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Roll the opening montage!

Tommaso Ciampa vs Roderick Strong

Ciampa was in a horrible mood and Strong was in for a butt whuppin’. Strong refused the Code of Honor Handshake. Bad move. Ciampa took Strong to the corner. Arm Bar by Strong, which was reversed into a Side Headlock. Strong broke free and took Ciampa down, by the arm. Ciampa bit Strong’s fingers. Strong with a hard kick and Shoulder Block. Universal into a Scoop Slam on both sides. Leg Sweep by Strong but Ciampa with a Crucifix Backslide. 2 count. Strong went after Ciampa’s knee. Float Over by Strong but Ciampa with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Ciampa went for a submission move but Strong escaped, quickly.

Ciampa gnawed away at Strong’s forehead. Ciampa blasted Strong and then dropped the knee pad. Strong slid out of the ring to avoid the Knee Strike. Ciampa Wheelbarrowed Strong into the ring barrier. Ring of Honor took a break.

Strong got rocked by forearms but threw some, as well. Ciampa with a Back Elbow. Ciampa with the Sunset Flip into the ring. Ciampa with a Inverted Crippler Crossface but Strong kicked Ciampa in the face. Inverted Curb Stomp by Strong. Knife Edge Chop by Strong and Ciampa begged for more. Strong threw several more, which only revved up the former TV Champ. Strong missed a Crossbody, off the ropes. The threw men threw wild Haymakers at each other. Rolling Germans by Ciampa. Throwing German (an Inside Out). Ciampa with his Knee Strike, in the corner. 2 count.

Strong escaped a Fireman’s Carry. Kryptonite Cruch (White Noise) by Ciampa. Strong escaped a Suplex but ate a Big Boot. Strong came back with a Jumping Enziguri and an Olymic Slam. 2 count. Double Knee Gutbuster by Strong but he only got a two. Ciampa escaped a Suplex with a Knee Strike to the head. Clotheslien by Ciampa. Adam Page got on the apron but ate a hard Knee. Jumping Knee by Strong. Cedric Alexander rushed in and hit his version of Trouble in Paradise (The 540). The ref didn’t see a thing. Project Ciampa!

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Roderick Strong grabbed the stick and went off on Cedric. Strong ordered Cedric to get in the ring. He didn’t have to be asked twice. The two men started slugging in out. La Bandera Clothesline sent Strong up and over the ropes. Cedric grabbed the microphone and said he could and would beat Strong at Global Wars. Cedric wanted Strong to prove to him that he was Mr. Ring of Honor. Cedric he didn’t want to be “The Next Roderick Strong”…he wanted to be “The First Cedric Alexander”.

Michael lgin discussed how important the IWGP Heavyweight Title was to him. Elgin said that was a few weeks away. Tonight, he was focused on Rocky Romero. He was going to show why he is considered “Unbreakable”.

As this will post on Monday, Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to send out special Birthday Wishes to 4 important people in my life, over the years. The first was my best friend, growing up, Fred. He turns 45 today. The 2nd is to my step-son, Gary. Kid, you Mom is surely smiling down from Heaven at what a great man you’ve turned into. The third is to Big Jesse, the ORIGINAL J.C. Scott. The final Birthday is to one of my favorite Characters in this business…O’Cat Oley…The Albino Luchadore. Now, I realize that the man under the mask wasn’t born today but the Albino One was. Felicidades, mi amigo. Smile

Romantic Touch vs Silas Young

That music sounds like something borrowed from the legendary If you’ve never seen Silas Young, he looks like “Gorgeous” Gary Young and Magnum T.A. had a child. Code of Honor Handshake and Touch tried to kiss Silas’ hand. Silas wetn off on him. Side Headlock by Touch but Young with a Head Scissors. Touch with a wild Turning Pin attempt. Knife Edge Chops by Touch. Touch waned a Sexy Monkey Flip but Silas pushed off. Bump and Grind Pin for 2 by Touch. Knife Edge Chop by Silas.

Touch reversed a Whip but Young put him on the apron. Leg Extension Enziguri. Springboard in but Touch landed on Silas’ knees. Silas stomped away on Touch’s chest. Touch with hard punches and a Back Elbow. Kitchen Sink by Silas. Silas pushed away on Touch. Touch with a Right Elbow to rock Silas. Billy Robison Backbreaker by Silas. Silas ended up tied up in the ropes, thanks to a Discus Clothesline by Touch. Monkey Flip by Touch. Touch with a Whip and Back Body Drop. Touch with the Flair Strut. Touch missed a Corner Rush. Flying Back Elbow, y Touch, for a 2 count.

