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This week’s show was a “Best of New Orleans-Supercard of Honor VIII” episode. The Main Event was Kevin Steen taking on Michael Elgin to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title.

Cedric Alexander vs Roderick Strong

Cedric has been a target of “The Decade” lately. Jimmy Jacobs, Adam Page and B.J. Whimer seconded Strong. Page is the newest member of the elite clique.

No Code of Honor handshake. Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Strong worked over Cedric’s arm but Ceddy reversed it. Strong took back over on the arm. Side Headlock by Cedric. Arm Wringer but Cedric reversed it. Kip Up by Cedric. The others of The Decade jumped up on the apron. Side Headlock by Strong. Push Off into Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Back Roll and Dropkick by Cedric. Strong with a hard Forearm and Whip. Strong’s hand was ripped open. Knife Edge Chops by Strong. Cedric tried to fight back but Strong kept up the pressure. Chop-a-Thon by both men. Strong pulled Cedric off the ropes and Ceddy’s head struck one of the turnbuckles, on the way down.

After a quick break, Strong with the Elevator Kne. Cedric reversed a Uranage into a Crucifix Slide. Strong pulled Cedric into a Swinging Backbreaker. The fans were loving this action, as was I. I so wish I would have had time to be at this show. The two went back to a Battle of the Knife Edges. Ceddy missed a Kick off the ropes. Flying Knee into the Double Knee Gutbuster, by Strong. Could be…might be…NO! The fans absolutely exploded. Cedric blocked and then escaped a Suplex. Kick from Cedric, off the turnbuckles. Cedric nailed Page and took out Jacobs with the Kick (Trouble in Paradise). He hit Beat the Guild #2 on Strong. Suicide Dive onto The Decade members, outside. Strong with a Dropkick and Flying Backbreaker.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: out of a possible

Jacobs grabbed the stick as the fans screamed about how awesome the match was. Jacobs pushed Strong’s abilities. Jacobs also showed respect to Page for showing respect. Jacobs ordered Cedric to leave their ring and their building. Jacobs said it was time for a 6-man Scramble.

Andrew Everett and Adrenaline Rush vs B.J. Whitmer, Adam Page and Jimmy Jacobs
6-man “Scramble” Match

Ok, so this is basically Luchadore Tag Rules. For those unfamiliar with the way they do tag teams and “Trios” matches, south of the border…If an opponent goes out of the ring and both feet hit the floor, one of that person’s partners can enter the ring without a tag. I like it.

After a break, it was time to go.l ACH was whipped and then he threw a Dropkick. Whitmer No Sold a pair of Dropkicks but a a series of Low Dropkicks sent Whitmer to the floor. Jacobs took the Scramble “Tag”. He kicked ACH out. T.D Thomas came in and hit various kicks and the Hangman’s Clothesline. Andrew tagged in and rocked Jacobs. Page came in and fell to a Hurancanrana. Page went to the floor. Andrew was tripped by Whitmer. Jacobs and Thomas were in. Thomas took out Whitmer and Page, on the floor. ACH came in and went after Jacobs. Suicide Spear by Jacobs. Cool move from Whitmer’s shoulders.

ACH and Whitmer went back in and Whitmer with the Knife Edge Chops. Double Back Whips by Jacobs and Whitmer. They talked about a guy in the crowd with Dreadlocks. Triple Bomb on ACH. Page with the Scoop Slam. Rear Chin Lock by the newest member of The Decade. ACH with the Jawbreaker. Back Elbow by Page. Knife Edge Chops by Page as the “Woos” rang out. Whitmer took the tag as Jacobs taunted ACH.

ACH clubbed away but Whitmer dropped him and then slapped ACH. La Bandera Clothesline by ACH. Clipping Tope Con Hilo. Awesome. T.D. and Jacobs in. T.C with Knife Edges, a Spin Kick and Flying Boot for a two count. Jawbreaker by Jacobs. T.S. with martial arts move to send Jacobs out. Page with a wicked Flying Backbreaker. Andrew came in and messed up in the corner. Page pushed out and hit the Moonsault on Pae. Whitmer came in and Andrew with Back Elbow and the Springboard Crescent Kick. Andrew with the Springboard 450 to the floor. Springboard 450 to Whitmer. 1-2-no. Whitmer flipped Andrew to the outside. A Japanese photographer was taken out. T.D. Thomas came in and Whitmer and Jacobs nailed the All-Seeing Eye.

