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Slammiversary is on deck, this week-end. The final pieces of the puzzle were placed.

Before I get started, I want to wish all the Fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. Through marriage, I have been blessed with 4 step-daughters (Loni, Jodi, Jessica and Teresa) and a step-son (Gary). I am proud of each and every one of them for being who they are.

The show opened with a video package about MVP wanting blood to be spilled. MVP opened up about all the shenanigans that he has pulled. He is now in a war with Dixie Carter and Eric Young and many more.

Eric Young walked out, wearing his World Title belt. Eric asked for the house mic. The crowd chanted for “E.Y.”. Eric knew his match at Slammiversary would be the biggest of his career. He invited MVP, his buddies and Dixie Carter to come out to the ring.

MVP said he had no love lost for Dixie Carter. Eric said he wanted a clean fight but didn’t expect to get it. Eric said he knew MVP would be bringing “Big Mouth and Muscles”. MVP joked about Eric’s new show, “No Limits”. Eric didn’t want a cheap plug. He wanted respect. Eric had one simple request…a fair fight. MVP just couldn’t guarantee that. Eric told MVP to listen. IF he lost to a better man, that’s cool. Getting screwed…that’s garbage. Eric was ready to do anything to make sure it would be a fair fight. MVP was willing to let Eric pick the stipulation for their match, if Eric could beat all 3. MVP changed his mind and said Eric only had to beat 2 of the 3. Eric told MVP “I don’t this you are man enough to take it (the World Title) form him”. MVP set Eric to go against Bobby Lashley…up next.

Bobby Lashley vs Eric Young
Triple Challenge Match #1
(Non-Title Match)

The action was going wild as the show returned. Eric slid out of the ring and pulled Bobby down. Eric punched away but Bobby with stomps as they got back in the ring. Shoulder Thrusts by Bobby. Bobby lifted Eric and then Back Body Dropped him. Bobby missed an Elbow Drop and Eric opened up with fists. Float Over into the Flying Forearm by Eric. 1-2-no. Eric ran Bobby into several corners. Bobby Whipped Eric into the Flair Flop. Bobby caught Eric on the Slide Under and easily pitched E.Y. up and over the top rope. Eric hurt his back on the landing.

Bobby went out and got the Champ. He ran Eric into the ring steps and then the ring apron. Body Slam, on the floor, by Lashley. Back in the ring, Bobby got a two. Awkward lift into a Torture Rack. Eric went to Bobby’s eyes to get free. Bobby dropped Eric with a brutal Clothesline. Crucifix Backslide by Eric. 2 count. Jackknife Pin. By Eric, for 2. Full Extension Dropkick by Eric. Whip by Bobby but Eric brought up the boot. Dominator (Running Powerslam).

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Score: 3.0
Triple Challenge Scoreboard: 0-1

Bobby continued to beat on Eric, after the match. Bobby picked up the World Title and got ready to nail Eric with it. Samoa Joe rushed down and went off on Bobby with wild jabs. Clothesline by Bobby. Low Bridge by Joe. Bobby decided to wait for another time to fight with the Samoan Submission Machine.

Willow said he was beaten and bruised but he was not broken. Willow kept talking about not being alone and said something about the man under the mask. Jeff Hardy returns? We’ll see…shortly.

Eric was trying to catch his breath, in the back. Eric felt something pop in his back during the match. The trainer didn’t think Eric should wrestle again. Elsewhere, Samoa Joe wanted Bobby Lashley as his next victim…followed by MVP.

Bram and Magnus got in the ring to talk. Bram bragged about how brutal Magnus was, as a kid. Magnus said Bram helped him bring back the old version of Magnus. Magnus said he was trying to be what “They” want, not who he is. Magnus complained that the last six months made him sick. Magnus claimed he and Bram are unstoppable. Bram taunted Jeff Hardy/Willow about needing an alter-ego to make himself tough.

Willow’s music hit and the Bizarre One limped out. Willow had a microphone, as well. Willow gave Magnus and Bram the chance to run. It was a typical wild rant that got a “Hardy” chant going. Willow then started a chant for himself and talked about being willing to go where Hardy couldn’t. Willow challenged Magnus to a battle at Slammiversary. Willow kept talking about “We” are ready to fight. Bram mocked Willow’s claim. Willow said he would have someone else in his corner. Willow revealed his second…the Monster, Abyss!

All Hell broke loose in the ring. Willow with a Flying Forearm and La Bandera Clothesline on Magnus. Abyss just dropped Bram and sent Bram out with his own La Bandera Clothesline. Call that team…Altered States.

TNA looked at how MVP and his forces attacked EC3, last week. Ethan then cut a promo about fighting Bully Ray. Ethan was on his way to the ring to explain why the world needed him, a Carter. He was also going to expose the phoniness of “him”.

