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This week was filled with the best of today’s Ring of Honor talent roster, as well as a six-pack of future superstars.

Roll the Opening Montage.

Welcome to Defy or Deny 3. Adam Cole will take on Mark Briscoe and Jimmy Jacobs in a Triple Threat Match. Matt Taven was originally set to be in this battle, but he is injured. More on that later…

B.J. Whitmer and Adam Page (The Decade) vs Hanson and Raymond Rowe (The War Machine)

T.D. Thomas was in the corner of Page and Whitmer. Streamers littered the ring as a show of fan support. “War Machine” rang out from the crowd.

Page started against Rowe. Rowe took “The Waterboy” to the corner. Clean break. Whitmer gave Page a talking to. Rowe took Page to the corner. Page with a cheap shot. Rowe threw Page around like a rag doll and nailed a Knife Edge Chop. Rowe threw Page into the corner and brought in Hanson. Double Team on the young kid. 2 count. Knee Strikes by Hanson into a Sidewalk Slam. Tag back to Rowe. Hurt Punch-like move that would make Ox Baker smile.

Whip into an Overhead Belly to Belly Release Suplex, by Rowe.Rowe then ran Page into the corner. Whitmer with a Blind Side Boot and fake tag. Whitmer punched away on Rowe. Takedown by Rowe. Ground and Pound by Whitmer. Page tagged back in, which wasn’t the best of moves. Page tried to run Rowe into the corner but it didn’t happen. Rowe blocked a Whip. Page with a Drop Toe Hold. Page with a Sleeper but Rowe Back Ran Page into the corner. Missile Dropkick by Page. 2 count. Whitmer made the tag and stomped on Rowe. RoH took a quick break.

We’re back and Whitmer was taking Elbows to the ribs. He came back with a huge Boot to Rowe’s face. Tag to Page. “The Waterboy” punched and kicked away. Whitmer tagged back in. Whitmer and Rowe got into a Slap Fest. Rowe asked for some more from Whitmer. Scoop Slam by Whitmer. Tag to Page. Rowe missed a Top Rope move and got planted like a Row of Taters (nod to my old running buddy, Don Mega). Hanson took the tag and hit Double Sledges and Corner Clotheslines. Hanson with a evil Bronco Buster! Hanson also popped Whitmer. Spinning Powerslam but Whitmer made the save. Whitmer took out Rowe with a Knee to the face. Hanson with a Cartwheel and Clothesline. Page with a Leg Sweep and Standing Shooting Star Press. Rowe planted Whitmer with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Hanson went to the top. Fallout! (Doomsday Device variation, with Hanson hitting a Guillotine Leg Drop).

Your Winners: The War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Ramon and Veda Scott came out without R.D. Evans. veda looked all kinds of freaked out.Veda had an update on R.D. Evans’ Streak. Veda said Evans was at 113-0. He was visiting Swaziland, where he holds their country’s title…

She was cut off byt he arrival of The Romantic Touch. Touch blew rose petals to the crowd. He played Air Guitar with the rose he carried. Ramon was not impressed. Veda told Touch to listen to her. Veda was glad that Touch was there. Touch stopped Veda’s speech to say Scott should spend some Veda-Time. Ramon tried to cover her ears. Touch flirted like crazy with her. Veda liked the flirtations. Touch claimed his love for Veda Scott. She tried to hide a smile but it wasn’t happening. Veda told Touch to close his eyes and “Let’s Do This!” She kicked himi low and said never in a million years would she be interested in him.

A video profile of the Graduation School Show aired. That event showcased a lot of students, and was billed as a Future of Honor Event.

“Team Benchmark” (“Benchmark” Bill Daly and “The Hype” Will Ferrara) and Zizou Middoux vs Moose, J. Diesel and Vinny Marseglia
Future of Honor Showcase, Six Man Tag Team Match

“Brutal” Bob Evans was at ringside, since he helped train all the men in the ring. J. Diesel is the head of security for RoH. This was his first match.