Your Winners: The Decade
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Jacobs had the Spike. Kevin Sullivan just smiled from home. Jacobs didn’t use the Spike on Thomas. The group just left the ring.

Speaking of Kevin Sullivan, I learned from one of his students (Andy Anderson) that Kevin got severely injured at an independent show. It happened after a shot to the face did massive damage to his eye. I consider Kevin a friend and I want to wish him all the best. He’s a good man and has done a Hell of a lot for this industry. Get Well Soon and maybe we can touch base at the Boston show in late June.

Next up, it was time for highlights of Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole in Ladder Wars. Jay had lost the World Title, due to an injury. Adam Cole ended up with the strap and Jay took exception, since he was never beaten. Jay created his own title belt after Adam Cole attacked him when Jay surrender the title belt to the new champ. Nigel McGuinness set the match for the New Orleans show. Both Briscoe and Cole made their comments. Still shots of the vicious battle were shown. Kevin Kelly said the match was so violent and gory that it could not be shown on television. You have to go to ROHWrestling.com to see the whole match. Adam Cole ended up uniting the two titles. I heard feedback from the fans and a few great Ring of Honor stars, on Saturday and Sunday, and they said the match was one of the sickest things that they had sat through.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen
Number One Contender to the IWGP Title Mach

The ring was literally drowned in streamers. The poor ref was having a heck of a time clearing out the streamers since more would flood in as he threw some out. The Tale of the Tape was awesome. Code of Honor Handshake.

Steen immediately went for the Package Piledriver but Elgin blocked it. Corner Whip into the Cannonball by Steen 2 count. Steen had slimmed down, quite a bit. The two fought on the floor. Steen threw Elgin through the barrier. RoH went to break.

Elgin wanted a Suplex, on the floor. He held Steen up for quite some time, on the floor, before dropping him. Elgin rolled Steen into the ring and got a two count. Elgin took Steen to the corner and threw hard Forearms. Whip by Elgin into a textbook Dropkick. 2 count. The fans started chanting for Steen. Elgin with a Whip. Steen held the ropes and nailed a Running Knee and Rope Assisted DDT to rock Elgin for a two count. That cover was weak. Steen clutched at his back. Scoop Drop into the Backsplash Senton by Steen. Forearms and Chops by Steen into Shoulder Thrusts.

Whip by Steen but Elgin with a hard Enziguri. Elgin with a Power Up German. Dang! You just had to see that move to truly appreciate it. Elgin seemed hurt after the move. Double Clotheslines. Elgin wanted the Crippler Crossface but Steen escaped. Black Hole Slam by Elgin for a two after blocking the Sharpshooter. Elgin positioned Steen and went up top. Elgin missed the Twisting Senton. Elgin escaped the F-Cinq. Go Behind by Elgin. Big Boot into a Fisherman’s Shoulder Breaker. 2 count, again. “This is Wrestling!” rang out and I have to fully agree. Cannonball but Elgin caught him and hit a Bowerbomb. F-Cinq by Steen for a two plus. Both men were down and stunned. Time for another round of commercials.

Steen and Elgin battled to their feet. Elgin wanted the Powerbomb but Steen dodged it. Elgin got out of the Sleeper Suplex. Out Drop Powerbomb into the Package Piledriver by Steen. 1-2-Wow! Kick Out! Steen just couldn’t believe it. Steen rolled to the apron and tried to catch his breath. Steen went up to the top turnbuckles and went into a Senton. Elgin got the knees up. The ref began to count both men down. The New Orleans humidity was getting to them. Elgin with the Samoa Joe Uranage, a Back Fist and the Buckle Bomb. Elgin then hit the Spinner Bomb for a two. Good Grief!

Steen collapsed into the corner. Elgin lifted Steen onto the top turnbuckle and then climbed. Steen with a Fisherman’s Super-Buster. 2 count. Are you kidding me? Frustration began to creep out of Steen’s face. Steen went for another Package Piledriver but couldn’t get it. Elgin aTrio of Clutch Powerbombs. Elgin signed that it was time for the end. Steen completely collapsed as Elgin went for another Buckle Bomb. Sleeper Suplex by Steen. Clothesline from Hell by Elgin. Another Buckle Bomb by Elgin. Elgin with Steen’s Package Piledriver to take the win. Really?

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

That was absolutely off the charts. I so wish I had been there, in person, to see that one. “That Was Wrestling!” was the deafening crowd roar. The two men crawled over to hug and shake hands. Steen told Elgin “You go win it (The IWGP World Title).

–Jay Shannon

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