It was announced that Kevin Von Erich would manage his sons, Von Erich 3G, at Slammiversary. Too cool. Wish I could be there. Best of luck, Ross and Marshall and Kevin.

D.J.Z. introduced Robbie E. He claimed that Robbie had overcome his fear of clowns. Jessie was at Robbie’s side. TNA did a quick look at the BroMans/Menagerie battle from last week.

Robbie E vs “Ring Leader” Knux

Robbie was eating his nails and scratching like a dog with the mange. The entire Menagerie got in the ring. Robbie bailed out to the floor. Zema Ion and Jessie encouraged Robbie to get in the ring and battle

Kurt Angle will be in Dallas (actually Arlington) to announce who is next to go in the Hall of Fame. It should be someone like Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair, or A.J. Styles, but that isn’t likely to happen. I’m leaning more towards Eric Young or Gail Kim.

Back to the action. Hip Toss by Knux into a Shoulder Tackle. Knux with a hard punch and Final Cut Legdrop. Rebel flirted with Jessie until The Freak came around to run Jessie off. Robbie with a series of rights to stun Knux. Crazy Steve got on the apron to throw Robbie off his game. Flying Crossbody by Knux. Robbie sent Knux into the ropes and threw his weight on Knux. Robbie dropped Knux. Knux caught Robbie with a Back Body Drop. Corner Splash by Knux. Robbie and Zema got on the apron but Freak pulled them down and ran them together. Carne Vale Powerbomb by Knux.

Your Winner: Knux
Impact Score: 1.5\

Steve backed the balloon thing into Robbie drawers. Way too funny.

Ethan talked with RockStar Spud. They had a surprise for Bully Ray…Brooke Tessmacher.

TNA looked back at the attack on Ethan Carter III. Dixie went off on MVP and his boys for daring to attack a Carter. Dixie warned MVP that they should get ready to bleed.

Ethan Carter III made his way out for the Hour Turner segment. Ethan came out with Spud, who was wearing a seriously ugly suit. I thought Steve was the clown. Ethan asked for applause for Spud for setting this up. He then brought out Brooke.

Brooke looked darn good in the hot pants and too small top. Brooke admitted having a relationship with Bully Ray. She said the relationship was over. Ethan asked why the relationship ended. Brooke said Bully never threatened to put her through a table. Spud took the spotlight, although the suit caste its own glow. Spud said Brooke was trying to protect Bully. Spud had “the results”. Brooke didn’t know what they wanted to hear. Spud struggled with the envelope but finally got out the papers. “Bully Ray is the father”. Huh? Spud accused Ray of having a child with Brooke. Spud showed a baby photo on the screen. Spud called her a hussy and a few other names and she got right up in his face. Ethan then threatened to teach Brooke a lesson in respect.

That brought out Bully Ray. Ray threw chairs out of the ring as Ethan and Spud took off. Ray looked at Brooke and then asked Ethan about how his head was doing. Ray promised to put Ethan through a table, one day. Ray then looked at Brooke. He didn’t expect to see her again. Ray called Brooke an “Awesome Girlfriend”. He apologized that it didn’t work out for them. He gave her a big hug. Ethan interrupted to say that Ray was pandering to Brooke and the crowd. Ethan said it was time for their situation to come to a head. Ethan challenged Bully to a Tables Match at Slammiversary. Ethan said Dixie would only go through a table over his dead body. Ray clarified what Ethan just said and got the crowd chanting it. Ray said he wanted to do something special. Ray then challenged Ethan to a “Texas Death Match”! I talked about a Texas Death Match, last week, but I was expecting it to be Ken Anderson vs James Storm. Ethan accepted the match, despite pleas from Spud.

MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King walked backstage. King was confident but MVP and Bobby weren’t. They talked about how King had lapses, from time to time.

Eric Young vs Kenny King
Triple Challenge Match #2
(Non-Title Match)

The two circled each other. King mocked Eric’s back injury. Collar and Elbow into an Eric Young Hammerlock. King with a Spin Suplex. Kip Up by King. Eric worked over King’s arm. King reversed it into a Hammerlock. Fireman’s Carry Takeover by Eric.

Back to the Collar and Elbow. They went to the corner. Eric ducked King’s fist and threw one of his own. Whip into a Scoop Slam. Eric grabbed his back after the move. King took Eric to the apron and went for a Suplex. Cartwheel Enziguri by King. King stomped on Eric’s back. King then applied a Seated Cravat. Eric got to his feet to punch free. Kitchen Sink by King that brought a two count. King put Eric on the top rope and punched him. Eric fought free and nailed a Crossbody from the top rope. Eric couldn’t follow up.