Touch went up top but Silas tripped him. Silas with his Pop Up Rolling Senton. Gorgeous! By Silas Young. It’s a Springboard Twisting Bodypress out of a Handstand, in the corner.

Your Winner: Silas Young
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Kevin Steen talked about his first reign as the World Champ. He never got a rematch and he is ready for one. Steen admitted that he wasn’t happy in Ring of Honor because he lost focus on the World Champion. Steen will get the shot in Toronto.

It was time for an episode of (Yawn) The Fish Tank. Kule O’Reilly and Bobby Fish grumbled about the Young Bucks coming in from Japan to take the Tag Titles form ReDRagon. On March 17th, ReDRagon will get their rematch. Go Matt and Nick!

Corey Hollis vs Jimmy Jacobs

TaDarius Thomas came out with The Decade. What? The announcers didn’t have a clue why T.D> had switched sides. Adam Page was also with Jacobs. Adam and T.D. gave Jacobs a lot of water and a towel off. Jacobs threw the towel and then attacked. Corey with a Leg Lariat but missed a Corner Rush. Jacobs pitched Corey out to the floor. Scoop Slam, on the floor, by Jacobs. Jacobs put Corey on a chair. Jacobs screwed up, huge, as he went for a Tope Con Hilo and landed on Corey. That was so a mistake.. Jacobs took some water, from Page, and spat it in the face of Corey. Jacobs with a modified Funk Neckbreaker. Thomas was asked about why he was with The Decade. Page and Jacobs came over and ordered Thomas to be quiet. Thomas did as ordered.

Corey with a Big Boot and Rolling Hurancanranan. Corner Rush and a Gourdbuster. Slider European Uppercut by Corey. Jacobs pushed out of an Airplane Spin but Corey came back to do another one. Corey with a wild Brainbuster. 1-2-kick out by Jacobs. Backfist missed. Springboard Cutter into a Spear by Jacobs. Nice finish.

Your Winner: Jimmy Jacobs
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.25

Highlights of Ladder Wars form new Orleans ran. I talked to people the Saturday and Sunday after that show and everyone was super impressed with Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe.

Rocky Romero vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

The sound was so bad on this match but he video was great. Nigel McGuinness was talking but darned if I knew what he was saying. Code of Honor Handshake. The two men circled each other and then went into the Collar and Elbow. Clean break failed when Rocky hit a slap to the face. Elgin went to the outside, thanks to a Low Bridge. Knee by Romero, off the ropes. Romero flew off the ropes and Elgin caught him, back in the ring. O’Connor Roll. Romero with a little dance. Romero kicked at the legs and then threw hard Forearms. Snap Mare into a Leg Scissors by Romero.

Elgin rolled around to try and get free. Romero climbed the ropes, still holding the Head Scissors, and threw Elgin to the outside. Romero went for a Sunset Flip but ended up on the wrong end of a Powerslam. Hard Kick to Romero’s face. Stall Suplex by Elgin. The fans counted along, not that I could hear them. Smile.

Elgin finally took Romero down and went for the pin 2 count, only. It was tie for a commercial break.

Elgin flew into the corner as the show returned. Romero took advantage and pounded away. Elgin blocked a Whip but Romero with the Slide Under and Hurancanrana. Romero went and lounged in the ropes. Tope Suicida by Romero, as Elgin had crashed to the floor. Romero danced over the fallen Elgin. Damn, I hate wrestling without sound. Elgin threw Romero in but ate a Knee Strike. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Romero. Elgin was in the ropes, at the time. Corner Clotheslines by Romero. Elgin got his fill and hit a Big Boot to Romero. Ankle Pick by Romero. Elgin avoided several moves and hit a Bridging German Suplex for two.

Back Body Drop by Romero. Enziguri by Elgin. The two went to the ropes but Elgin blocked the Hurancanarana, .at first. Romero came back to send Elgin sailing. 2 count. Romero with hard kicks. Back Mule Kick by Romero. Elgin with a shot ot the back of the head. Elgin blocked several moves and then connected with a hard Clothesline. Elgin went to the corner and lifted Romero up for the Power UP Stall Superplex! 1-2-Kick Out! Elgin with the Buckle Bomb. Romero with the Jackknife Pin for two. Wow!

Romero went to the apron. Romero with a Dragon Screw, in the ropes. Uppercut by Elgin. The two fought on the ropes. Both men ended up bouncing on the mat. Romero with the Ankle Lock. Corner Uranage and Spinning Fist by Elgin. Buckle Bomb and Elgin Bomb to take the win!

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Michael Elgin showed a ton of respect to his opponent.

Face Out!


–Jay Shannon

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