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Hulk Hogan opened the show to plug the WWE Network, telling the UK crowd it will be available to them soon.

No Disqualification
Dolph Ziggler vs Batista

Dolph hits Batista a few times but Batista hits a quick spinebuster, then he gets a chair but Dolph takes it from him. Batista throws him into the commentary table, and slams Dolph into the apron and drops him throat first on the barricade. Batista charges him but Dolph sidesteps him, and Batista goes headfirst into the barricade before Dolph clotheslines him into the crowd. We get back from a break to see Dolph hit Batista several times with the chair, then he rolls him inside but Batista rolls back out and runs away.

Dolph hits Batista on the floor and tries to whip him, but Batista reverses it and sends him into the steps before he slams Dolph’s head off of the steps. Batista sets up for a powerbomb on the steps but Dolph low blows him, and goes for a Famouser off the apron but Batista sidesteps him and Dolph slams his leg off of the ring steps. Batista throws him inside, and he connects with a spear out of the corner to win it.

Winner: Batista

Nikki Bella & Eva Marie vs The Funkadactyls
Summer Rae as Special Guest Referee

Naomi fights out of an armbar then she goes shakes her butt in Nikki’s face and kicks her back before running at her. Nikki takes her down and gets a pin attempt, with Summer ignoring the attempt, then Cameron helps Naomi with a double elbow before Cameron hits a double knee facebuster. Nikki comes back with a takedown, and Eva helps her with a legsweep, but Summer ignores another pin and Cameron gets a fast count rollup for the win.

Winners: The Funkadactyls

Bo Dallas vs Sin Cara

The match starts with Bo getting some hits in, following with a suplex and some rolling kneedrops. Bo plays to the crowd and Sin Cara goes for two rollups he whips him into the turnbuckles and chops him. Sin Cara connects with a springboard forearm strike and he counters a whip with a back handspring elbow. Sin Cara connects with an enziguiri on the apron then he goes for a senton but Bo ducks and hits a clothesline, and follows with a springboard bulldog for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Bray Wyatt comes out and says he sees the evil in the world, and they all live in a bubble but they are all prisoners. He says that’s what ‘they’ want, and John Cena is supposed to protect them, but he is just a monster and a liar. Bray plays a clip from Monday and he says he wants to destroy Cena and his message. He says Cena recruited the Usos, but Cena will just cast them aside when he is done with them. Bray says his brothers will take care of the Usos tonight, and when the Cenation crumbles he will be there standing. Bray starts going a bit crazed and chanting in Latin then he slams his hands down and starts singing.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus

Cesaro at announcers table taunts Sheamus and Alberto takes a cheap shot, then Sheamus hits Alberto in the corner and throws him outside. Alberto connects with a step up enziguiri as we go to a break, we get back from break to see Alberto hit a Backstabber for two. Sheamus comes back with an Irish Curse, and goes for a rolling senton slam but Alberto floats over and sidesteps a Brogue Kick. He superkicks Sheamus on the apron for a near fall Sheamus comes back with a powerslam but Cesaro pulls him outside and throws him into the steps. The ref calls for the bell. Cesaro hits a Neutralizer on the floor and sarcastically shakes Sheamus’s hand. Cesaro then shakes Paul Heyman’s hand before leaving.

Winner: Sheamus by disqualification

Vickie Guerrero comes out and talks about how she’s talented and beautiful, and she introduces Adam Rose and he says it’s party time. He asks if Vickie is a lemon or rosebud, and the crowd says lemon and she flips out and says he needs to leave. Rose offers his lollipop and Vickie backs away to the apron he does it again, scaring her she lands on the Rosebuds and they dance with her to the back.

The Usos vs Eric Rowan & Luke Harper

Jey and Jimmy take turns hitting Rowan in the corner, then Jimmy hits a crossbody that sends him over the ropes. We get back from a break to see Rowan knock Jey down Harper ducks a clothesline and throws Jey throat first into the middle rope. Rowan scoop slams Jey and slams his head off the mat, then he hits an elbow drop and Harper quickly follows with a second for a two count. Harper kicks Jey and gets a near fall but Jimmy breaks it up and the ref pulls him away while Harper sets up Jey on the ropes. Jey kicks him and connects with a somersault plancha and Jimmy hits Rowan with a crossbody before dropping him with a diving clothesline.

Jimmy hits a Samoan drop and sets up a corner splash, ducking a clothesline attempt by Harper and connecting with the splash on Rowan. Jimmy turns and kicks Harper out of the ring, he hits him with a suicide dive before Jey throws Rowan shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Rowan lands on the floor so Jey dives over the ringpost and splashes him, then Harper gets thrown into the barricade before Jey tackles Rowan into it. He rolls Rowan inside and heads up top but Bray shoves Jey off the ropes to cause a disqualification. Cena runs in the ring and drops Rowan with an Attitude Adjustment then Bray pretended as he was going to attack Cena but ends up leaving.

Winner: The Usos by disqualification

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