Posted May 4th, 2014 by Bill Apter


Bryan attacked Kane before the bell but Kane gave it right back to him smashing him into the ring and then beating him with a Kendo stick … Bryan with a “Frankensteiner” on Kane off the tip rope and then knocking him onto the floor … A big boot to the face by Kane.

Kane with a vicious series of chair-shots on Bryan … Then a side drop on the chair … Chokelslam thwarted by Bryan and Kane winds up being bashed into a chair on the corner post … Bryan breaks apart the broadcast table and smashed the top and a TV monitor on Kane … Kane smashes Bryan into the Spanish Announce table … He tries to cholke-slam Bryan through the table but Bryan turns it into a DDT on the floor.

Bryan with 20 or more shots up the aisle with a Kendo Stick on Kane … Kane smashes Bryan into a WWE lighted set on the stage and then backstage … Kane tosses a TV set into a garbage can filled with water and sparks come out … Kane continues tossing Bryan into various things and then in the indoor parking lot … Bryan beats Kane with a shovel … They are now battling on a car … Kane backdrops Bryan on the car and then tries to hit him with a fire extinguiser … Bryan ducks and it goes into the windshield.

Bryan with a tire-iron kayoes Kane … Bryan drags Kane onto a Utility truck/forklift and drives it back to the ring, dumps him into the ring, climbs to the top of the forklift platform and dives off onto him for a pin — but only gets a two count … Kane sits up and does a chokeslam and tries a pin but gets a 2 count … Kane gets a chair and is going to Tombstone Bryan on it … Bryan counters with a DDT and pin attempt … Bryan bashes Kane with a chair about 13 times and then the “Yes lock!” … Bryan uses the Kendo Stick on the head of Kane and finally Kane gets to slide out of the ring … Bryan flies onto him and is chokeslammed though the announce table!

Kane puts Bryan into the ring and gets a table … He sets it up outside the ring and finds some gasoline and pours it on the table … He lights the table on fire! He is about to chokeslam Bryan but Bryan knocks Kane off … Ringside officials use fire extinguishers on Kane who runs into the ring — gets the knee to the face by Bryan — and is pinned!

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