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Eric Young wasn’t ready to rest on his laurels after Sacrifice. The World Champ wanted someone to face and MVP set up a mini-tournament to find the next challenger.

A highlight reel ran of Sacrifice. The Knockout and Tag titles changed hands and Bully Ray got screwed in his Tables Match…by Dixie Carter. Time for some Fallout and Payback.

Bully Ray was spray-painting a table.

Eric Young talked about his recent wins. He walked into MVP’s office to chat. He asked MVP to find him someone to defend against. MVP accepted the idea of a title defense and had something special in mind. Mr. Anderson and Gunner, who both won at Sacrifice, were brought in. Bobby Roode broke in and said he was also a winner on Sunday. MVP set up a Luck of the Draw Tournament. The 3 men drew cards. Mr. Anderson and Gunner drew 4s. Bobby drew an Ace. Ken and Gunner had to face off and the winner would go after Roode. The winner of that match will later face Eric Young for the World Strap.

Magnus came out to the ring. He was still not in a great mood. He got his butt handed to him at Sacrifice. Magnus was ticked off that he was not in the Contender’s Tournament. Magnus demanded an explanation form MVP. Out in the crowd, Abyss looked on. He came to the ringside area and began to beat the stuffing out of the former champion. He barely missed with a chair shot to Magnus. Magnus jumped Abyss as they slid in the ring. Goozle by Abyss but Magnus with a Low Blow. Abyss shook it off and Chokeslammed Magnus. The fans began screaming “We Want Janice!” Abyss threw down the chair he had and found Janice, a nail-encrusted board.

Bully Ray came out with his painted table. Dixie pushed Bully off the top turnbuckle, Sunday, and cost him the match. Bully also ended up with a bruised rib and a cracked one. Ray showed off the table that was painted with the name “Dixie” on it. Ray talked about his injuries and then warned Dixie that if he found her in the arena, she would go through the table with her name on it.

Backstage, Dixie showed up. She had no idea about he threat against her safety.

Dixie ran into Rock Star Spud, backstage. He tried to protect her from Bully Ray. Dixie blew off the threat to be put through a table. Spud was concerned but Dixie said it was all bark…no bite. Dixie said Bully should be worried about daring to threatening her.

Mr. Anderson vs Gunner
World Title Contender’s Tournament, Opening Round

Ken came out and did his classic intro thing. Collar and Elbow to the corner as the bell rang. Ken with the Side Headlock. Push Off. Gunner with the Side Headlock. Ken punched the ribs and reversed the Side Headlock. Gunner reversed it back. Shoulder Tackle by Gunner. Hip Tosses blocked on both sides. Hammerlock to Headlock by Ken. Snap Mare by Gunner but Ken countered into a Seated Hammerlock. Gunner Elbowed free but took a hard Clothesline. Ken went back to the Side Headlock. Gunner rammed Ken into the corner. Back Elbow by Ken. Gunner answered with Elbows of his own. Gunner caught Ken and hit the Powerspin Fallaway. Gunner went up top but came down to blast James Storm. Storm kicked Ken in the face, by accident, with the Enziguri. Hanger 18 by Gunner!

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Score: 2.0

Magnus was being all grumpy in the locker room when he ran into a bearded guy that I THINK may have been one of the guys from Magnus’ old Gladiator’s days. The guy said they needed to talk. I tried to scan around the net to see if anyone else could identify the guy but no clues anywhere. The guy said he was there to knock some sense into Magnus. The guy called Magnus an embarrassment to the UK and the family. The guy accused Magnus of going soft. The guy said he was there for Magnus’ own good.

Ethan Carter III was in the ring and said in one week, he was going to have a Dream match against Kurt Angle. Ethan’s chest was shredded. Ethan said he hurt Kurt before Lockdown and their match had to be delayed. Ethan was happy that Kurt Angle was back. He needed him back to verify himself. That would happen when he beat Kurt Angle. Ethan said he had a treat for the fans tonight. The fans kept chanting “Where’s your boyfriend (Spud)?”. Ethan brought out Rockstar Spud as he sparring partner. Spud came out in an amateur universal with Spud on the front.

Rockstar Spud vs Ethan Carter III
Sparring Session

Single Leg by Ethan into a Gator Roll. “We want Angle!” rang out. This was just silly. Takedown into the Paint Brush Ride. Spud showed so much respect. Ethan took the mic and got the crowd into a “Spud” chant. He told Spud to Assume the Position. They were stopped by the arrival of Kurt Angle.

Kurt warned Ethan that next week, Ethan would get the New Kurt Angle…that wanted blood and revenge. Kurt swore that he was going to hurt Ethan, next week. He threatened to break Ethan’s ankle…in 7 days. “It’s Real…It’s Damn Real!”

The Beautiful People strolled backstage. They talked about the upcoming Party/Celebration.

Knux and his cute girlfriend were driving around. I think he called her Tenia (Ta-Nay-Ah). Knux said it would be him and her and Crazy Steve and The Freak. He said she would be going under the name “The Rebel”. They were on their way to get the other two. The Menagerie will debut, next week. Ah, the Oddities are Reborn.

