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MVP has a new force that he is using to try and dominate TNA. He has aligned himself with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King. This is leading to some serious battles between the group and those that they feel are beneath them…which is just about everyone.

The show opened with a video rewind about MVP and his rise to a place of power. MVP used that position to manipulate his way into a World Title Match, at Slammiversary. MVP then added Bobby Lashley and Kenny King to his entourage.

There was a fight in the back, as Kazarian was jumped for smarting off. MVP and crew then came out for their first appearance. MVP asked the crowd to settle down and allow him to educate them. He decided to share some history with the fans. MVP said his brilliance allowed him to bring in his friends and take over. MVP said it was always about taking the power and spilling blood, if need be. MVP explained he was tired of asking for permission to do anything. MVP’s new catchphrase “Money, Power and Respect…it’s the Key to Life”. If Creative had been on the ball, they would have made it “Money, Victory and Power” to tie in to the MVP initials. The fans called MVP a “Sell-Out”. He agreed.

Kenny took over the stick and pulled back the curtain on the charade that they have been working for months. King said it was all a game to mess with the fans. MVP had to curtail his young charge. MVP then turned to Bobby Lashley. Bobby said it was all part of the plan. Bobby was happy to be part of the plan. He put all his faith in the “Visionary”. MVP said he was a Prophet…no God. Madman, Visionary, Prophet?

The Wolves came out to confront the man that brought them into the company. There was a huge “Wolves” chant. Davey told MVP that they used to have a ton of respect for MVP, but not anymore. MVP said he did give The Wolves an opportunity. MVP kept The Wolves out of his plan because they didn’t have the Stomach to do what he had to do. MVP threatened to send Daey and Eddie back to the Indies. Davey and Eddie jumped Bobby and Kenny. Guess we see a future match for the tag titles. The numbers worked against The Wolves. Bobby took out Eddie with a vicious Spear, as he was held by Kenny and MVP. Davey was thrown out to the floor. King worked over Davey. MVP said this was about power. Bobby picked up Davey and took him to the ramp. MVP took Davey to the edge of the stage. Bobby then Speared Davey off the ramp and through a table! Kenny cackled like a maniac. The refs and trainers, along with Al Snow, rushed out to help Davey.

Eric Young was ready to fight, someone. He stormed towards the ring.

Dixie Carter showed up with Ethan Carter III. Dixie was happy to be “home”.

TNA showed Davey Richards being loaded into an ambulance. Eddie Edwards was at his side. Eddie rode with Davey to the hospital.

Eric Young limped down to the ring. He was not his usual happy self. Eric talked about the “Numbers Game”. MVP came out to cut off the Champ. MVP said he would allow Eric to speak, on MVP’s terms. Eric told MVP to shut up. Typical Bully/Coward move, MVP brought out his cronies. Eric said he didn’t like Kenny King and he called King a “Scumbag”. Eric then turned to Bobby. He brought up his wrestling, MMA and military past. Eric pushed Bobby button when he brought up Bobby’s son. Eric said the fans would be calling Bobby a “Sell Out”. The trio got in the ring and MVP said there were no Sell Outs in TNA, just those motivated by money. Eric said Eric would be taught respect. Eric said the fans motivated him and then jumped Bobby Lashley! Kenny got in the middle of it and the Triple Team kept going. Austin Aries rushed down and took the fight to King. He pulled the cocky Las Vegan tout and took him out. Aries then went after MVP. Bobby yanked Aries down. Low Bridge sent Lashley tumbling out to the floor. MVP bailed out the other side. Aries said some like him, others don’t. He was one of the only ones to see MVP as what he is…a Fake. Aries challenged MVP to face him. MVP accepted the battle. MVP told Eric that he would learn his opponent’s identity…when MVP was ready.

Bram and Magnus chatted, backstage. Bram got Magnus into another match against Willow. This time, it’s under Falls Count Anywhere rules. Magnus said he was getting sick of Bram. The two had a little altercation and Bram just laughed. He said that was what “We” want, to find the inner fighter that Magnus has tucked away.

Angelina Love had a big announcement to make. Love issued an Open Challenge. Gail Kim came up to accept but Love would not allow her to be part of the match. Love said she hadn’t finished. Guess we will hear the rest, after a break.

Velvet and Angelina came out in semi-matching pink and black outfits. Gail Kim still wants to be part of the Open Challenge. What would Angelina do to get out of this one? The girls had a Makeover Bag with them. Love took the stick and explained the rest of her challenge. Love said the Open Challenge was for anyone who has never held the Championship before. That kills just about any competitors with one fantastic exception…Brittany.

