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The Finish: Magnus rocked Eric with his modified Michinoku Driver. He only got a two count, though. Magnus was getting desperate so he slid out to the floor and looked under the ring. He found the big wrench that is used to tighten the turnbuckles. ┬áIt was a ploy to mess with the referee. As the referee turned to throw out the wrench that he had taken from Magnus, the former champ went for a low blow. Eric was ready for the move and blocked it. He caught Magnus with the Piledriver. Magnus somehow managed to survive the move and kicked out at two. Magnus tried to take out Eric with Young’s own Piledriver ffinisher. Eric was able to reverse it into a Slingshot. Eric then nailed another Piledriver and finished off Magnus with Magnus’ favored Savage Elbow.

Your Winner (and STILL TNA World Champion): Eric Young
Sacrifice Scorecard: 3.5

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