Posted May 4th, 2014 by Bill Apter

Paul E. said the 11th Commandment of Extreme is “Thou Shalt Not Boo Paul Heyman!”

Lots of in-and-out of the ring action with Van Dam taking a lot of punishment as both Cesaro and Swagger seemed to concentrate on him … Cesaro got the Big Swing on Swagger but about 9 1/2 rotations before RVD stopped him with a kick … Swagger tries for a Patriot Lock but is thwarted by Cesaro flying leap off the ropes … Cesaro with a Superplex off the ropes on Swagger and RVD took advantage and pins him.

RVD vs. Cesaro now … Cesaro with a series of suplexes (one amazing German Suplex) … Cesaro tosses RVD into the barricade full force outside the ring … Rolling Thunder and pin attempt by RVD but only gets a two count .. Split Leg Moonsault doesn’t work either for a pin … RVD gets a garbage can but Cesaro kicks it into him … Back in the ring RVD kicks the can at Cesaro, lies it on him, goes up top and 5-Star-frogslpash by RVD hurts himself, Cesaro finishes him with the “Neutralizer” on the can.

Good match — lots of action and Cesaro’s stock goes up another notch again!

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