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Hardcore Roadtrip Wrestlers begin arriving in the city starting tomorrow as Hardcore Roadtrip prepares for its 2nd set of shows.

Here is the official roster for HRT2 in London, Ontario Saturday Night!

Devon, Juventud Guerrera, The War Machine Rhino, “The Kingpin” Angel, Jazz, 2 Cold Scorpio, Christian York, Luke Hawx, Masada, Necro Butcher, Zach Gowen, Gregory Iron, Rey Horus, Warhed, Jesse FN Amato, LVD, Jewells Malone, Lufisto, PD Flex, The Flatliners, Colin Delaney, Rage, Volkano, Frankie Villa, Kongo Kong, Mike Verna, Joe Ettell, Talon, Al “The Killer” Coulter, Aiden Rayne, “Manhattan Playboy” Benny Martinez
Ring Announcer: Stephen DeAngelis
Referees: Derek Morningstar, Harry D, Vandercruz
Tickets are still available at http://www.HardcoreRoadtrip.ca and will be available for pickup on Saturday Morning after 10am

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