Posted June 1st, 2014 by Bill Apter

Paul Heyman talked about the CM Punk chants — and told the crowd that Punk is at the United Center (the other Chicago arena) to see The Blackhawks lose!

Very tough match. Cesaro gets an early lead with a lot of European uppercuts … Sheamus catches Cesaro on the ropes and pounds him repeatedly … Outside the ring on the apron Cesaro catches Sheamus with a huge, powerful shot to the jaw knocking him to the floor…Cesaro superplexes Sheamus off the top ropes and tries a few pin attempts … Cesaro stomps on the champ’s stomach with both legs … Sheamus with a backbreaker and pin attempt … Sheamus with a powerful clothesline and to the top rope and off with a kneedrop — and does it three times on Cesaro’s left shoulder … Cesaro with a flying uppercut … Sheamus with a slam and pin attempt.

Sheamus sets for a Brough kick .. Cesaro turns it into a suplex … Cloverleaf by Sheamus and Cesaro grabs the ropes for a break … Giant swing by Cesaro 22 times! Sheamus grabs him as he is about to pick the champion up and locks him in a “small package” and pins him!


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