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Jay Lethal had his first title defense of his (tainted) TV Title Reign.

Ring of Honor has a great new opening montage, complete with new music.

The show highlighted the Adam Cole vs Jay Briscoe Ladder Wars Match from New Orleans’ Supercard of Honor VIII show. Adam Cole ended up winning both belts. Cole had tons of help to get the job done, thanks to Michael Bennett, Matt Hardy and Maria.

Roll the original great montage footage, as well.

Adam Cole and Matt Hardy walked out to show off the dual belts that Cole now owns. Cole crowed about being the undisputed Ring of Honor World Champion. Cole called himself the best damn pro wrestler on the planet. Cole said he sent Jay Briscoe to Hell, where Jay stayed. Cole rubbed salt into the wound by saying Jay now had to face his family and admit he was a failure. Cole was certain that the Briscoes would never show their faces in RoH, again. Cole gave his 2nd title belt, the one that Briscoe wore, to Matt Hardy. Kevin Kelly was offended at the disrespect.

Matt was all choked up at the gift. Matt needed to rename the belt so he decided to call it the Iconic Title. Whatever. Steve Corino was just oozing over this mess.

Kevin Steen walked out to face the duo in the ring. Steen said Cole had no idea what Hell was but he was about to deal with the Devil (Steen). Steen said Cole’s claim as undisputed champion was a lie. Steen reminded Cole that he has been pinned by Steen, just weeks before Cole won the title. Steen was ready for Toronto to regain his championship. Steen called Cole “an obstacle”. Steen mocked Cole for getting Steen’s hometown wrong. Steen then tore into Matt Hardy. Michael Bennett rushed in and Sucker Punched Steen. Triple Team Beatdown on Steen. Cole bashed Steen in the face with the World Title Belt. This faction is now being known as The Empire.

Cedric Alexander vs B.J. Whitmer

Adam Page acted as a Corner/Cutman for Whitmer. The bell rang and the two locked up. No Code of Honor Handshake. Clean break. Arm Bar by Whitmer. Cedric rolled around to reverse the move into a Side Headlock. Whitmer gave a clean break, in the corner. Collar and Elbow to a Side Headlock. Push Off. Cedric with a nice Dropkick. 2 count. Another Dropkick and another 2 count for Cedric. Knife Edge Chop-a-rma by the two men. Kitchen Sink Knee by Whitmer. Gut Wrench Gutbuster, by Whitmer. The two men threw hard punches and kicks.

Cedric with a kick and chop. Forearm by Whitmer. Snap Mare into a Seated Abdominal Stretch. Whip by Whitmer but Cedric with the Big Boot. Running Clotheslines by Cedric. Baseball Slide Under into Trouble in Paradise, by Cedric. 2 count. Cedric slipped, off the ropes, but still nailed a partial Enziguri. Snap Powerslam by Whitmer to get a two. Rolling Fisherman’s Suplexes. 2 count. Break time.

Truth Martini did a quick promo about his new champion, Jay Lethal. Truth said all he touches turns to gold. Truth said he believed in Jay and Jay believed in him. Truth said things were about to get exciting.

Cedric with a Roll UP but Whitmer kicked out. Cedric hit his finisher but Jimmy Jacobs distracted Cedric. Whitmer with the Inside Out Clothesline to take the win. Really.

Your Winner: B.J. Whitmer
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Jimmy Jacobs screamed at Cedric that he would never make it in the business. Jacobs talked about Cedric’s family and then told Cedric to lick the dirt off his boot. Cedric spat in Jacobs’ face. Roderrick Strong rushed in and hit the Suplex Lung Blower on Cedric. Page ran over to wipe the spit off Jacobs’ face. The Decade was on a mission to destroy Cedric.

Adam Cole said there was doubt that Cole would retain against Kevin Steen. Cole said he was a lion and Steen was a sheep. Cole made fun of Steen’s weight and said Steen’s new catchphrase would end up “Run Steen Run!”.

