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MVP took on Austin Aries to settle a grudge that Aries has about his believed mistreatment. Also more pieces were put into place for Sacrifice and Slammiversary.

Kurt Angle was warming up for his match against Rock Star Spud. Kurt warned Ethan Carter III that if he prevented the match, Kurt would come after EC3.

TNA looked at Eric Young winning the World Title. He then had his first title defense against Abyss, in a Monster’s Ball Match. It was just an evil battle with Eric getting a back full of thumbtacks and Abyss getting Dropkicked onto a board covered in barbed wire.

Magnus made his return to TNA. He looked even more sour than usual. Magnus was carrying a turnbuckle. Magnus had to stop short when he started to introduce himself as the champion. He didn’t feel he was beaten by Eric. Magnus blamed Abyss for the loss. He ordered Abyss to come out and face him.

The Monster came out, slowly. Magnus tore into Abyss with insults. He called Abyss a “blithering idiot that makes me sick”. Magnus talked about how everyone abandoned Abyss, because the Monster was a tremendous let-down. Abyss said he was restricted by MVP’s order to stay away from ringside. Magnus told Abyss that he worked for Magnus, not TNA. Magnus then fired Abyss. Abyss couldn’t believe that Magnus would fire him. Abyss explained that it was never about the money, it was about belonging. Abyss started to melt down as he realized that Magnus was not a friend. He called Magnus a pompous jackass. Abyss reminded Magnus that he hurts people. Abyss said he was going to hurt Magnus. Magnus said Abyss couldn’t touch him, due to not having a contract.

Lenny and Squiggy Moment. MVP came out and told Magnus to drop the turnbuckle. MVP needed to discuss this matter. MVP was willing to give Abyss a second chance. MVP asked Abyss if he would like a full time spot on the TNA Roster. MVP gave Abyss a one-night contract to face Magnus. If Abyss wins, he gets a full contract. Magnus was ticked off as Abyss explained how he was going to kick Magnus’ *ss.

Beer Money was going to reunite, later in the night, to fight Bully Ray and Gunner.

Spud didn’t want to hear Ethan’s pep talk. Ethan said Spud was alive, last week. Ethan said Kurt Angle was at the top of his game but so was Spud. Ethan wanted Spud to change from a tiger to a gazelle.

Kurt Angle vs Rock Star Spud

Christy Hemme was looking as pretty as ever as she introduced the former Olympic champ. TNA went to a quick break before the action got started.

Remember, Sacrifice is this Sunday. I’ll have a Crystal Ball article up soon.

Spud came out to fanfare. Kurt looked ready to laugh himself silly. Ethan forced Spud to head to the ring. Spud did not want to deal with the Cyborg. Ethan just pointed to the ring to make Spud go.

The bell rang and Spud went after the leg. He couldn’t pull off a Single Leg. Kurt sent Spud into the next time zone with the Gut Wrench Throw. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Kurt after Spud tried to kick the legs. Measured punches by Kurt. Kick by Spud that only ticke doff Kurt. Ethan held Kurt’s leg to allow a Slider Dropkick. Spud with punches. Spud with a Missile Dropkick. No count. Spud went back up but Kurt with the Runner Superplex. Kurt dropped the straps and clamped on the Ankle Lock.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Score: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Chop Block by Ethan. EC3 tried to slap on his Leglock but Willow rushed out to defend Kurt Angle. I still hate the character but he is starting to grow on me.

The Beautiful People discussed how Ugly things were getting with Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were ready to give Rayne a Make-over…Beautiful People Style!

MVP walked in and found Kenny King in his office. MVP noticed that Kenny King was making himself a little too comfortable in TNA. MVP had someone huge for King to face. MVP didn’t tell Kenny who he was going to fight.

Madison Rayne strolled out in electric blue. Madison will face Angelina Love, at Sacrifice. Madison asked for the microphone. She called out the Beautiful People. Madison was ready to deal with Velvet and Angelina.

Angelina said Madison looked a little run down. Maybe it was the new baby girl keeping her up. Angelina said Madison should be grateful for the opportunity to have a BP Makeover. Madison said she did forgive them. Madison was sorry that she was about to…attack both members of the Beautiful People. Velvet jumped Madison and then it was a 2-on-1 fight. Angelina screamed that Madison was a “nobody” before joining them. Angelina was about to do something evil but Brittney rushed in to help. She got taken out but the BPs. Velvet with In Ya Face to Madison. Angelina went and got the pink bag. She pulled out a paper bag with Angelina’s face on it. They put in on Madison.

Ken Anderson went to Samuel Shaw’s hometown. This might be interesting.

Kenny King was on deck. Who would he face?

In the back, Gail Kim confronted Madison and Brittney. Gail felt the Knockout Division was going in the wrong direction. Gail wanted to tag with Madison. Brittney wanted to be in Madison’s corner but Madison declined. I sense Brittney going all “Beautiful” soon.

Kenny King vs ?