Angelina Love vs Brittany
Knockout Title Match

Brittany got sent to the floor and rammed into the ring apron. Love threw her back in the ring and stomped away. Love bragged about how great she is. Whip by Love. Monkey Flip sent Brittany flying. Brittany with a Small Package, for two. Love with a Dropkick to Brittany. Love with a Whip into another attempt at a Monkey Flip. Brittany blocked it and the two girls threw wild Fore-arms. Clotheslines by Brittany into a Snap Mare. Running Boot by Brittany into the Side Russian Leg Sweep. 2 count. Backspring Elbow failed as Love clubbed Brittany in the back of the head.

Love went to the top but got caught. Rocket Launcher. 2 count. Brittany rolled up Love but Velvet distracted the ref. Brittany blasted Sky but Love took Brittany out with the Botox Injection (Floating Bicycle Kick).

Your Winner: Angelina Love
Impact Score: 1.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, the Beautiful People did the Makeover bit. Gail Kim rushed down but got double teamed. Rolling Neckbreaker, by Kim, on Sky. Gail then hit a Flying Clothesline to the champ. Sky pulled love out of harm’s way.

Dixie said she would not allow MVP to ban her from the building. She said she was going to confront MVP, later tonight.

Ken Anderson chatted with “Cowboy” James Storm. Ken wanted to do something competitive but Storm just kept wanting to beat up on Ken. James liked the idea of a Drinking Contest. Ken asked the Bartendress to “Line ‘Em Up”.

Austin Aries vs MVP
Special Challenge Match

MVp came out without his posse. MVP said something about The Ascension but I’m not sure if that name is open for them to use as a group name. I seem to remember another Ascension somewhere in wrestling.

Aries flew off the top rope and nailed a distracted MVP. MVP never saw the Double Sledge coming. Aries slammed MVP into the ring apron. MVP with a kick and Knee Lift. MVP wanted to know if his lip was busted open. Aries with a Low Dropkick and Back Mount Punches. Whip by Aries into the Running Back Elbow. Corner Mount Punches by Aries. MVP flipped Austin up and over the ropes.

MVP and Aries fought on the floor. MVP was in charge, most of that encounter. Back in the ring, MVP scored a two. MVP with a wild punch and Running Boot…that missed. Aries with hard kicks and Flying Clothesline. MVP blocked the Brainbuster. Roaring Elbow by Aries. He then went up to the topes. MVP went to the corner but took two Corner Dropkicks. Aries went up top but the rest of MVP’s forces rushed down to attack Aries.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Austin Aries
Impact Score: 2.0

The trio began to beat down on Aries until Eric Young rushed down. The Numbers got to Eric, as well. Lashley with the Running Powerslam on Eric. MVP let Eric know that he would be fighting…Bobby Lashley…later on.

Suddenly, Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III came out. TNA took a break before this confrontation could happen.

Man, there is a LOT of talk, this week. One of these days, these wrestling companies are going to learn that the fans don’t give a Monkey’s Uncle about listening to all this blathering. We tune in to watch men and women compete and beat the stuffing out of each other. Cut back on the vignettes and long-winded rants and ratings just MIGHT jump up a bit. I’m just saying…

Dixie got up in MVP’s face as he told her that she was banned from the Impact Zone. She reminded him that she was the TNA President and she was tired of being ignored by him. Dixie said MVP’s action have made it where she had to show up. Kenny and Bobby tried to intimidate Dixie and it did work, somewhat. Dixie tried to play the innocent Southern Belle, which was laughable. MVP wondered what Dixie wanted. Dixie said she had something she could do for MVP.

Bully Ray crashed this party with a steel pipe in hand. Ethan and Dixie took off running. Well, Dixie tried to run but had trouble in her ugly shoes. MVP then screamed at Bully that Ray was also banded from the building. Ray got in the ring and took another microphone. Bully explained why he was there, to explain something to MVP. Bully called MVP a “piece of crap”. Bully said MVP was there because of Bully Ray. MVP grinned at him. Bully couldn’t believe these goofs were picking on Eric Young. Bully reminded them that Eric has been in TNA since day one. He talked about how Eric worked from the very bottom to the top. MVP didn’t understand why Ray suddenly cared. Ray threatened to clock Bobby with the pipe but didn’t get the chance. It was time for another Triple Teaming. Dixie and Ethan strolled back out to watch. After MVP and his forces left, Dixie told Ethan to get a table. Bully tried to fight back but Ethan eventually put Bully through a table. Those two are going to square off at Slammiversary, count on it.

Dixie and Ethan were walking out and Bully Ray was chasing them. They managed to just get away.

Magnus (w/Bram) vs Willow

TNA showed how Willow beat Magnus and Willow, last week, in a Handicap Match. Willow ran around the ring, several time. Jeez.

The two started with flinging fists at each other. Magnus nailed a Kneelift and then took over pounding away on the Odd One. The Fight went out to the floor. Willow flew but Magnus got the knees up. Magnus sent Willow into the steps and then went for a pin on the floor. 2 count. Willow had a brief flurry but Magnus came back. Magnus would not accept the pry bar from Bram. Willow blocked a Floor Suplex and hit one of his own. Willow threw Magnus back in the ring and dropped both a knee and an Elbow on the Brit. Willow connected with the Legdrop but missed a Swanton.

