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Outlaw Inc (Homicide and Eddie Kingston) faced off against the unlikely duo of Cliff Compton and Kevin Steen, in a Charm City Street Fight. Plus, Jay Lethal threw out an open challenge and got an interesting acceptance.

I want to wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day. If you are so inclined, please take a minute and remember the men and women who have served our great country. My late grandfather and my step-father both served in the military (Army and Navy, respectively). My youngest grandson, Tim, starts his military career in just a few months. My health always kept me out of military service, so the best I could do was give these great people my most heart-felt support.

Roll the opening montage!

Welcome to Baltimore, again. It’s one of those places that, for some reason, I really want to visit, someday. That and Monroeville, PA. Bonus points to anyone who figures out why that little hamlet has such appeal to me. Smile.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino were at the announce table for tonight’s action. They ran down the night’s show.

Ethan Page (not to be confused with Adam Page) came out for the first match. He’s a young kid from Canada.

Ethan Page vs Silas Young

Pro Wrestling’s Last Real Man, Young, looked like he had been weaned on a pickle. Silas has had a really bad week and threw out the streamers, big time. Ethan looked scared silly. Code of Honor Handshake. I appreciate that.

The bell sounded and they went into the Collar and Elbow. Side Headlock by Silas. Silas flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex and took Page down with another Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle but Page didn’t move a step. Silas read Ethan the Riot Act. Silas got most of a good Dropkick. Jawbreaker by Ethan but Silas came back to nail Ethan with a Clothesline. Ethan escaped the Rolling Senton and did a One-Man School Boy into an Elbow Drop. 2 count for Ethan. Silas rushed Ethan to the corner and threw hard Shoulders. Ethan got dropped on the top rope and taken out with a Clothesline, while still on the ropes.

Elbow Drops by Silas. 2 count. Seated Rear Chin Lock by Silas. Ethan with wild Forearms but Silas kicked away. Back Body Drop by Ethan. Jumping Enziguri by Silas. Ethan with a wicked modified Black Hole Slam from the White Noise position. 2 count. Silas went for his finisher but Ethan moved. Springboard Enziguri by Ethan, for a 2 plus. Ethan was trained by Michael Elgin. Silas with a Backbreaker into a Clothesline to finish off the Canadian youngster.

Your Winner: Silas Young
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, Silas grabbed the microphone. Young said he would never be disrespected like he was tonight. Young said he has been over-looked for too damn long. Young said he was ready to make his own opportunities, whether we like it or not.

A video profile of the Outlaw Inc vs Steen/Compton storyline aired. Outlaw Inc tried to recruit Kevin Steen but he declined. Outlaw Inc had already taken out Compton, earlier in the night. During a two-on-one beat down, Compton surprised everyone to come out and save Steen.

TaDarius Thomas (w/ Adam Page and Jimmy Jacobs) vs Caprice Coleman

Kevin Kelly could not understand why Thomas has joined The Decade. Coleman wanted to know what T.D. was thinking to join people like Jacobs, Roderick Strong, Adam Page and B.J. Whitmer. Caprice also thought Adam should think about what path he was going down. Caprice got a religious spin on the whole talk.

Thomas Booted Coleman and went for a quick pin. He didn’t get it. Thomas threw Coleman down. Roll Up by Coleman, followed by hard shots. Thomas with a kick and hard punches. Coleman with a Leg Lariat. Jacobs screamed at Thomas. Thomas attacked with wild Knee Strikes. RoH took a quick break.

T.D. missed an Enziguri. Caprice unloaded on Thomas with a Elbow, after several hard punches. Coleman with the Trinity (Roll Through Belly to Belly Trio). 2 count, even with the nice Bridge. Thomas blocked the Inverted Atomic Drop and launched Caprice with the Gut Wrench Throw. Whip reversed by Coleman. Jumping Hurancanrana, off the ropes. Uranage by Coleman. John Cena like Guillotine Leg Drop, from the top, by Coleman, to take the win.

Your Winner: Caprice Coleman
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Jimmy Jacobs was livid that Thomas dared to lose. Coleman tried to talk to Thomas but Jacobs ran interference. As Coleman left, Jacobs pushed his boot into Thomas’ neck to grind him under boot. So wrong. Jacobs then told Page to get down on all fours. Jacobs kicked Page in the ribs. Ridiculous.

A preview of Best in the World aired. Makes me wonder if a certain other wrestler, who is just about done with his contract with the WWE, might show up to claim the name that he has used on himself for quite some time? I haven’t heard anything, one way or another, but wouldn’t it be awesome if he did?

