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Jay Briscoe took on Michael Bennett as the first step in his ultimate journey to get the Iconic Title away from Matt Hardy. Plus, there was a Triple Threat for the TV Title.

Roll the Creating Excellence montage, which led into the regular opening montage.

We’re back to Baltimore, this week. Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly were your announce team.

ACH vs Roderick Strong

This kid, ACH, is fantastic. Strong had Adam Page and TaDarius Thomas as his seconds. The streamers flew from all sides before this one got started.

ACH shook hands with Kevin Kelly and the fans, since no one from the Decade would show the deserved respect to him. Side Headlock Takeover by Strong. ACH got to his feet and used a Drop Toe Hold to take Strong down. Strong with a Front Face Lock. The move almost turned into Cattle Mutilation but ACh got free. Knuckle Lock into a Side Headlock by Strong. They went to the corner. ACH with a Knife Edge Chop. Strong grabbed ACH by the head. Float Over by Strong. Slide Through into Deep Arm Drags by ACH. Head Scissors into the Side Headlock by ACH.

ACH flipped Strong over by using the ropes to vault over. ACH escaped the Back Drop Suplex and took Strong down with the Side Headlock. Strong took ACH to the ropes to force the break. Knife Edge Chop and clubbing blow by Strong. Float Over by ACH into a wicked Dropkick that rocked Strong. Strong bailed out to the floor. ACH with a running Kick, on the apron. ACH went for a Springboard Crash and Burn but Strong moved. He then threw ACH into the ring post, ribs first. RoH took a quick break.

Strong got up in the face of a young kid in the crowd. The kid didn’t back up a step. Strong then rushed over to run ACH into the barrier. Back in the ring and Strong got a 2 count. Strong stomped away on ACH. ACH tried to fight back but Strong attacked the legs. ACH with a Whip. Leap Frog into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Strong. Knife Edge Chops by Strong. Whip by Strong. ACH’s knee buckled, slightly. ACH dodged Strong. Strong pulled ACH off the ropes but got blasted. Dropkick by Strong that left ACH bent in an odd way. Strong with the Fishhook and kick to the face. ACH with a Double Sledge and Knife Edge Chop. Corner Clotheslines by ACH. Wow! The fans were loving it. Strong tried to reversed a Whip and got blasted for his error. Modified Implant DDT by ACH. 1-2-no.

Slide Through by ACH. ACH drove Strong’s face into the ring apron. Springboard Inside Out Crossbody by ACH. ACH pitched Strong back in the ring. Springboard Back Elbow by ACH. 2 count plus. ACH sent Strong flying. Rope Launch Face Plant by ACH. Strong was struggling in the ccorner. He dodged the charge of ACH. Elevator Knee by Strong into an Olympic Slam. 2 count, yet again. Strong put ACH on the top rope. ACH blocked the Superplex and fought Strong. ACh went to jump on Strong’s back but missed. Fast flurry of moves, including n Enziguri by Strong, Hurancanarana by ACH and Warrior’s Way Double Stomp and Punt by ACH. 2 count.

Strong tried to pull ACH out of the ring but ACH kicked free. Adam Page and T.D. Thomas checked on Strong. Flip Dive by ACH took out all three members of the Decade. ACH threw Strong back into the ring. He missed the 450 Splash. Sick Kick into Strong’s Flying version of the Back Stabber. Nice move.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Jay Lethal’s appearance, last week, was highlighted. He made an Open Challenge and it was accepted by Cheeseburger. Cheesy gave Jay a real run for his money. After Jay won, Matt Taven and Tommaso Ciampa came out and there was a Hell of a fight. That led to this week’s…

Matt Taven vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Jay Lethal
Triple Threat Match for the TV Title

Jay jumped Ciampa in the entrance way. Taven came out and got in the middle of it. All three men went wild on each other. Knife Edge Chops to Jay, from both opponents. The refs rushed out to try and restore order. Ring of Honor went to break so things could be sorted out.

