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The Road to Slammiversary is filled with bumps and curves. Samoa Joe is back and ready to destroy MVP and his group. MVP is determined to stop him. Who will come out on top in this battle of wills?

I do want to apologize for calling MVP’s forces “The Ascension”. That name already belongs to a group in Ring of Honor. I don’t think Creative has come up with a team name for MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King.

The show opened with a look at how MVP’s squad has destroyed so many people, in recent weeks. Samoa Joe might be the stopping force for MVP and his gentlemen.

Kenny King looked for Samoa Joe, in the back. MVP and Bobby Lashley were also looking for the big man. All they had to do was look in the ring, because that’s where Joe was headed. The fans busted loose with a “Joe” chant. Joe said he wanted to make it easy for MVP to find him. Joe invited MVP to come down and “Figure a few things out” between the two of them.

MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King came out as a united force. King took the stick and said this was getting old. Joe cut him off and said King should have come out and kissed Joe’s *ss. Joe screamed in MVP’s face about how he vouched for MVP and trusted him. He felt MVP was “Corrupted Absolutely”. MVP mocked Joe for “taking his ball and going home”. MVP explained that Joe was in Breach of Contract for taking off. Joe challenged all three members of MVP’s group. MVP said Joe wasn’t “That Stupid” to want to battle all three of them.

Austin Aries came out and claimed that MVP was afraid of Samoa Joe. MVP said he couldn’t fight Joe, because his hands were tied, due to Joe’s Breach. MVP thought about it and made a match for Samoa Joe…against Austin Aries. If Joe wins, he is reinstated. If Joe loses, he’s gone. Oh, by the way, if Aries loses, then HE is gone. Someone gets fired, tonight!

In the locker room, Bram and Magnus discussed Bram’s upcoming match against WIllow. Bram’s match was on deck. Magnus took credit formaking Willow, after Jeff Hardy lost hte World title to him. Bram said he used to be proud of him but Magnus has lost his edge. Bram wanted Magnus to go back to being who he used to be, if he even could. Magnus had a very deep look on his face as TNA went to break.

Willow vs Bram
Special Challenge Match

Trip by Willow. Mule Kick by the Odd One. Backspring Punch by Willow. Bram tripped Willow, on the apron. Bram punched away and got a two count. Running Double Sledge by Bram. Stomps by the Brit. Hammer Throw by Bram. Jawbreaker by Willow into a Dropkick. Bram went to the corner and Willow with the Outer Limits Corner Dropkick. The two men went to the floor.

Bram pulled Willow into the ring steps. Bram then pitched Willow back into the ring. Float Over Hurancanrana by Willow and Bram hit the floor, again. Slide Through Dropkick by Willow. Diving Clothesline, off the apron, by Willow. Willow slammed Bram intot he ring steps. Willow then nailed Air Willow, off the ring steps. Willow bounced Bram’s face off the steps and left Bram across the steps. Willow went for a move over the ropes but Bram moved. Willow cracked his face on the ring steps. Bram went under the ring to get hte pry bar. Willow seemed seriously injured. Magnus slid in the ring to try and calm down Bram. He didn’t want his friend to get disqualified. Magnus took the pry bar from Bran…and attacked Willow with it. Magnus went ballistic with the chunk of steel.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Willow
Impact Score: 2.25 out of a possible 5

The British Duo annihilated Willow. Bram was like a proud papa as he watched his old friend lose it.

MVP came in and found The Wolves in his office. The tag champs went off on MVP for being “a sheep in wolf’s clothing”. MVP put Eddie Edwards against Davey Richards. They didn’t want to do this but MVP threatened to strip them of the tag titles if they didn’t compete against each other…next.

Mr. Anderson was walking around dressed as “Sheriff Ken”. He yelled that he wanted beer.

Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards
Special Match ordered by MVP

Both men were hesitant to do this. Kenny King watched this match, from the stage. Go Behind and several reversals. The crowd yelled “Wolves” over and over. Knuckle Lock into the corner. Davey with the Monkey Flip and Eddie hit a Monkey Flip, as well. Both men tried for pins. Davey powered out of a pin by way of a Bridge. King screamed at the Wolves for not actually fighting. King said if he didn’t see any fighting, the tag belts would go back to the BroMans.

Side Headlock into a Push Off. Nice Universal into a Roll Up. Surfboard by Davey into the Rolling Pin. Eddie then caught Davey in the Surfboard. They were mirroring each other, move for move. Davey and Eddie Cartwheeled and spun out. Rolling Cross Armbreaker by Davey but Eddie moved into a Single Leg Crab. Davey with the Small Package for 2. Standing Switches by both men. Eddie rolled up Davey after Davey screamed about his ribs.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards
Impact Score: 2.0

Kenny King got in the Wolves’ faces about how horrible he thought the match was. King threatened to have the Wolves stripped of the tag belts. Davey and Eddie double teamed the cocky King. King fell out of the ring after a hard kick.

Dixie Carter went off on MVP for putting together the Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries match. He told Dixie to grab a glass of wine and some popcorn and watch the match.