Gunner vs Bobby Roode
World Title Contender Tournament, the Finals

The bell rang and the two men circled each other before going into the Collar and Elbow. Bobby kicked out of the corner. Bobby stomped away, in the corner. Gunner took a kick but No Sold it. Should Tackle and a solid fist by Gunner. Headbutts by Gunner. Irish Whip into the Back Body Drop and Benoit Diving Headbutt. 2 count. Bobby pitched Gunner out to the floor.

Gunner threw hard bombs but took a knee and was sent into the ring steps. Bobby slammed Gunner’s face into the steps. Bobby then rolled Gunner in to get a two count. Laces Rush to Gunner. Bobby with the Buggbuster for a 2. Bow and Arrow by Bobby. Gunner wasn’t about to give up. Gunner got up but took a knee and Dropkick. Bobby flew off the ropes but fell to the Fallaway Slam. Gunner with the Brutus Beefcake Flying Knee. Bobby went to the eyes to avoid Hanger 18. DDT by Gunner. 1-2-no. Bobby snapped Gunner’s neck and tried for the Roode Bomb. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex was the response by Guner. Gunner went to the top and flew. He ended up in an empty pool. Roode Bomb!

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.75

Dixie said she wanted the table set up, in the middle of the ring. She also warned her bodyguards not to leave her side. Nah, she’s not worried.

I wanted to stop, just for a second, and say good-bye to one of my childhood heroes. Lee Marshall, who announced for a long time for the AWA, recently passed away. I spent many an hour in my little den, back in Irving, Texas, listening and learning about how to announce. He definitely was an inspiration with his no-nonsense style of announcing. I hope your rest is a long and glorious one. God Bless.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were in their locker room. Love didn’t like the letter that she got that told her how to dress and behave. Her and Velvet were ordered to start dressing “As Ladies” or their would be severe consequences. This letter came from the Board of Directors. Sky said they would sport evening gowns for the celebration. Love hinted that there just might be some revelations by the end of the celebration. I saw those two lovely ladies, in New Orleans, and they just exude sexiness and beauty. They were also extremely nice, but that kind of goes against character so it just didn’t happen (wink wink).

Dixie came out to the ring with her entourage of protective forces. Dixie sat on the table and asked if anyone knew who she was. She bragged about putting Bully Ray through a table at Sacrifice. Dixie said she did that because Bully double crossed her. Dixie kept pushing that she, a lady, put the Master of the Tables through a table. She crowed that what she did was a first. She taunted the “Big Bad Bully”. Dixie said she was not intimidated or afraid. She felt Bullly should fear her.

Bully’s music hit and he strolled out to look at a wall of security men. Bully looked over the men. Bully said the entire Impact Zone wanted to see Dixie get put through a table. Ray knew Dixie feared him. Bully told the security forces that they weren’t going to stop him. Ray asked the guys if they were really going to stand in his way. Ray asked the guys to walk away. Security turned and looked and then headed to the back. The crowd loved it.

Ray then said he would count to 5 and kick the crap out of anyone in the ring. The three guys were going to get destroyed nad then Dixie was going through a table. The crowd did the counting for Ray. The trio of security held Bully but he exploded on them. He destroy the security forces, easily. That left Dixie and Bully in the ring. Dixie got in Bully face and went to slap him. Ray set for the Powerbomb but got stopped by MVP. He ordered Bully to leave her alone. MVP told Dixie to get out of “HIS” ring. MVP said he was in charge for the ring and didn’t have time for this. Both Bully Ray and Dixie Carter were barred from the Impact Zone. Seriously?

Willow vs “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm has some never darker theme music. Storm pounded on Willow and sent him to the ropes. Back Elobw by Storm. Storm with a Hammer Throw that rocked the Weird One. Scoop Slam by Storm. Wishbone of the legs by Storm. Storm then stomped away. Storm set Willow for the Eye of the Storm but Willow escaped. Flying Forearm and Double Leg Drop. Drpkick and Reverse Mule Kick. Handsprign Forearm intot he rope Slide Dropkick. Twist of Hate that sent Storm out of the ring. Storm went to the floor and Willow slid out of the ring nad hit a Back Elbow on the fly. He asked the fans to back up and just unloaded on Storm. Willow with the Leg Lariat off the ring steps.

Willow went under the ring and found a steel chair. He took it up on the apron. Willow went to Legdrop on Storm but missed. Willow then got his umbrella. Storm found a bottle of brew. Storm pushed the ref down. Bad move. The ref called for the disqualification.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Willow
Impact Score: 1.25

Storm broke the bottle and went to stab Willow. Willow cracked him with the umbrella. Storm backed up the ramp…right into Ken Anderson. Mic Check on the ramp.

MVP was catching Hell from the BroMans and Zema Ion. They were not happy about the 3-on-2 situation at Sacrifice. MVP put them against the Wolves and a mystery partner.

Bully Ray then came up and got in MVP’s face. Ray reminded MVP that he made sure MVP kept the job at Lockdown. MVP said he was responsible for stuff INSIDE the arena. He couldn’t control the outside area. Hint Hint.

