Posted June 1st, 2014 by Bill Apter

Rowan and Harper accompanied Bray to the ring … All three were about to attack Cena but the Usos came to the ring to help Cena if necessary … Cena and Bray lock up and the action is very fast paced … Bray with several chops and then an elbow smash … WIth Cena trapped in the corner, Bray bodyblocks him and Cena falls.

Bray shoulder blocked several times by Cena who is going and gets the “five knuckle shuffle” but an “Attitude Adjustment” is reversed by Bray … Kicks to the head by Bray Wyatt … Cena moves out of the way of a Wyatt drop but Wyatt gets a good slam in … Wyatt going for Sister Abigail but Cena gets out … Both on the ring apron Wyatt smashes Cena into the apron … Wyatt tries a superplex off the ropes bu Cena headbutts his way out and then a double legdrop by Cena takes them both down.

Wyatt gets a Sister Abigail on Cena and he gets up by the 8 count … Cena gets the Attitude Adjustment … Both are down … Cena gets up at the 5 count … Rowan runs in … Usos come in … Now it’s Harper and Cena in the ring and he goes flying through the ropes onto everyone else (including his own team-mates)!… In the ring Bray smashes Cena with a chair several times … Cena is now outside the ring from the chair bashings as the referee counts … Wyatt comes out and Cena beats him with the chair … Cena brings a table into the ring … Wyatt suplexes Cena through the table!

Cena gets back to his feet by the 8 count and Wyatt has the ringsteps in the ring and bashes Cena with it … He stands on it to lead the fans in singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” … Wyatt, with Cena now on the steps, swings a chair but Cena moves and hits Wyatt with the steps … Wyatt is outside the ring and Cena lifts the steps from the ring and throws it at Wyatt!!! Wyatt is hit head on and gets back to his feet at the 8 count.

A “Sister Abigail” outside the ring! … Cena is up by 7 … Wyatt backdrops Cena on the steps outside the ring and then backdives onto him! … Punches by Wyatt (they are outside the ring) … Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on the floor … Harper and Rowan run in … They attack Cena and pick Bray up before the 10 count … The Usos come in and dive onto Harper and Rowan … One Uso dives and his hit mid dive with a table by Rowan … Wyatt was down but the referee did not see him as he was with Cena.

Harper and a USO up top turnbuckle and he suplexes him through a table on the floor! … Cena and Bray go through a barrier after a Wyatt flying elbow-smash … Cena and Wyatt now fighting in the crowd .. Cena is tossed on an electric equipment box …. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on a huge box and Wyatt goes though it … Cena covers it with another large box and it’s finally a 10 count on Wyatt.


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