Impact looked at last week’s Knockout tag team match. Brittany lost the match and then went off on Madison Rayne for not being her partner. Brittany admitted to wanting to “Be With You” to Madison. Madison is set to battle Angelina Love for the Knockout title, tonight. Brittany came in and apologized to Madison, for last week. Madison ordered Brittany to not get involved in her title match, tonight. There was a wild look in Brittany’s eyes.

Elsewhere, the BroMans were talking. Robbie E was stressing out about Crazy Steve of The Menagerie. He sobbed about a birthday party that he had, as a child, where he got a clown instead of a DJ.

MVP talked with Brian Hebner. MVP said he wanted a clear winner in the Aries/Joe battle. Joe was then interviewed about the situation he found himself in. Joe said this was typical of MVP. Joe said his only real regret was vouching for MVP. Aries came up and said he understood that Joe went home but it was about honor and integrity. Aries said he was sent home and punished because he spoke the truth about MVP. Neither man wanted to be sent hom, for good.

DJZ (Zema Ion) introduced the BroMans. They blathered on for a bit until Robbie started whining about being afraid of clowns. That ended up bringing out The Menagerie, including Crazy Steve. Knux instructed his gang to get in the ring. Steve fell in and out of the ring. Robbie tried to unpsych himself out. Robbie got up in Knux’s face. Knux said they were just like the BroMans, only they had Rebel. Robbie freaked out as Crazy Steve got up in Robbie’s face. It turned into a DJZ vs Crazy Steve “Horn Off”. Freak picked up DJZ for a Press Slam. Jessie attacked Steve. Knux tossed out both Robbie and Jessie. Freak held DJZ up for what seemed like forever, before tossing him over the top rope and onto Robbie and Jessie.

Backstage, Eric Young and Bully Ray chatted with Brian Hebner. Bully said MVP was trying to bully Brian. Brian said he had to do what he did because he has a family to support. Bully and Eric said they would do what they had to do.

Samoa Joe and Austin headed to the ring for the Contract vs Contract Match.

Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries
Career vs Career Match

EY and Bully watched the match, from the back. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Aries. Aries with a Shoulder Block but Joe didn’t budge. Aries then hit a Kneelift and Side Headlock Takeover. Joe with the Leg Scissors but Aries got out quickly. Running Boot by Joe. Joe missed the Backsplash Senton. Elbow Drops by Aries. The two went back and forth with hard punches. Joe got the better of that exchange. Boot Wash by Joe. Aries slid out of the ring to avoid the Broski Boot.

Joe caught Aries on the top rope and wanted the Muscle Buster. He didn’t get to do that. Joe nailed a huge Chop and went for the Muscle Buster, again. Aries rolled out of it and then the two went wild on each other in a massive Chop Fest. Aries blasted Joe in the face. Joe wanted the Rear Naked Choke but Aries took them to the corner. Aries rocked Joe with wild Back Elbows. Joe blocked the Brainbuster. Joe converted that move into a Front Drop Suplex. Corner Rush into the Joe Enziguri Kick. Joe went back for the Muscle Buster but Aries fought out of it, yet again. Aries jumped down to the floor and snapped Joe’s neck on the ropes. Punches and Chops by Aries. Aries rolled through the Uranage and hit the Roaring Elbow.

Last Chancellory by Aries. Austin cranked away on the move. Eric Young rushed down and pulled Brian out of the ring. Eric would not let Brian count. Joe got free and slapped on the Kokina Clutch. Eric pulled Brian back out of the ring. Bully Ray came down and punched Brian in the face. Eric said this was bigger than Brian or them. Eric said they had to do what they just did.

MVP came out and said this was not a game. MVP was ready to fire Bully Ray. Ray accused MVP of having a “God Complex”. Ray said MVP was ruining TNA. Amen to that. Ray was in the mood for an 8-man match: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe vs MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III. Eric wanted it to be an 8-Man “First Blood” Match. King overstepped his position and accepted the match for his team. MVP and Bobby were ticked off at King’s stuppdity.

Oh, yeah….

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Score: N/A
Segment Grade: 3.0

“Cowboy” James Storm’s music hit. It was his old music, not the new cryptic stuff. It was Sheriff Ken, not Storm. He mocked Storm’s whole love of beer gimmick. Christy Hemme admitted that she liked beer, too. Ken yelled “Sorry bout my damn…Breath”. Ken chugged a beer. The updated James Storm music then went off and the “real” Cowboy walked from the back, not looking exactly happy. Ken burped at Storm and said he thought this was funny. Ken talked about whuppin’ Storm’s *ss. Storm countered that all he did was p*ss him off. Storm wanted to fight Ken, again, but not right now.Storm was closed for business, tonight. Ken said his bar was open 24 hours a day.

The two went at it on the floor. Ken ran Storm into the ring apron. Storm pushed out and threw some liquid in Ken’s eyes. Storm rammed Ken’s face into the ring steps, several times. Storm then choked Ken with the ring skirt. Storm laid in wait and then caught Ken with the Last Call Superkick. Storm challenged Ken to a speciality match at Slammiversary. He told Ken to bring his Cowboy Boots. Texas Death Match?

