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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 6.2.14
By Neil Borenstein
Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from Monday Night RAW and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.
Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for June 2, 2014
3. Adam Rose — for finally going toe-to-toe with Jack Swagger on RAW and coming away with the victory:
When Adam Rose first arrived on the scene at RAW, he immediately rubbed Zeb Colter the wrong way. That led to a high probability of Colter sending his lone client, Jack Swagger, out to take care of the newcomer.
The two squared off for the first time on Smackdown last Friday night, and Rose came away with a rather unorthodox victory over Swagger. The two went at it once again this week on RAW to similar results.
There was quite a bit less running around and shenanigans on Rose’s part in this match, as Swagger was able to get some effective offense in on his opponent. He seemed to be wearing Rose down a bit with a submission attempt, but Rose was brought to life by the crowd chanting his theme song. Swagger drilled him in the midsection and sent him to the corner, but Rose avoided a splash and drilled Swagger in the face with his boot. Rose then dodged some right hands from Swagger and countered with a series of lefts. He hit one big right before delivering an inverted atomic drop, and then he came off the ropes for a swinging neckbreaker.
With Swagger seated against the bottom turnbuckle, Rose ran in for a Bronco Buster-style move. He then ran to the ropes and came back with a Party Foul, which proved to be enough for the pinfall that gave Rose two in a row over Swagger.
While Rose exited the ring to celebrate with his Rosebuds, Colter displayed clear disappointment in what went down. Rose has embarrassed him and his client on several occasions now, and it seems Rose just has his number.
2. Alberto Del Rio — for getting into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match with a win over Dolph Ziggler:
There is a rare circumstance surrounding this year’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view. The Money in the Bank Ladder Match will either be in its traditional form — being competed for a briefcase that grants an automatic shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at any point the holder decides to cash in over the course of the next year — or for the actual WWE World Heavyweight Championship should Daniel Bryan be unable to compete in a match against Kane, as announced by Stephanie McMahon on RAW.
Either way, the field needs to be filled for that bout, and the process began this Monday night. In the first qualifying match, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio, two former Money in the Bank Ladder Match winners that successfully cashed in their briefcases for gold, faced off.
This set up for a good showdown between two Superstars who have experienced the fierceness of this competition before. There was a good series of near falls toward the end of the contest, which almost worked its way into Ziggler hitting a Zig Zag. Del Rio held onto the ropes and shrugged Ziggler off, though. Ziggler ran back at him, but Del Rio pushed him away and tried for the kick to the side of the head. Ziggler ducked and leapt at Del Rio for a DDT try, but Del Rio once again pushed him off and quickly countered with a cross arm breaker that forced Ziggler to tap put.
Both Superstars put up a good fight, but Del Rio’s defense was just a little better in the end. He got the submission and earned the first slot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match that, at the very least, could secure him another future opportunity at the WWE World Heavyweight Title.
1. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan — for defeating The Usos without the presence of their leader, Bray Wyatt:
The Last Man Standing Match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was certainly a good one, and it involved the allies of both Superstars — The Usos for Cena and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan for Wyatt. In the end, Cena was the last man standing, and Wyatt was not present on this week’s episode of RAW.
That left Harper and Rowan to ride alone this Monday night, but they promised to continue fighting the cause for their leader. They would face The Usos later in the night, and they would live up to their word.
This was a hotly contested matchup and probably the best bout of the night. With pride and retribution at stake, the Wyatts didn’t let their leader down.
Later in the contest, all of the Superstars sent themselves sailing to the outside. Jimmy moved Harper back into the ring after encouraging his brother to head up top, which resulted in Jey flying off with a splash attempt. Harper managed to get the knees up, though, and he tried to follow with a discus closeline. Jey nailed him with a superkick midway through, however, and a two count followed.
They both hit their feet at around the same time, and Jey sent Harper to the floor, just not before Rowan was able to get the blind tag. Rowan moved into the ring and noticed Jimmy running at him, so he launched him to the outside. Jey was able to roll Rowan up, but Rowan kicked out at two and then caught Jey’s boot as he tried for a superkick. Rowan shoved him back to the corner and followed with a big side slam that kept Jey pinned to the mat for the three.
Not only did this win have to make Bray proud, but pinning the WWE Tag Team Champions also has to put Harper and Rowan in the top spot for a chance at the titles.

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