Posted June 1st, 2014 by Bill Apter

RVD with lots of his signature kicks … Outside the ring RVD smashes BNB into the barrier and then the front row seats …With Barrett hanging over the barricade RVD flies onto him from the ring apron with a leg kick … Back in the ring it’s RVD with a leg-drop and pin attempt .. Barrett turns an RVD move into his favor off the ropes with a kick to the mid-section…Barrett kicks RVD into the barrier and off the apron with a flying elbow.

Barrett continues beating RVD as he drapes him over the corner post … RVD takes Barrett down with kick and a series of clotheslines …Rolling Thunder by RVD … RVD for the 5 star Splash but Barrett moves and RVD ducks a Bull Hammer … Barrett tries a Bull Hammer outside the ring by the ringpost , RVD moves and Barrett’s arm hits the post full force.

Finally back in the ring Barrett gets the Bull Hammer, knocking RVD out, and pins him!

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