ACH vs Andrew Everett

The fans really appreciated these young kids, as do I. T.D. Thomas was in ACH’s corner. Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow and ACH took the Side Headlock. Push Off with an ACH Shoulder Tackle. Backflip into a modified Universal. Andrew with a wicked Dropkick. Knife Edge Chops by Andrew. Elbow Drop by ACH. Falling Enziguri by ACH for a one count. Scoop Slam by Ach. 2 count.

Modified Texas Cloverleaf by ACH. Whip by ACH. Back Elbow by Andrew. Andrew with a wild flip over the ropes and a Springboard Missile Dropkick. Jimmy Jacobs was on the announce table, taunting everyone in sight. Float Over by ACH. Spike Hurancanrana by Andrew for two. Nice Suplex by Andrew. Everett went to the apron but missed he Springboard 450. Double Knee Drops into an attempt a Fisherman’s Buster. Andrew reversed it. ACH with a Moonsault to the floor. Andrew with a Flipping Tope Con Hilo to take out ACH. Andrew rolled ACH into the ring as the fans screamed about how awesome this was. I have to agree. Andrew went to the top. Holy Moses! Andrew missed a Double Spin Moonsault. Running Knee Strike and 450 Splash by ACH.

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

T.D. Thomas came in and Adrenaline Rush checked on Andrew Everett. Lots of respect shown.

Jay Lethal’s title defense was up in moments.

The burning of Matt Tavin was highlighted. Truth Martini said Matt also tried to “Fire” him so he returned the favor and made things really hot. RoH then showed how Truth aligned himself with Jay Lethal. Truth threw in Tommaso Ciampa’s knee brace, which Jay smashed into Ciampa’s face. Jay then went on to win the TV Title.

Jay Lethal vs Alex Koslov
TV Title Match

The fans hated the “New” Jay Lethal, as well as the “House of Truth”. Code of Honor Handshake. The bell rang as Truth blathered, on the outside.

Truth gave Jay some quick advice before contact was made. Jay offered another handshake. Alex wasn’t buying it. Side Headlock by Alex. Push Off but Alex with he Shoulder. Universal but Alex freaked out Jay with a Handshake offer. Rolling Arm Whip by Alex. Knife Edge Chops by Alex. Jay with hard punches. Alex with a Backflip out of a Whip. Dropkick by Alex into a Flip Dive. Break time.

Jay and Alex were fighting, on the floor, as the show returned. Jay pounded away on the Russian challenger. Back in the ring, Jay got a two count. Whip by Jay but Alex blocked the Dropkick. Jay came back with the Leg Lariat for a two.

Jay went to the apron and flew off the ropes. He took a Dropkick to the mid-section, on the fly. The two started throwing bombs at each other. The crowd was solidly behind Koslov. Alex with a Springboard Crossbody, for two. Alex put on his Russian hat to do the Cossack Kicks and a Flying Double Stomp. 2 count. Low Bridge put Alex on the floor. Dropkick by Jay to send Alex off the apron. Leg Lariat by Alex. Jay ended up on the floor. Alex almost fell when he hopped up to the top rope but recovered. He then hit a Flying Crossbody to Jay. The crowd chanted for the Moscowvite. Lethal Combination into the Koji Clutch. Alex would not submit. Alex tried to roll out but Jay just reapplied it. Alex eventually moved into the modified Crippler Crossface. Jay reached the ropes.

Alex put Jay on the ropes but Jay punched away. Alex recovered and went for he Superplex. Jay blocked it and hit a Headbutt to the ear. Alex fell off the ropes. Hail to the King (Savage Elbow) failed. Jay went for the Backspring Elbow but Alex with the Burning Hammer. 1-2-no. Alex went to the top but a bandaged Matt Tavin rushed in to attack Truth Martini and Jay Lethal.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Honor Roll Ranking:


–Jay Shannon

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