Diesel got rocked by all three opponetns before starting to open up. Fallaway Slam by the Head of Securityto Will. Will got laid out. Vinny took the tag. You got to watch those Vinny’s, I’ve had my backside kicked by a wrestler named Vinny. Will rocked the tattooed wrestler. Vinny dodged Will’s Rush and hit an offbeat Tilt-a-Whirl Face Plant. Benchmark tagged in and dropped Vinny. Fist Drop by Bill. Knife Edge Chops by Bill. Zizou tagged in and Vinny hit a modified Side Effect. Tag to Moose!

The former NFL star hit a series of Headbutts and sent all his opponents out of the ring. Vinny nailed Zizou. Incredible Dropkick by Moost to Zizou. Diesel flew out of the ring. Vinny then went up top and Cannonballed to the outside. Zizou got back in the ring and got Speared out of his freaking boots by Moose!

Your Winners: Moose, Vinny Marseglia and J. Diesel
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Jimmy Jacobs vs Mark Briscoe vs Adam Cole
Defy or Deny 3

Michael Elgin was at the announce table. This was an elimination Triple Threat Match. This was supposed to be a Fatal Four Way but Matt Taven was injured by Jay Lethal, last week. The way this works is: If either Jacobs or Briscoe eliminate Cole, they get a future title shot. If Cole beats both men, neither Mark or Jimmy will get a title shot as long as Cole holds the belt.

“Man Up!” rose from the crowd. Mark shoved Jacobs away and went after Cole. Jacobs with a Guillotine but Mark stomped it loose. Mark pitched Jacobs to the outside. Cole kicked Mark in the knees, several times. Whip by Cole but Mark held on. Redneck Kung Fu by Briscoe. Jacobs came in and threw Mark out to the floor. Mark came back and pitched Jacobs aside. Jacobs punched at Cole. Mark pulled Jimmy back. Cole slid out of the ring so Jacobs and Briscoe could beat on each other. Cole just watched. RoH went to break as Cole waited on the floor.

Cole still watched the battle in the ring. Mark with wild Redneck Kung Fu on Jacobs. He also hit a Slider Dropkick to Cole. Mark went back and nailed a Springboard Missile Dropkick to Jacobs. Mark went out to attack Cole. Mark Whipped Cole into the barricade. Mark with a Suplex, on the floor. Cole was thrown back in the ring. Cole ducked a Clothesline but ate a Dropkick. Cole flipped Mark into a Jacobs Ace Crusher, off the ropes. Superkick, by Cole, to Jacobs. 1-2-not yet.

Cole punched away on Jacobs and then threw out Mark. Forearm by Cole, followed by multiple kicks. Mark pulled Cole off the ropes but Cole kicked him in the knees. Northern Lights Suplex by Mark but Jacobs with a Backsplash Senton, from the ropes. Jacobs punchesd away. Float Over by Cole. Jacobs went for another Ace Crusher but Cole nailed the Back Stabber, on the fly. Cole went for the Florida Keys but Mark with a Saito Suplex. Cole pushed Mark into a Jacobs Sliced Bread #2. Flying Scissors into the Spear by Jacobs. 2 count. Jimmy slapped on the Guillotine but Cole would not surrender. Cole got to his feet and hit a Neckbreaker. Uncle Mule Kick by Briscoe to Cole. Froggie -Bo to Jacobs. Superkick by Cole to Mark. Cole then picked the bones.

Jimmy Jacobs has been eliminated!

Cole and Mark traded hard shots. Cole got a bit more out of the exchange until a little Redneck Kung Fu just rocked the World Title. Briscoe escaped a Fireaman’s Carry but fell to an Enziguri and Flying Knee Strike. 2 count. Cole dropped the knee pad and went for another Knee Strike. Mark hit a Rolling Senton. He went for another Froggie-Bo, but took too long. Cole hit the ropes to trip Mark. Mark pushed Cole off the ropes and walked the ropes before hitting another Froggie-Bo. 1-2-Foot in the Ropes.

Cactus Jack Elbow Drop off the apron, by Mark. Cole was pitched back in the ring. 2 count. Briscoe went for a Torture Rack but it was blocked. Cole tried, several times, for the Florida Keys. A pair of Superkicks, one to the front and the other to the back. Florida Keys!

Your Winner: Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Michael Elgin got in the ring to face Adam Cole. Elgin tapped the World title belt and said “That is going to look real good around my waist”. They talked trash, minus the microphone. A ref rushed down to keep them apart.


–Jay Shannon

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