Samuel Shaw and Gunner continued to talk at the loony bin. Gunner had Shaw’s sketch book but Gunner would not look inside, without permission. Shaw okayed Gunner to check out his sketches. Break time.

Gunner showed off some of the drawings. They weren’t all that bad. It was all kinds of stuff about Shaw’s life at home. Shaw felt in the shadow of his mom. The last drawing was not complete but it was obviously Gunner. Gunner asked Shaw to finish it. This kid is actually pretty talented, assuming he did the drawings.

Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love
Knockout Title Match

Taz adn Tenay talked about how Madison has held the belt 5 times and Love holds it, now, for the record 6th time. This could give Madison her 6th. Madison chased Love and ran her into the corner. Running Butt Rush into a Dropkick by Madison. Love with a Back Elbow. Madison with the Drop Toe Hold. Back Stabber by Madison. Velvet Sky got on the apron. Love Dropkicked Madison out of the ring. Brittany walked down to check on Madison. Brittany stood by and watched as Maidson rammed Love itno the ring apron. Madison screamed at Brittanyt o stay away. Love with wild punches and kicks. Scoop into a Front Drop Slam. Brittany distracted Love and Madison rolled up Love for a pair of 2 counts. Whip by Love . Love with a little shimmy and Corner Rush. Madison got the boots up and hit Forearms and Clotheslines. Trapped Arm Bridge Suplex for two. Madison with the Push Up Face Basher. Velvet got on the apron, again. She had the hairspray and sprayed it into Madison’s eyes. Brittany saw it coming but didn’t do a thing. Love rolled Madison up to retain.

Your Winner: Angelina Love
Impact Score: 1.0

Backstage, MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley ran into Ethan Carter III. Ethan reminded them that he was undefeated. They were not impressed. The quartet headed towards the ring for the wild battle to come.

Madison and Brittany chatted in the back. Madison was ticked that Brittany stood there and watched the Beautiful People cheat her out of the title. Brittany said she did exactly as she was ordered…do nothing.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated Slammiversary card. It’s going to be held at U.T. Arlington. I did a semester there, back in the day.

Ethan Carter III, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and MVP vs Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe
8-Man First Blood Tag Team Match

Aries wanted a piece of anyone he coudl get but really wanted Kenny King. He got what he wanted. King talked trash and ries just waited. Aries blasted King with a Chop. Last Chancellory but EC3 made the sae. Ethan got hte tag but fell to a Drop Toe Hold. Eric tagged in and punched away at EC3′s face. Eric ran EC3 into the corner and hit a Headbutt. Dropkick by Eric.Tag to Bully Ray. EC3 took off like a scalded dog as he saw Bully get the tag. Ray wanted MVP. The two got face to face and threw bombs, left and right. Double Clotheslines, a couple times, but no one moved. BIg Boot by Ray.

The fans screamed for Tables. Ray was taken to the enemy corner and King tagged in. Side Headlock by King. Back Body Drop by Bully Ray. Tag to Joe.Joe boxed the ribs of King and took KK to the corner. King went to the eyes and brought in Bobby Lashley. Go Behind by Lashley but Joe Back Elbowed out. TNA went to break.

Joe rushed the corner and crashed into Lashley.Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Tag to Eric. Double Whip into Stereo Elbows. Eric with wild fists to Bobby’s face. Back Body Drop by Lashley. Tag to MVP. MVP punched the ribs and face of the World Champ. Running Mafioso Kick to Eric’s face. MVP with wild Crossfaces across the forehead of Eric. Bobby tagged in and hit vicious Crossfaces, as well. Eric was sent into King’s boot. EC3 took the tag and popped Eric in the face. Tag to King. Headbutt to Eric that rocked King instead of causing the damage he wanted. Corner Flying Elbow by King. King with wild Elbow shots. Another Mafioso Kick by MVP. Earl Hebner was the ref in charge and he checked, all the time, for blood.

MVP with Full Mount Punches. No blood, yet. Lashley tagged in and cracked Eric in the face. Bobby ran Eric’s face across the top rope. Tag to Ethan. Ethan rammed Eric’s face into the canvas, several times. Sleeper by Ethan but Eric powered up Ethan wanted the Sleeper, for the 2nd time, but Eric with the Back Drop Suplex to get free.

Ethan tried to stop the tag but Joe got it. Joe with hard punches. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Runnign Boot and Backspalsh Senton. Ethan went to the eyes but fell to a Snap Powerslam. Spear by Lashley. Missile Dropkick by Eric. Mafoso Kick by MVP. Roaring Elbow by Aries. Bully went off on King with the Flip Flop and Fly. Aries flew off the top and landed on MVP and King. EC3 with a Spinebuster to Bully. Ethan flew into the corner but missed Ray. Ray had the chain wrapped around his fist. Strike to the face of EC3, which busted open Ethan Carter III.

Your Winners: Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and Eric Young
Impact Score: 2.75

In the back, Dixie Carter read the Rior Act to MVP and his boys for beating up on Ethan Carter III. Dixie said MVP crossed the line by attacking one of her family members. Dixie said she was now declaring war on MVP and his army.


–Jay Shannon

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