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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 6.5.14
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for June 5, 2014

3. Magnus — for finally going to the level Bram has been trying to get him to by viciously attacking Willow:

Bram’s attempts at getting at Magnus to resort to a more aggressive style have failed to this point, and he tried to set an example of the violence he was seeking out of his friend by attacking Tigre Uno last week. Magnus stepped in the middle of Bram going too far, challenging him to face a bigger test this week against Willow.

Magnus checked on Bram backstage before the match on IMPACT Wrestling, and he continued to warn about Willow being a much-different character than Jeff Hardy. Bram didn’t seem concerned, and he even warned Magnus that if he didn’t return to his old ways, then it would just provide more opportunity for him.

Willow was a bigger challenge for Bram than Tigre Uno, but he still had his difficulties against the feisty Brit. With Willow down late in the match, Bram looked under the ring for a weapon and pulled out a pry bar. Before he could nail Willow with the object, however, Magnus ran down in what appeared to be another step at simmering Bram down. When Magnus grabbed the pry bar away from Bram, though, he proceeded to beat Willow mercilessly with it, finally getting the violent edge back that Bram had been seeking for so long.

Bram was thrilled with this turn by Magnus, and it appears his hard work in getting Magnus back to that level has finally paid off. A more aggressive Magnus is definitely a dangerous one, and it will be interesting to see if going down this path pushes him back into the main event picture.

2. Angelina Love — for retaining the TNA Knockouts Championship with a win over Madison Rayne thanks to some outside help again from Velvet Sky:

Dealing with The Beautiful People has been enough of a struggle for Madison Rayne, but having Brittany get involved in her business has also been a problem. Rayne was faced with Brittany getting a little too clingy last week, but it didn’t stop her from announcing that she would be cashing in her rematch for the Knockouts Championship on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling.

Perhaps she should have settled her issues with Brittany before pushing for this title rematch against Angelina Love. Brittany did meet up with Rayne prior to the match and offered up her assistance, but Rayne simply wanted her to do nothing. And that’s essentially what she did.

Brittany did come down to ringside, and she received another warning to do nothing from Rayne. So she just stood back and watched the rest of the way, including when Velvet Sky found an opening with the referee distracted to spray Rayne in the face with hairspray. Love rushed in for the rollup following the blinding of Rayne, keeping her shoulders down on the mat for the three count to retain the Knockouts Championship.

Rayne was annoyed at the fact that Brittany did nothing to stop Sky from spraying her, but Brittany simply did what she was told. Meanwhile, Love found a way to yet again walk away with the gold around her waist, and she probably doesn’t have to worry too much about Rayne for the time being since she will have to deal with the Brittany situation head-on now.

1. Bully Ray, Eric Young, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries — for collectively standing together to fight MVP and his cronies in an Eight-Man First Blood Match main event:

This week’s IMPACT Wrestling served as another opportunity for the plethora of wrestlers screwed over by MVP to rise up against his power and get a little bit of the fight back on their side.

Samoa Joe, who returned last week much to the surprise of MVP, opened up the show to call out MVP and his crew. They were already on the hunt for him, so they didn’t hesitate to come to the ring. After some talking, Joe summed it all up by stating he wanted to fight all three of them. MVP was hesitant, so Austin Aries made his way into the arena to call him out on it. MVP didn’t give into the pressure, instead scheduling a match between Joe and Aries. If Aries won, Joe would be gone from TNA for good. If Joe won, then he would be reinstated as a full-time member of the TNA and Aries would be given the boot from the company.

MVP warned referee Brian Hebner to make sure there was a winner in this match, but Bully Ray and Eric Young also met with Hebner to tell him to do the right thing. Hebner, having a family to feed as well, was insistent on doing what was necessary to keep his job. So, Young and Ray did what they had to do. Young came down first during the match to prevent Hebner from making a decision, and Ray followed soon thereafter to knock out Hebner and effectively end the match.

Flanked by Kenny King and Bobby Lashley, MVP was quick to the ramp to threaten them, and Ray went on a rant about MVP having a God complex and calling him a piece of crap. Ray then challenged MVP and his crew, as well as Ethan Carter III, to an Eight-Man First Blood main event match against himself, Young, Joe and Aries. MVP wasn’t necessarily prepared to accept that challenge, but King jumped the gun and did it for them.

So, the match was on and it didn’t work out well for MVP’s team. ECIII and Ray ended up alone in the ring, and Carter initially put Ray down on the mat with a spinebuster. Ray moved out of the way when Carter attempted a splash in the corner, though, and he proceeded to grab the chain from the opposite corner of the ring. Ray wrapped the chain around his fist and drilled Carter in the head with it, drawing blood and scoring the victory for his team.

Ray, Young, Joe and Aries stood tall with their hands raised in the ring, while Dixie Carter had to step in the middle of a beatdown MVP’s crew was delivering to her nephew backstage. While the bad blood boils between those two parties, the guys fighting to keep things proper in TNA had a successful night rising up against MVP.

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