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More competitors were placed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Plus, The Shield needed a new partner to face the Wyatt Family. Who would step up?

No Flashback this week, to open…

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came out to talk with the Minnesota crowd. This is the home of Mr. Perfect, the Road Warriors (their “original” home), Rick Rude, Verne Gagne and so many others.HHH said “It was a Good Night to be Right”. Stephanie said they had a blockbuster announcement to share. Stephanie sent it to Daniel Bryan’s doctor for an update on Bryan’s return. The doctor said Daniel was not cleared to compete, at this time. Stephanie and HHH ridiculed Daniel for not being a top-notch performer. The Authority stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Title. Stephanie said their hand was forced on this situation. Stephanie called Brie Bella-Danielson “Ungrateful”. They laughed at the fact that Brie quit for no reason, now that Daniel was stripped of the belt. Stephanie then explained that Money in the Bank would now feature a WWE World Title Ladder Match. Who would be in the match? So far, Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton were in. Del Rio won his way in, on Smackdown. Orton was given a spot without having to fight for it. HHH guaranteed that there would be a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. (hmmm…my mind is starting to figure out how Daniel Bryan just might end up getting back his belt.)

HHH and Stephanie kept mocking Daniel Bryan.HHH then crowed about destroyinng The Shield, from within. A video package showcased Seth Rollins’ betrayal of his “Brohers”, last week. Seth attacked Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with a steel chair. Seth then aligned himself with the remaining members of Evolution. (Batista had quit, earlier in the night.)

The crowd booed wildly at that video. HHH told everyone that he believed in Seth Rollins. HHH put Roman and Dean up against the Wyatts. HHH was certain that it would be tough for Dean and Roman to find a partner. HHH was pretty sure this would end up a Handicap Match. HHH assured everyone that The Shield would Perish, tonight.

Sheamus vs Bad News Barrett
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Last year, Sheamus nearly lost his career due to injuries that he suffered in the barbaric Ladder Match. Neither the U.S. or Intercontinental titles were on the line, tonight. Barrett cut loose with another of his “I’ve got some Bad News” bits for all those he would face at Money in the Bank. Barrett said he would scale to the heights to take the top WWE title…and never come down.

The Finish:

Irish Curse Backbreaker, by Sheamus, for a two. Sheamus then went to the corner and began to climb. Barrett caught the Irishman but Sheamus punched free. Sheamus jumped down. Winds of Chage, by Barrett, for a two. Sheamus fought out of Wasteland. He missed the Brogue Kick but did nail a strong Powerslam. 1-2-not yet.Sheamus put himself in the Zone and got ready for hte Brogue Kick. Barrett went out to the apron. Sheamus sent Barrett to the floor with a Dropkick. Sheamus flew off the top rope and crashed into the barricade. Sheamus barely made it back in at 9. Wasteland for a two plus. Barrett set for the Bull Hammer Elbow but Sheamus countered it into White Noise! 2 count, yet again. The two men fought through the ropes. Headbutt by Barrett that stunned them both. Barrett held Sheamus’ arms through the ropes and kicked away at Sheamus’ chest. Barrett then sent Sheamus into the ring post, twice. Barrett almost got disqualified by the ref for not listening to instructions. As the ref pulled Barrett back, Sheamus knocked BNB out with the Brogue Kick!

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The Wyatts talked about controlling urges. Bray Wyatt explained that The Shield fell to the faults of man. Bray Wyatt proclaimed he was reborn.

Lana came out with another Anti-American/Pro-Russian rant. I have to admit she does look much better than Nikolai Volkoff or the Iron Sheik, but I hated this kind of insulting way back in the early 80s. Sigh. She actually called President Obama a “Sissy” and a “Girlie Man”. Finally, she shut up and brought out Rusev. He said something I couldn’t understand and then went to the ring.

Rusev vs Zack Ryder

The bell rang and Rusev took Zack to the corner. Headbutts and vicious strikes by Rusev. Clothesline to the back of Zack’s skull. Zack punched away and hit Double Knees. Rusev with one of the most wicked Thrust Kicks that I’ve seen. Accolade. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Curtis Axel and Ryback (Rybaxle) vs Goldust and R-Truth

Cody Rhodes has been on a quest to find Goldy a new partner. The former NWA/TNA World Champ, Truth, was this week’s choice.