Jay Lethal Open Challenge

Jay Lethal came out with Truth Martini. Jay decided he would face the first person to come out and accept his request for war. He got…

Jay Lethal vs Cheeseburger
RoH TV Title Match

Cheesy goes on my list of most unusual ring names. I should have that article up very soon. Smile. Truth, of course, bragged about how fantastic he is as a manager. Truth said Jay opened up “his” eyes for him. Truth said Jay was too great not to be a champion. Truth said he and Jay were the same. Truth then presented Jay Lethal to the fans. Jay didn’t want the “Fake Sheep” to cheer for him. Jay has been asked “Why?” but he wanted to know Why…did the fans turn their backs on him. Jay bragged about winning Survival of the Fittest in 2012. He also beat Kurt Angle and Ric Flair, in the past. He also holds the TV title, which he feels is superior to the World Title. He threw out the challenge. Cheesy slid in the ring as Jay kept talking. Jay and Truth got a laugh at the audacity of the skinny kid’s guts. Truth said he would not be held responsible for what Lethal would do to Cheeseburger. Truth unleashed his charge.

Code of Honor Handshake but a Superkick took down Cheesy in seconds. Jay blasted Cheesy and asked Truth to take a photo of the two of them together. Jay then went back to throwing hard fists. Cheesy fell to the floor. Jay threw him back in and got a two. Cheesy with a few shots but Lethal nailed the youngster. Scoop Slam by Lethal. Brutal Bob (Evans) rushed down to aid his charge, Cheeseburger. Lethal with a Hail to the King (Savage Elbow). Somehow, Cheeseburger kicked out! Jay just couldn’t believe it. Jay punched away but Cheesy would not stay down. Cheesy rocked Jay with 2 shots to every one from Jay. Kneelift by Lethal. Flying Crossbody by Cheeseburger. Superkick by Lethal. Cheeseburger converted the Lethal Injection into a DDT. 1-2-No! Jay came back to catch Cheesy with the Lethal Injection!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.25

Matt Taven rushed out to try and get to Truth and Jay. Lethal and Martini took off for higher ground. Matt wanted a fight but didn’t get it, at first. Tommaso Ciampa came from the back and jumped Lethal. Ciampa then went after Taven. All Hell broke loose as Ciampa and Taven took turns beating the daylights out of Jay and each other. “Let Them Fight!” rang out. Jay said he was tired of these two guys. Jay threw out a challenge, next week, for a Triple Threat for the TV Title. Truth just about lost his mind as Jay went out on his own to call for this match.

Homicide and Eddie Kingston (Outlaw Inc) vs Cliff Compton and “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen
Charm City Street Fight

Steen came out by himself. The announcers weren’t sure if Compton was even going to show up. Cliff came from the crowd to go after Outlaw Inc with a chair. Steen cracked Homicide and Cliff went after Eddie. Cliff waffled Eddie’s back and Steen blasted Homicide in the face. Homicide and Steen with a Chair Duel. Steen popped Homicide with a Mexican mask. Really? Steen and Cliff changed “Dancing Partners” and the brutality continued.

Homicide drove a chair up into Cliff’s crotch. Ouch! Homicide wedged the chair in the corner. Bell Ringer and Whip by Homicide. Cliff hit the chair, hard. Homicide snapped Steen’s neck on the rope. Flip Dive by Homicide that drew huge cheers from the fans. Cliff cracked Eddie with the chair. Steen with a Winds of Change into White Noise combo. I’d call that the Toronto Tornado. RoH took another quick break.

Steen found himself a ladder and brought it to the party. Eddie went after Cliff with the chair. Steen smiled and slid the ladder into the ring. Homicide escaped a Fireman’s Carry and hit a Tornado DDT. 2 count. Steen blocked a throw into the ladder. Steen Back Body Dropped Homicide onto the ladder. The ladder broke!

Eddie entered the ring to stay on Steen. Forearms and Fists by both but Steen with the DDT. Eddie with a Backfist to Steen, who had been on the ropes. Cliff with a DDT to Eddie. Cliff set up a chair and Drop Toe Holded Eddie into the chair. Bell Ringer by Homicide, who was covered in streamers. Cliff whipped Homicide into the ladder. Michinoku Driver by Cliff. The fans screamed how awesome this was. Cliff went and got a fresh ladder. He threw it into the ring. DDT by Cliff. Cliff rolled Homicide onto the ladder that was broken and then set up the new ladder. Cliff with the Superfly sign. Cliff started to climb the ladder but Eddie pushed the ladder. Cliff landed Crotch First on the top rope. Weak Ace Crusher by Homicide. Steen threw Eddie into Homicide’s crotch. F-Cinq onto the ladder by Steen. Kevin Steen pinned Eddie Kingston!

Your Winners: Kevin Steen and Eddie Kingston
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

After t he match, Cliff just walked away from Steen. Odd. I guess their feud just isn’t quite done, yet. Cliff did tell me, in New Orleans, that you just never know what he might be planning. Cliff took off as Outlaw Inc considered an attack. They left he same way that Compton did. Huh? Is Compton a secret member of Outlaw Inc? Were Homicide and Eddie on the prowl for revenge against the former Domino? Tune in next week and MAYBE we will get some answer?

Before I go, I wanted to let everyone know that the TNA recap may come a bit later than usual, next week. Why? Because during the show, I’ll be a proud Grandpa, sitting with my wife and family to celebrate Tim’s (who I mentioned above) graduation from Silver Stage High School. I hope to have a photo to share with you all. I couldn’t be prouder of my favorite of my grandsons. (Just don’t tell the other two…Grin).

As always…


–Jay Shannon

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