Both men were down and stunned. The pulled themselves up in opposite corners. Whisper in the Wind by Willow to gain a two count. La Bandera Clothesline by Willow. Crossbody over the top to get a 2 count, on the floor. Magnus blocked the Twist of Fate and hit a Clothesline. Bran gave Magnus the pry bar but Magnus was torn about using it. He blasted Willow’s ribs with the chunk of metal. Magnus just couldn’t bring himself to crack Willow in the head with the metal bar. Twist of Fate! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Willow
Impact Score: 2.25

Bram shook his head in disgust.

Gunner was at the Looney Bin to talk with Samuel Shaw. Shaw wanted to know why Gunner was here. Gunner said he knew what Shaw was going through. Gunner said he spent plenty of time in a place just like where Shaw is now.

Eddie Edwards was back and ready to kick butt.

Gunner shared a story with Shaw about a friend he lost in the military. It was a traumatic time for both of them. Shaw wasn’t sure how he could trust Gunner. Gunner said he would start by getting Shaw out of the straight jacket.

Eddie was in the ring. He screamed for MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King. He said he wanted one or all of them to try and put him in a bed next to Davey. Kenny King came out and Eddie tore into King with a massive passion. King tried to fight back but Eddie was in another place. He choked Kenny with Edwards’ shirt. Eddie screamed as he destroyed King. King jumped Eddie as Edwards went to get in the ring. King blasted Eddie with the microphone and laughed at Eddie. Eddie didn’t get the nickname “Die Hard” for no reason. King with a Moonsalt off the apron but missed. Eddie didn’t miss the Suicide Dive. Eddie just kept beating the snot out of King. Eddie choked Kenny with tape and clawed at King’s face. King dropped Eddie on the ring barrier and then screamed at the crowd. King moved the ring steps over and slammed Eddie’s head into them. Eddie flew off the steps and returned to punching away. King threw Eddie into the steps and kicked away at him. Fisherman’s Suplex, on the ramp, by King. King said Eddie wasn’t getting up. King told Davey that Eddie would be in the bed next to Davey. Eddie clutched at an injured shoulder.

James Storm couldn’t believe that Ken wanted to challenge him to a drinking contest. Both seemed to be getting plastered. Ken was stone-cold sober as he winked at the camera.

MVP came up to talk with Brian Hebner. MVP put Brian in main event as the ref. MVP asked him to do the right thing.

Storm was plastered as the cameras returned to the bar. Ken admitted that he wasn’t drunk but Storm was. Ken has been drinking “Near Beer”. Ken beat the stuffing out of the intoxicated Storm. Ken left him money to get a cab ride home.

Jeremy Borash talked with Eric Young. JB brought up that Eric might not be in the condition to do this. Eric said he wasn’t in the shape to go…but he was going to do it, anyway. Eric said he was about to show just how crazy he could get.

Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley
Non-Title Match

Bobby circled the ring and then hopped up on the apron. The bell sounded and the two got ready for war. Eric opened up with punches. Leap Frog and Slide Under by Eric. Bobby with a Hammer Throw that sent Eric up and over the top rope. Bobby came out and rushed Eric into the apron. Bobby focused on Eric’s lower back. Jawbreaker by Eric. Back Elbow by Bobby. Bobby twisted Eric in the ropes and then hit a Crossface. Rear Chin Lock in the ropes by Bobby. Bobby with a solid Palm Strike to the face. Hammer Throw by Bobby. TNA went to break.

Bobby kept choking Eric on the middle rope as the show returned. Bobby with lethal looking Crossfaces. Bobby with a Stall Suplex. 2 count. Bobby punched Eric in the face. Back Body Drop by Bobby. 2 count, yet again. Bear Hug by Bobby.

Eric fought free and took bobby to the corner with Machine Gun Back Elbows. Bobby with a shot and Whip. Eric came back with the Flying Foreaerm. Missile Dropkick, by Eric, for a two. Sidewalk Slam by Bobby. 1-2-not yet. Bobby with hard Corner Kicks. Eric tried for the Float Over but Lashley caught him. Eric escaped the Powerbomb and nailed the Piledriver! Eric was ready to deliver the Savage Elbow but MVP and Kenny King got involved. Hebner didn’t do a thing, even though he saw it all. Spear! Dominator (Bulldog Bounce Powerslam).

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Score: 2.0

The beat down continued. Austin Aries returned with a kendo stick but got taken out. Bobby ran Aries into the corner. King and MVP kept working over Aries Royal Flush Slam by King. King, MVP and Lashley stood tall over Aries and Young.


–Jay Shannon

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