King made his way out in his tux-like outfit. King got ready to fight and then found out who he was about to face…

Kenny King vs Bobby Lashley

King was not happy at this news. King hit the floor as Bobby flexed for the fans. The bell rang and King got on his bicycle. Amateur Takedowns by Bobby. Side Headlock by Bobby. Bobby with clubbing blows, in the corner. Shoulder Tackle by bobby. Universal into a King Drop Toe Hold. Side Headlock by King but Bobby powered out, easily. Side Slam by Bobby. King went to the floor.

Bobby showed off his muscles as King decided what he wante dot do. Incredible Backwards Leap Frog by Bobby> Powerslam. King pulled the ref in the way. Bobby semi-gently moved the ef and then worked on the wrist. King snapped Bobby’s neck over the top rope. Springboard Dropkick by King. Headbutt by King. Bobby began to punch away but King went to the eyes. Torture Rack by Lashley but King to the eyes. Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex by Bobby. Bobby with hard strikes. Clothesline by Bobby. Bobby with a Whip and Running Shoulder. Back Body Drop by Bobby. Kenny tried to kick but Bobby got the leg. Leg Sweep by King. Bobby blocked a Buffbuster aka King of the Night but Bobby caught him in mid-move. Damn. Bobby wanted the Spear but King bailed out of the ring. King tried to crawl away. He let the ref do the count. King just took the count-out. Cowardly thing to do.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Bobby Lashley
Impact Score: 2.0

Anderson was looking around Shaw’s old neighborhood. He went up to Shaw’s old house. He was surprised by the girl who arrived. She was just as flirty as her son. The mom’s name was Christy. Ok, that just took creepy to a whole new level.

James Storm and Bobby Roode chatted in the locker room. They talked about negative memories between the two of them. Roode didn’t understand why Storm wanted him as a partner. Storm talked about how awesome Beer Money used to be. He wanted that back to punish Gunner. Storm wanted to kick in Gunner’s teeth to make Gunner’s dad cry. Bobby said he had the same feeling towards Bully Ray. Storm was ready to kick…well, you know.

MVP vs Austin Aries
Special Challenge Match

The crowd was split in their support, on this one. Collar and Elbow into an Aries Side Headlock. Full Nelson by Aries into a Cravat. MVP worked over Aries’ arm after escaping. Aries reversed it but Mvp escaped. Dropkick by Aries. MVP with a Jawjacker and then he got ready to go Ballin. Aries rolled out and went to trip MVP. MVP stomped on the hand and then flew over the ropes to take down Aries. MVP threw Aries in. Aries Dropkicked the ropes, which sent MVP to the floor. Double Sledge by Aries. Flying Elbow by Aires for a two count.

Modified Savage Elbow by Aries to MVP’s neck. MVP with wild Haymakers. Bell Ringer by Aries. Corner Dropkick by Aries hit nothing but air. Corner Clotheslines by MVP. Aries bit MVP’s arm. MVP blocked the Discus Forearm. Euopean Uppercut into a Rolling Clothesline. 2 count. MVP stomped away on Aries. MVP went Ballin’! MVP then waited for Aires to rise and tried for a Back Suplex. Discus Forearm by Aries, off the Standing Switch. MVP escaped the Brainbuster. Release Suplex by MVP after MVP got free. Kneebreaker/Suplex combo by Aries. Full Speed Corner Dropkick, by Aries, for a two. Aries then went up top. He missed the 450 Splash. Shining Wizard by MVP to take the win.

Your Winner: MVP
Impact Score: 3.5

A video showed Sanada winning the X-Division Title from Austin Aries in Japan. This turned into a promotional piece for Sanada. This kid has the chance to be one of the greatest smaller men in the history of wrestling.

Ken Anderson was still in the Shaw home. Shaw’s mom was somewhat of a babe. Mama Shaw bragged about how great her son was. Shaw made a baked apple pie, every day, for her son. This was getting way beyond weird. Mama decided to show Anderson Shaw’s bedroom.

Beer Money Reunited (James Storm and Bobby Roode) vs Gunner and Kurt Angle

Impact looked at how Storm cost Gunner a Tables Match, last week. After a quick break, it was time to get down to business. Bully started against Storm. Side Headlock by Storm. Bully tried to lift Storm but James cranked on the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Ray. Whip by Ray but Storm with the kick. Clothesline to Storm and Back Body Drop to Bobby. Double Clotheslines. Tag to Gunner. Gunner and Storm will fight in a “I Qui” match on Sunday.

Gunner came off the top ropes to land on Storm’s arm. Storm went to the eyes and tagged out. Gunner with Sledges and a Scoop Slam. Benoit Diving Headbutt and tag to Ray. Double Whip into a Stereo Shoulder Tackle. Bobby with a Back Elbow. Ray clocked Storm and then hit Bobby with a Big Boot. Storm tripped and Posted Bully. Tag to Storm. Bobby held Bully so Storm could deliver straight shots. Tag to Bobby. Hard kick and Corner Run by Bobby. Bully and Bobby traded hard shots. Back Elbow by Bobby. Front Face Look by Bobby.