Jay attacked Ciampa’s knee with a chair. Taven asked Jay to “Grow a Set” and get in the ring. Taven said he would destroy Jay and then cut Truth Martini’s head off. Jay and Matt were fighting until Truth slid in and cracked Taven in the face with the Book of Truth.

Your Winner: No Contest
Honor Roll Ranking: N/A

All Hell broke loose as all the involved partied went to war. The bell had no effect in stopping them. Neither did the refs. Jay slid out of the ring and Truth started to escort him to the back. Jay told Truth that everyone was jealous of him. That was a crappy ending but time was running short.

The birth of the Iconic Title was the next focus. Adam Cole gave Matt Hardy the other World title belt. Hardy called the title the: Innovative Creator and Originator of a New-found Industry Champion aka I.C.O.N.I.C.. What-the-heck-ever.

Michael Bennett (w/Maria Kanelliis) vs Jay Briscoe

The cheers of “Man Up!” echoed off the walls. No Code of Honor. Jay exploded on Bennett with wild punches. Maria flirted with Jay. Spear from Bennett. 1-2-not even close. Bennett with a second Spear. Jay caught Bennett as Michael went for a third Spear. Jay stomped away on Bennett’s chest. Headbutt into a Whip by Jay. Corner Clothesline and Snap Mare. Bennett came back with a Dropkick, out of nowhere. Bennett then stomped the chest of the Delawarian. Jay went wild with punches to Bennett’s face.

European Uppercut by Jay. Whip by Jay but Bennett sent Briscoe over the ropes and launched him off the apron with a Superkick. Bennett came out and threw Jay into the barrier. Bennett yelled at several fans. Maria said she has created “The Kingdom”. This one offended me, big time, as the former Playboy Playmate talked about having the “Father, Son and Holy Spirit of Wrestling”. The two men kept fighting on the floor. Headbutt by Jay. Maria called herself “Saint Mary”. Are you seriously kidding me?

The fight went up the aisle and Jay was thrown into the guardrails, over and over. The two threw massive bombs on the stage. Bennett went to the eyes. Jay blocked a Stage Suplex and hit one of his own. Jay took a cup from a fan and rammed it into Bennett’s face. Jay beat on Bennett’s back. Bennett was busted open. Jay called for a fan’s Rebel Flag, which he used to choke Bennett. Jay with a hard shot to the face as RoH went to another set of commercials.

We’re back and Bennett was stunned. Jay went up top but missed the Top Rope Crossbody. Spinebuster by Bennett. Whip by Bennett into a Back Elbow. Bennett tried to fight but a Headbutt stopped him cold. Body Slam by Bennett. Hardy Leg Drop, from the ropes, by Bennett. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Bennett. Jay punched free and then the two men traded a few blows. Jay with a series of wild European Uppercuts. Both men went for Cross Body Blocks and laid each other out. The ref started to count. Jay with measured punches to Bennett’s skull. Jay set Bennett on the top rope. Jay climbed up the ropes for a Superplex. Bennett did his best to block the move. Jay countered Bennett’s Box Office Smash. Jay with a Uranage Face Plant into the middle turnbuckle. Bennett was bleeding under the right eye. Jay with Boxing Jabs until Bennett punched back. Funk Neckbreaker by Jay for 2. Jay lifted Bennett up but Michael fought out. Bennett then lifted Jay, who also fought out of the Fireman’s Carry. Superkick by Bennett. Could Be…Might Be…Denied. “Man Up!” rose from the masses. Bennett tried for a Twist of Fate but Jay countered into a Sleeper. Bennett fell to his knees but finally managed to reach the ropes.

Jay with a Running Boot. Jay wanted the Jay Driller but it was blocked. Bennett with the Hammerlock Clothesline. Bennett tried ot lock in Back to Japan (Anaconda Vise) but Jay fought free. Death Valley Driver by Briscoe into the Jay Driller!

Your Winner: Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Jay screamed that he was coming after Matt Hardy. He called him several unkind names that weren’t exactly “Family Friendly”. THe crowd exploded for Jay Briscoe as RoH closed out one of the best shows in recent history.


–Jay Shannon

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