The Finish:

Axel and Ryback with the Double Team on Truth. They had some miscommunication and Goldust tagged in. Goldustin Uppercut and Inverted Atomic Drop to Axel. Snap Powerslam to Axel. Goldy then took out Ryback. Goldy flew off the top rope with a Crossobdy on both opponents. Goldy iwth the Career (Canadian) Destroyer and Spinebuster. Axel caught Goldy napping and rolled him up for a three.

Your Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Backstage, Layla was getting prepped for her entrance. Layla mocked Summer Rae, who is from Minnesota. As Layla talked about kissing Fandango, Summer Rae poured milk all over Layla and then beat her up. Layla cried like a little kid.

3MB were in the ring, minus Hornswoggle. Heath and his boys were going to hijack The Shield’s time. They were cut off by the arrival of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. This was the first Hour Turner segment. Drew, Jindar and Heath jumped the remaining members of The Shield. Reigns took Jindar Mahal to the floor and pounded away. Drew McIntyre went to attack but Dean laid him out. Drew was Double Whipped over into the Bullpen. Dean dove over the Bullpen wall and went off on Drew. Heath Slater tried to take off but Roman had shadowed Heath and then took him out with the Spear! The crowd chanted “Roman Reigns”. Roman rejoined his partner in the ring. Dean and Roman stood tall in the center of the ring. Dean tried to bring himself back down to semi-calmness. Dean bragged about how The Shield defeated everyone, despite having a cancer inside named Seth Rollins. Dean promised to rearrange Seth’s face. He got seriously graphic in his description. Dean said he and Roman were waiting to hear the lies of Seth Rollins. He knew that Seth would be a ventriloquist dummy that spewed HHH’s words. Roman then took the microphone and said Seth had done the ultimate sin of stabbing his Brothers in the back. Roman pulled lines from an old Jim Croce song, only Jim talked about “You don’t SPIT into the wind, not p*ss”. Roman said he was going to take out HHH, as well. Seth had watched all this, from the back.

They ran a promo for Legends House. I really hope that everyone gets the chance to watch this great show. Last week, Jimmy Hart talked about losing his daughter. I had the honor of meeting Jimmy, a couple years back, and the man I met is just as honest and true as the guy on Legends House. I learned more from him, about wrestling, in 2 days than I did in 40 plus years of watching the sport. He’s a class act, as are all the great men who star on that reality show. Kudos to the WWE for one of the best shows to come out in a long time. I can’t wait for Season 2.

The Usos vs Fandango and Damien Sandow
Non-Title Match

Layla was with Fandango, still covered in milk. Damien came out doing some kind of bizarre interpretive dance. Damien was in a body stocking. Poor guy, he is getting stuck with the silliest of costumes.

The Usos couldn’t keep from laughing at Damien. Fandango started against Jimmy of the Usos. Shoulder Tackle by Fandango on Jimmy. Cartwheel by Fandangto. Inverted Atomic Drop by Jimmy. Uppercut and Fandango fell into the corner. Tag to Damien. Damien started doing some ballet moves. This was just goofy. Side Headlock Takeover by Damien. Roll Out by Jimmy. The crowd actually chanted for Sandow. Layla was still pouting. Jimmy with a Whip and Damien started to dance, again. Thrust Kick by Jimmy. Fandango was sent to the apron and Thrust Kicked off. Jey with the tag and the Superfly Splash.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Xavier Woods vs Bo Dallas

JBL just praised the daylights out of Dallas. Bo sent a message to Daniel Bryan. Bo knew Daniel had a lot of inner anger to deal with. Bo said the secret to Danie’s recovery would be to “Bo-Lieve”. Seriously?

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Standing Switches. Side Headlock by Bo. Woods sent Bo into the ropes. Fireman’s Carry Takedown by Woods. Bo went after Woods’ arm. Woods flipped free. Kitchen Sink by Bo. Pull In Elbow Smaches by Bo. Woods punched away and caught Bo with a Clothesline. Woods was flipped to the apron. Woods pulled Bo into the corner. Woods went to jump off the ropes but took a Spear by Bo, which led to the Bo-Dog.

Your Winner: Bo Dallas (6 and Bo)
Raw Ranking: 2.Bo

Bo with words of encouragement for his fallen foe, after the match.

Paul Heyman was in the ring to brag about Brock Lesnar (another Minnesotan) and Cesaro. This is just getting beyond old to listen to. Let’s get to the action…

Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

The Finish:

Cesaro with a brutal Flying European Uppercut to counter the Rolling Monkey Flip. Cesaro went off with Forearms and then nearly put RVD through the mat with a Butterfly Bomb. RVD with a Rolling Pin for two. Thrust Kick into Rolling Thunder, by RVD. Could be…might be…denied. Rolling Leg Lariat, in the corner, by RVD. Back Elbow by RVD. Cesaro tripped RVD on the ropes.Cesaro grabbed the leg and jumped off the apron. That snapped the leg in a weird way on the ropes. Paul screamed that this was Cesaro’s chance. Neutralizer!