Bully began to punch free but took a Dropkick to the chest. Storm choked Bully on the bottom rope and bit him in the head. Bobby mocked Bully’s “Do you know who I am” catchphrase. Ray punched him and hit the Side Slam. Tags on both sides. Gunner exploded on both foes with Headbutt.s Corner Running Knees to both sides. Slingshot Suplex by Gunner on Storm. Roode made the save. Gully took out Bobby and then went Flip Flop and Fly on both men. Bully called for the Wazzup! Bully then told Gunner to “Get the Tables!” Gunner obeyed the request. Bully punched away as Gunner put Bobby on the table, on the floor. Bobby moved just as Bully went for the Elbow Drop, off he apron. Gunner with a DDT, on Storm. Bobby made the save. Hanger 18! to Roode. Last Call Superkick by Storm.

Your Winners: Bobby Roode and James Storm
Impact Score: 3.0

Magnus said it was time to end Abyss’ career. He talked about how it was his time.

Anderson went down into the basement. Ken couldn’t believe what he saw. Of course, we had to wait to see what it was…

We were back to Sammy’s little room. It looked like a kid’s room. Samuel came in and freaked out. He attacked Anderson. Christy Shaw just sounded like June Cleaver as she asked what the “Boys” were doing down there making so much noise. Samuel hugged his mommy as Anderson had to get out of the weird house.

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love vs Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

All Hell broke loose as the bell rang. Madison went after Sky but Velvet hid in the ropes. Madison finally got Sky and threw her down by the hair. Love took the tag and got kicked. Double Dropkick by Gail and Madison. The fight went to the floor as it was mentioned that Brittney had a concussion. Double Noggin Knocker. Madison into the Pushup Faceplants on Velvet. 2 count. Tag to Gail. Kim with a hard kick and forearm. Velvet almost avoided the Clothesline, but not quite. Love threw Gail down, by the hair. Love had tagged in. Love taunted Madison and then went for a Whip. Gail with the Drive Through Crossbody. She also kicked Velvet off the apron.

The Beautiful People tried to escape but it wasn’t happening. Gail with a Drop Toe Hold, on Love. Head Scissors by Gail. Velvet came in with a Dropkick to Gail. Love with a Sleeper while riding Gail’s back. Gail rushed, backwards, into the corner. Gail with a Side Backbreaker. Tag to Madison. Enziguri to Love and Running Boot to Velvet. Madison ran Love into the corner. Spear to Sky. Love with a Rollup with a handful of tights.

Your Winners: Velvet Sky and Angelina Love
Impact Score: 1.75

Knux told his friends an family that he had to return to the ring. The pretty girl that Knux was talking with decided to go with him. She sure looked like Cookie.

Abyss cut a promo about needing a sense of belonging. Abyss admitting making a mistake of hurting those close to him. He said this massacre would be for “Him!”. Hmmm…Eric? James Mitchell? Judas Mesias? Someone new?

The Wolves talked about their desire for the tag team titles. They said they were also there to get rid of Dixie Carter. They had already done that so the straps were next. The Wolves will face the Bro-Mans in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match that will also include DjZ (Zema Ion).

Eric Young came from the back to watch the Main Event. Young would do color for the Abyss vs Magnus battle.

Magnus vs Abyss
Abyss’ Career on the Line Match

Magnus got in Abyss’ face. Abyss with measured punches. Abyss ran Magnus to a corner and then Whipped him to another. Clotheslines by Abyss. Abyss threw Magnus up over the top rope. TNA went to break.

Magnus had taken control by the time the show returned. Magnus with punches, in the corner. Magnus attacked Abyss’ leg. Baak Heel Trip by Magnus into a Leg Bar. Magnus punched away. Goozle by Abyss but Magnus escaped the Chokeslam. Magnus kept the pressure on the bad leg. Abyss kicked out of the Figure Four, which sent Magnus to the floor. Magnus with the Corner Post Figure Four attempt. Abyss drew Magnus into the post. The two fought on the floor. Abyss threw Magnus back in the ring. Magnus with the Low Kick to avoid the Chokeslam.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Abyss
Impact Score: 2.0

Magnus brought in a chair and cracked it across Abyss, over and over. Magnus was trying to cripple The Monster. Magnus went to attack Earl Hebner but Eric Young came in. Back Kick to the crotch. Chair Shots to Eric’s ribs. And then chair choke to the neck. Magnus continued to attack both men with the chair.

The show ended with a preview of next week’s Post-Sacrifice card. I’ll be back with you then for all the fun and excitement.

Speaking of excitement, I will finally be able to tell you all about he super secret project that I’ve spent the last year plus working on. I just have to get the final few details finalized before I talk about…350 Days.


–Jay Shannon

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