Eric talked about both teaming with and feuding against Bobby Roode. Eric said no one knew Bobby like he did.

DJZ (Zema Ion), Robbie E and Jessie Godderz vs Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Sanada

Sweet! I love The Wolves’ new rocking theme music. IT broke down, quickly. All 3 champs slid under. Zema smarted off and got tossed into the lights. The Wolves howled and hit Stereo Suicide Dives. Sanada with the Slingshot Crossbody Block, to the floor. Robbie chopped Sanada and hurt his hand. Robbie did martial arts stuff and no one was buying it. The Wolves exploded on Robbie with Chops and Kicks. They sent Robbie into a Sanada Chop.

Eddie got Triple Teamed. Zema with the tag. Triple Impact to the Tag Champs head. Davey made the save. Enziguri by Eddie. Jessie got sent to the floor. Eddie and Zema were in the ring. Next week, The Wolves and Bromans will have a Ladder Match for the tag belts. It broke down into total chaos. Davey with the Double Foot Stomp to Zema. Then Sanada nailed a Top Rope Moonsault. Finally, Eddie connected with the Double Foot Stomp. Count to 100, this puppy’s done.

Your Winners: The Wolves and Sanada
Impact Score: 2.5

The Beautiful People were wearing some seriously sexy evening gowns. Their party was up next. Yeah!

The Beautiful People Celebration Party

The girls came out looking incredible, most notably, Velvet. Angelina just doesn’t do much for me, though I admit she is a pretty young lady. I just don’t like Platinum Blondes. Love talked about the letter that she got. Love said the BPs don’t take orders from anyone. They began to strip down to their music. This was a little silly but enjoyable…to a point. They stopped short and laughed at the fans for expecting that they would actually show off their “Goodies”. Hey, Love…don’t trash talk my home state of Nevada (hooker reference by the Canadian). Yep, we have “professional Women” but they are regulated and safe. I’ve had a few friends, over the years, that did that. Several of them worked as Nurse Aides with my first wife, Linda. Bite me.

Gail Kim came out to confront the new champ and her sidekick. Gail was ready to strip the two women of everything. Gail ripped at the dress of Love, who slid out of the ring. Gail ended up with the Knockout title belt. Madison and Brittany came out and finished stripping the girls down to their bra and panties. YEAH!

Impact Score: 5.0 (ok, I ‘m just kidding)

Eric Young vs Bobby Roode
World Title Match

Mike Tenay and Taz were divided by Eric’s want to defend the title, every week. I think it’s cool.

The fans broke out with a “Super Eric” chant. He smiled. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Eric. Hammerlock by Bobby. Hip Toss by Eric. History lesson by Tenay. Fireman’s Carry by Eric. Shoulder Tackle by Eric. Bobby with a hard kick and clubbing blow to the back of Eric’s head. Eric took a Shoulder Tackle that led to a Universal. Arm Drag by Eric. Bobby moved Eric to the corner. Bobby with a hard punch and a Whip. Float Over and punch by Eric. A Dropkick sent Bobby to the floor. Eric went for a Baseball Slide but stopped short. He had noticed that Roode had moved. Eric then waited for Bobby to stroll around the corner and hit the Baseball Slide. Impact went to break.

Roode reversed a Whip and sent Eric up and over the top rope. Eric hit hard, on the floor. Roode sent Eric into the ring steps. Bobby was obviously exhausted but he kept going. Bobby threw Eric back into the ring and got a two count. Bobby kept the pressure on the champ. Flying Knee Drop by Bobby. 1-2-not yet. Seated Full Nelson by Bobby. Eric got blood red in the face as he got to his feet. He powered out of the move and sent Bobby into the ropes. Flying Forearm and Discus Clothesline. Roode reversed a Whip. Cameraman got taken out by the Flair Flop. Rolling Belly to Belly by Eric. Suicide Dive by Eric.

Eric pitched Bobby back into the ring and flew off the top with a Missile Dropkick. 2 count. Eric called for his Piledriver but had to settle for the Sunset Flip. However, Roode sat down. Eric kicked out and came back with he Crucifix Slide. Haymaker and Double R Spinebuster by Roode. Roode wanted the Roode Bomb but Eric blocked it. Back Elbow by Bobby. Eric missed a Crossbody off the ropes but missed. Eric caught Bobby flying off the ropes, with a boot. Piledriver! Roode kicked out at two. Bobby hit the ropes to trip Eric, who was going for the Savage Elbow. Roode Bomb! 1—2—NO! Bobby just couldn’t believe it.

The two men traded Haymkakers. Enziguri by Bobby that rocked Eric to his core. Roode put Eric on the top rope but Eric blocked the Super Roode Bomb. Eric punched away on the ropes. The two gave as good as they got. Savage Elbow! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Score: 3.25

Eric offered his hand to Bobby. This seemed odd but Bobby accepted it. Eric helped Bobby up to his feet. Eric then held his title high in victory.

Backstage, Bully Ray walked around, outside. Ray said he was on his way…to Nashville! Stay tuned!


–Jay Shannon

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