Eric with wild punches into the Universal. Flying Forearm and Scoop Slam. Eric went up for a Savage Elbow but got caught. Eric fought on the ropes. Jumping Enziguri by King. Royal Flush by King but he stopped to dance and wasted a ton of time. King with a Springboard Senton but he pool was empty. Piledriver!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Score: 2.5
Triple Challenge Scoreboard: 1-1

Madison Rayne was asked about Brittany. She said she was only interested in beating Brittany and Gail Kim to earn a shot at Angelina Love, at Slammiversary. That Triple Threat Match was up next.

The medic told Eric not to keep doing this. Jeremy Borash chatted with Eric. E.Y. still didn’t think MVP was man enough to beat him. One more match to go.

Gail Kim vs Brittany vs Madison Rayne
Number One Contender, Triple Threat Rules

Gail with a quick Roll Up on Madison but only a two. Madison with a Deep arm Drag. Brittany mirrored the move. Brittany followed Madison’s move set. Double Clothesline but Gail sent both girls to the outside. Suddenly, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky came out to watch the match. TNA took a quick break.

Love and Sky joined the announce team for most of the rest of the match. Gail with a Float Over. She then took down Brittany. Backspring Elbow by Brittany, on Gail. Brittany got taken to the floor. Madison with a Slam and Head Scissors. Small Package by Madison to Gail. Boot by Madison into the Sunset Bomb. Brittany made the save. Drop Toe Hold into a Leg Sleeper on Brittany. Leg Scissors by Madison which made it a Triple Leg Lock. Gail almost pinned Madison. Madison kicked Gail in the head. Madison put Gail on the top rope but Gail tried to fight out. Brittany kicked Gail. Double Superplexs to send Gail flying. Velvet mocked the trio of girls in the ring. Madison blasted Brittany. Brittany held down the middle rope to let Madison sail through to the floor. Brittany was screaming. Gail with the Corner Post Figure Four on Brittany.

Velvet and Angelina strolled down to ringside. Velvet flirted with Brian Siffler. Angelina pulled Madison Rayne to the outside. Brittany got laid out by Gail. Velvet went to spray Gail but hit Brittany, instead. Eat da Feet.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 1.5

Angelina Love will now fight Gail Kim for the Knockout Title at Slammiversary.

Out back, MVP was talking with the ref, Brian Hebner. . MVP was asked about the conversation. MVP said it was none of anyone’s business. MVP said he wanted the ref to call if right down the middle…after the bell sounded. That bode not well for young Mr. Young.

Another promotional video ran about MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. They so need a team name. Dixie Carter said she would have revenge for MVP and his crew at Slammiversary.

Tenay and Taz ran down the updated Slammiversary card. It really looks to be a fantastic line-up. This may well be the best card for TNA in years.

Eric Young vs MVP
Triple Challenge Match #3
(Non-Title Match)

If Eric wins this, he gets to name the stipulation for his World Title Match against MVP.

Eric limped from the back. King and Lashley rushed out to attack Eric. Bobby drove knees into Eric’s back and then King pounded on the back. The bell hadn’t sounded, yet. Bobby pitched Eric in the ring so the ref could call for the bell. MVP started with a brutal Whip. TNA took a final break.

MVP worked over the lower back of Eric. Lashley and King left during the commercials. Eric tried to fight back but took a Kitchen Sink. MVP sent his knee into Eric’s back. Snap Mare by MVP into the Yakuza Kick. Mafioso Kick by MVP for a two count. Eric refused to give up. MVP with more Forearms to Eric’s back. Back Drop Suplex by MVP. Camel Clutch by MVP but Eric refused to tap out. MVP dropped his weight on Eric’s back.

MVP with a trio of European Uppercuts. 2 count. Eric started to Hulk Up. Hard slaps and punches to MVP’s face. Leg Sweep by MVP. Powerbomb by MVP. Only a 2 count. MVP couldn’t believe it. MVP with a Buckle Bomb. Mafioso Kick, in the corner, for a two. MVP screamed at the ref to do his job. MVP went outside and got a steel chair. The ref warned MVP to be careful. MVP sat in the chair and talked to Eric, telling him that he was trying to help him. He asked Eric to please stay down. MVP cracked Eric with the chair. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Eric Young
Impact Score: 1.5
Eric wins the Triple Challenge 2-1

Kenny King and Bobby Lashley came back into the ring. MVP mocked the fallen Young. MVP didn’t care what stipulation Eric would chose. MVP, Bobby and Kenny stood over the downed World Champ. MVP took the title belt and did photo ops with it. The trio of power players started to leave but Eric had something to say. Eric laughed about being the winner. Eric knew MVP couldn’t be him fairly. Eric wanted a Steel Cage Match. Eric finished the segment by saying “I’m just crazy enough.”


–Jay Shannon

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