Your Winner: Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Michael Cole brought out Seth Rollins for a little chat. This was the second Hour Turner segment. Seth was in a really nice suit.There was a huge “You Sold Out!” chant. Seth said he did what was “Best for Business”…his business. Seth took credit for creating The Shield. Seth called Dean a “Lunatic”. Seth said Roman was filled with anger and fury that needed to be contained. Seth said Dean and Roman owed all their success to him. Seth had a question: “Why is this such a surprise?” Seth explained he led his troops to total dominance. Seth admitted that he learned from Evolution that you have to adapt and evolve to become a success. Seth so feels like a replacement for C.M. Punk, to me. Seth answered his critics with the phrase “I didn’t Sell Out…I Bought In”. Seth knew it took guts to do what he did, last week. Seth claimed Dean and Roman were business partners, not brothers. Seth said for two years it wasn’t about Believe in The Shield…it was and is Believe in Seth Rollins. Seth was ready for Dean and Roman to come out and kick the Hell out of him. He called out his former partners. That arrogance may bite him in the behind as Dean and Roman walked down.

Suddenly, the Wyatts showed up in the ring. Dean and Roman went wild on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Rollins got in the middle of the mix. Seth started to run when The Wuatts took off. Bray Wyatt jumped in to battle Roman and Dean. Out of the blue, John Cena’s music hit and the multiple time champion rushed down to aid Roman and Dean! Guess the Boys in Black have found their third member for tonight.

Paige vs Alicia Fox (w/Aksana)
Non-Title Match

Foxsana has become quite the little duo, as of late. Th bell rang and the girls tested he waters. Fox took Paige to the ropes and then pulled her out. Paige jumped down to the floor and went after Aksana. Fox rushed and crashed into Aksana. Fox Dropkicked Paige off the apron.

Back in the ring, Fox cranked away on Paige’s neck. Bridging Northern Lights Suplex by Fox. Fox twisted on Paige’s neck, again. Paige worked up to her feet but Fox threw her back down. Paige with a trip and School Girl for two. Fox with another Clothesline. Gut Wrench Backbreaker. Fox Paintbrushed the back of Paige’s head. Fox went for he Side Drop to the floor but Paige turned it into a Head Scissors and Fox ended up outside. Paige with vicious Knee Strikes and a scream. Short Arm Clotheslines by Paige. Wild Dropkick, by Paige, for a two. The two went to the corner. Paige went up the ropes but Fox pulled her down. Aksana got in Paige’s face. Paige sent Fox into Aksana. PTO by Paige. Tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.75

After the match, Fox attacked Aksana. Aksana was checking on her friend, at the time. Aksana squealed at the slaps to the face. Fox then came to the outside and got someone’s water and popcorn. She threw it at the camera and then downed some water. She poured the rest of the water and some of the popcorn on Aksana. Fox then “Sybilled” on Aksana, hugging her and saying she was sorry.

Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs Santino Marella

Zeb had a sign that read “Deport Santino”. Santino Power Walked to the ring after showing the Cobra. Santino did an Insert Video about “Zeb Carter” wanting to export him. He thought Zeb should be exported back to where he came from…Hell.

Collar and Elbow. Cartwheel by Santino. Santino worked over Jack’s ribs. Jack caught Santino on the Float Over. Splitz into the Hip Toss, by Santino. Jack went out to the floor. Zeb slapped Jack in the face, several times, to motivate him. It worked. Jack with a Throw and Knee Strike. Amateur Overhead Slam. Zeb told Jack to break the Italian. Santino dodged a Rush. Cobra Time failed as Jack blocked it and nailed the Gut Wrench Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Jack Swagger
Raw Ranking: 1.75

Backstage, Goldust was stressing over his losing streak. Cody came in and said he was bringing in someone that Goldust could work with. It was supposedly someone that Goldust didn’t know and had not worked with before. It was someone who could magnify Goldust’s brilliance. I’ve heard rumors about who this is. The strongest rumor that I’ve heard would be a certain Hispanic-American that Black Reign dealt with in TNA. If that rumor is true, the team will be…Super. Grin.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were in the office. They discussed the men who were in the Championship Match. Stephanie was upset at John Cena’s interference in The Authority’s business. Vickie Guerrero came in to bring champagne. She sneezed on Stephanie and almost got fired. Stephanie ordered Vickie to get out.

