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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 5.26.14
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from the Monday Night RAW brand and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.

Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for May 26, 2014

3. Adam Rose — for winning his RAW in-ring debut against Damien Sandow as Davy Crockett, despite Jack Swagger’s attempt at interference:

Adam Rose is new to the scene in the WWE, and he has wanted to bring a good time to the WWE Universe since his arrival. Unfortunately, his unorthodox style rubs some people the wrong way, including Jack Swagger and manager Zeb Colter. Now a small rivalry has developed as a result.

Rose and Swagger are destined to face each other at some point, possibly even at Payback. But Rose needed to get some ring work in as opposed to just showing up at RAW, so he got his debut match on the big show this week. His opponent was seemingly just as unorthodox as him, as Damien Sandow dressed as Davy Crockett in a match against Rose.

The whole concept of the match was a bit loony, but it got more serious when Swagger came out to the arena and dragged the dude dressed like a lemon from Rose’s cast of characters down with him. While Rose was distracted, Sandow came from behind him to attempt a rollup. Rose shrugged him off, ducked a closeline and planted Sandow face-first into the mat to put him down for the three count.

After the pinfall, Sandow pushed past the lemon and ran into the ring, bulldozing Rose. Swagger put him in the corner and delivered some knees to the midsection. He then put Rose in another corner before pulling him out for a short-arm closeline. That, however, was not enough to keep Rose down. After Swagger wasted time doing a “We the People” and taking his jacket off, Rose countered a move with a spinebuster. He then mounted Swagger a few times and punched away, until Swagger was finally able to pull away and exit the ring. The Rosebuds returned to the ring, and Rose went back to partying.

Rose has displayed a relatively easy-going attitude since coming to RAW, but Swagger brought out a high level of aggression in the newcomer. Aside from a win in his debut, Rose proved he could handle Swagger as well, and it should be an interesting matchup when these two finally go at it in an official capacity.

2. Cesaro — for getting the last laugh against Sheamus with a win over Rob Van Dam and an attack to the Celtic Warrior after his match:

It didn’t take Sheamus long to find a challenger for the United States Championship he won in a battle royal a few weeks ago. Paul Heyman’s newest guy, Cesaro, has stepped in as a worthy foe, and these two have had their share of run-ins lately.

A championship match will take place at Payback on Sunday, and the battle for momentum was in full swing this Monday night on RAW. Both guys were in matches over the course of the evening, and there was plenty of back-and-forth between the two challengers.

Cesaro had his match first, and it came against the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Rob Van Dam. The Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett, was at ringside to provide some guest commentary, but he didn’t stay at the announce table for long. After RVD put Cesaro down with a step-through kick and signaled for a Five Star Frog Splash, Barrett made his way toward the apron. RVD spotted this and delivered a kick to his Payback opponent through the ropes, but the distraction enabled Cesaro to shoot up and hit a German suplex on Van Dam that he held onto for the pinfall.

While Cesaro celebrated with Heyman inside the ring, Sheamus quickly ran to the ring and put Cesaro down with a Brogue Kick. That wouldn’t be the last laugh, though.

When the Celtic Warrior had a match later in the evening against Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus was able to get a win courtesy of the Brogue Kick. But Heyman was on the microphone soon thereafter, serving as a distraction while Cesaro ran in from behind to deliver a kick to the back of Sheamus’ head. Cesaro pounded away at the head of Sheamus with vicious elbows, and three referees had to pull him off. Cesaro kept at it, though, and attacked Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus was at the point that he couldn’t even get up, so Cesaro continued to deliver some knees to his head. Finally, Cesaro pulled Sheamus in for a Neutralizer.

The United States Championship Match is set up to be one of the better bouts on the Payback card, and it should be highly entertaining to watch those two go at it. Cesaro certainly has the momentum after putting Sheamus down as he did on RAW, and he stands a legitimate shot at making the Celtic Warrior’s run with the title a short one.

1. Evolution — for making the Rhodes brothers regret barging into Triple H’s office demanding a match before closing the night standing tall over The Shield:

Evolution may be a bit preoccupied with The Shield and their upcoming No Holds Barred Elimination Match at Payback, but it is still open for a warmup fight if one presents itself. So, even with a contract signing with The Shield set for later in the show, it was more than happy to oblige the request of the Rhodes brothers for a match when they barged into Triple H’s office during RAW.

Triple H entered the mix after some verbal jabs were already traded between the Rhodes and Randy Orton and Batista, but he arrived just in time to grant Cody Rhodes and Goldust a tag team match against his buddies

Orton got a pinfall over Rhodes when he countered a Disaster Kick with an RKO and then delivered another to his former protégé from Legacy. While it was safe to assume that was the match, it was then announced that the bout was an elimination match, and Orton and Batista would face Goldust in a Handicap No Holds Barred Match.

That was not even remotely good for Goldust, who tried to escape. However, there was really nowhere to run, and upon deciding to go at Orton, Batista drilled him from behind and the 2-on-1 edge came into play. After some ringside assaulting, Goldust was sent back into the ring and received a spear, followed by an RKO. Batista then hit the Batista Bomb before covering up for the pinfall.

With that win under its belt, Evolution was prepared for the contract signing with The Shield later in the show. A brawl obviously broke out, and Triple H secured the advantage for Evolution by introducing the sledgehammer to the equation. A triple powerbomb to Roman Reigns through the announce table put an exclamation mark on the group’s dominance.

The Shield has faced its fair share of beatdowns from Evolution, and it always seems to get back up. But Evolution always has the edge when it comes to having the power to call the shots, and now it also has the confidence of a tag team victory and a successful beatdown just a week before Payback.

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