cole slammed Steen’s leg into the ring barrier. Cole then got back in the ring. Ax Bomber, by Cole, failed. Steen with a Ring Apron Powerbomb. Steen collapsed as RoH took another break.

Steen went up top as Cole was down. Backsplash Senton from the top. 2 count only. Steen held his hurt knee. “Mr. Wrestling” rang out from the Canadians. Cole with his version of the Attitude Neckbreaker. 2 count. Back Elbow by Steen. Cole Dropkicked Steen’s knee, again. They were up on the ropes. Super Fisherman’s Suplex by Steen! How that wasn’t 3 is beyond me. Steen missed the Cannonball. Steen went for the Package Piledriver but the knee buckled. Cole with the Figure Four. Steen refused to quit. Steen rolled to try and get free or reach the ropes but couldn’t reach his goal. Steen finally did reverse the Figure Four.

Cole wanted the Florida Keys but Steen escaped. Cole avoided the Sleeper Suplex but fell to the Pop Up Powerbomb. Sharpshooter by Steen but Kevin’s knee gave way. Cole looked scared to death. Sleeper (German) Suplex by Steen for a two plus. Steen called for the finish. Michael Bennett went to rush in but Steen kicked the ropes up into his nethers. Package Piledriver to Bennett. Superkick, Release German and Florida Keys for the 1—2—-Kick Out! Cole was so confused. “Kill Steen Kill!” rang out, yet again. Cole with a Superkick to the knee and then the face. Steen blocked the Destroyer and put on another Sharpshooter. Cole got to the ropes.

Cole with a Jumping Enziguri from the floor. Cole went to the top rope. Steen with a Super Brainbuster. 1-2-Are You Freaking Kidding Me? Steve Corino caught himself cheering for Steen. Steen wanted the Package Piledriver but Cole fell. Small Package for 2. Cole got out of the Package Piledriver and hit a Superkick to the face. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

What a fantastic match. Remember, next week-end is Best in the World. I’ll have my predictions, later this week.


–Jay Shannon

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