Kevin Hart will host Raw, next week. No, he’s not one of Stu’s kids or grandkids. He’s a pretty funny comic.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Wyatts got a decent pop but so did The Shield. John Cena…not so much. The Wyatts took their time getting into the ring but when they did, all Hell broke loose. The action spilled out to the floor. Roman took the fight to Luke and Bray. In the ring, Dean blasted Erick. Crossbody into punches. Dean went off on the crimson-berded member of the Wyatts. Dean flew over the top to take out Luke. Dropkick by Dean and a tag to Roman.

Roman with Full Corner Mount Punches. Roman and Rowan fought to Whip each other. Huge Clothesline by Roman. Erick tagged in Luke Harper. Roman blocked a series of Suplexes and hit one of his own. Dean got the tag and got thrown into Luke’s mid-section. Dean wrapped Luke’s leg in the ropes and Dropkicked it. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Dean into the SIngle Leg Crab. Luke kicked free. Dean fought out of the Wyatt corner but ate a huge Boot from Luke. 2 count. Tag to Bray. Bray with a Scoop Slam, after a hard Thrust. Bray screamed at Dean. Dean with a punch but Bray dropped Dean. Tag to Erick.

Dean ended up tumbling out to the floor. Erick threw Dean into the barricade. Dean reversed a Whip and sent Erick into the ring steps. Erick clutched his arm in pain. Bray got the tag and stomped away on Dean. Bray with punches and Headbutts. Luke tagged back in and stomped away on Dean. European Uppercut by Harper for a two. The fans began the sing song chant for/against Cena. Dean was in a Front Face Lock He hit a Jawbreaker on Harper, which had only minimal effect. Luke threw Dean down. Time for the final break of the night.

Erick with the Neck Wrench. Dean with a series of Headbutts. Side Slam by Erick. 2 count. Bray came back in and took Dean to a neutral corner. Bray with a Corner Rush Splash. Bray struck the Raven Pose. Double Boots by Dean, who was on the verge of exhaustion. Bray with an evil-looking Uranage. 2 count. It broke down into chaos. Dean started towards his corner but Luke stopped him. European Uppercuts by Luke. Another round of chants for Cena. Dean with a Flying Clothesline. Cena screamed for the tag…and got it.

Cena went Vintage on Erick, who had also tagged in. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Luke rushed in but got dumped over the ropes. Cena also took out Bray. That left Erick free to Steam Roll Cena. Erick punched away on Cena. Boot Choke by Erick. Erick with a straight punch to the face. Bray took the tag and clocked Cena. Backsplash Senton for a two count. Bray just continued to punch away and then started the crowd to singing. Cena with a nice Standing Dropkick. Bray smacked Cena as John dove towards his corner. Luke tagged back in and punched away. He trapped Cena in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. After a shot, Luke lifted John into the Torture Rack Neckbreaker. 2 count.

Gator Roll by Luke. Luke then applied the Rear Chin Lock. Cena powered up and punched his way free. Michinoku Driver by Harper to get a two. Eric tagged back in and drove his knuckles into Cena’s temples. Measured Punch by Erick. Cena blasted Bray but fell to Erick’s Fallaway Slam. Cena rolled into the enemy corner. Bray made the tag and punched up under the bottom rope from the floor. Elbow Drop by Bray. Bray lifted John and then danced with him. Seriously? Bray with a huge Suplex Throw. That was impressive. 2 count.

Bray did his Crab Walk Pose. Cena avoided the Backsplash Senton. Dive to the corner and Roman Reigns got the tag. Luke also tagged in. Flying Clothesline by Roman. Corner Splash. Dean took out Erick. Roman with Flying Burritos to both Erick and Dean. Dean with a La Bandera to Erick. Rowan pulled Dean off the apron. Roman with a Protobomb to Luke. Really? Erick attacked Roman. Cena with a Crossbody, from the top, to take out Erick. Bray with Sister Abigail to Cena. Superman Punch to Bray. Rowan then tossed Erick to the outside. Dean flew over the ropes. Luke with a Superkick to Roman but only got a two count. Spear!

Your Winners: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and John Cena
Raw Ranking: 3.75

HHH and Seth watched, from the back. The Shield and Cena celebrated their victory.


–Jay Shannon

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