Posted May 4th, 2014 by Bill Apter

Fans booing Cena … Cena tries to get out of the cage but Bray’s partners Rowan and Harper are waiting for him so he climbs back down … Cena in charge early but Wyatt tosses him into the mesh and kicks and punches him … He places Cena by the mesh and has Rowan charge into him … Wyatt tries to get out the door but Cena pulls him back in … Cena just about over the top but Wyatt pulls him back down … Cena with a headbutt and Wyatt falls to the mat.

Cena pulled down again and crashes into the turnbuckle … Wyatt win a failed pin attempt … Big slide slam by Wyatt … Cena with a flying dropkick takes Wyatt down … Wyatt upside down tries to crawl out but Cena stops him … Cena tossed into the cage several times … Cena now tosses Wyatt into the mesh … Cena “five knuckle shuffle — you can’t see me.” Up for Attitude Adjustment by Wyatt grabs the cage and tries to climb up but Cena with a powerbomb and pin attempt … Door is own by Rowan closes it .. Cena tries to force it open … Harper helps now but Cean powers out and then slam the door on him as Bray attacks and powerbombs Cena … Cena climbs the cage … Rowan has Cena on his shoulders and tosses him back into the cage … Wyatt and Cena crash to the mat … Now it’s Harper & Cena battling on top of the cage … Cena pulls him in and Harper falls … Bray tries to get out the door put Cena cmashes the door on him from the tope … Cean back in thrown by Wyatt … Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Cena turns it into a STF … they are by the open door … Wyatt uses the ropes to break the grip … Tug of war with Rowan and Cena pulling on Wyatt and Cena wins the tug of war … Cena slams Wyatt off the ropes with an Attitude Adjustment but tries for the pin but thwarted by Harper.

Cena climbs up and so does Rowan from the outside … Cena grabs him by he beard and smashes his head into the cage … Now a legdrop by Cena on Harper … The door is open and Cena is about to climb out when the lights go out! … Lights come on and a little kid is by the cage door singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” Cena freaks out, Wyatt with “Sister Abigal” and the pin!


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