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Eric Young was ready to defend his newly-won World Title. It would be a tough row to hoe as he ended up facing one of the most brutal men in the business.

The show began with a look at Eric Young completing a 10-year dream by winning the TNA World Title. Eric showed his love to the fans after winning the title. Eric was beyond touched at the outpouring of love from the other wrestlers and the fans.

Eric came out to address the fans. Eric said the belt represented a lifetime of hard work. “You Deserve It” rose from the crowd. Eric explained that all his work, during his whole life, led to the title. Eric wanted the fans the know that winning the belt was payback for the fans’ support. Eric was ready to start having fun. He would defend the belt any way that the fans saw fit…

Enter Dixie Carter. I thought we got rid of her lame keister? Dixie tried to take credit for Eric’s success. She crowed about Eric’s potential. She told him that she allowed him to stay and to grow the beard. Dixie suggested that she created “The Beard” before others ripped her off (I guess she means Daniel Bryan). Eric thought Bully Ray shipped her back to Nashville. Dixie sad she was going to fix that wrong, soon. She pushed being the president. She called Eric the “Hood Ornament for her 2014 Ferrari”. The thought of that made Eric want to hurl day-glo. She accused Eric of looking and smelling like an out-of-work Lumberjack. Eric was ready to flush her like the crap she is. Dixie drew heat by insulting the fans. Dixie demanded that Eric honor and obey her. Eric said that wasn’t going to happen. Dixie needed Eric to be relevant. Makeover Time. Eric wasn’t having any part of it. Dixie said she could do a makeover on ODB. Eric lost his cool and it took Bully Ray to calm him down.

Ray was sorry about interrupting Eric but he knew everyone was sick of hearing Dixie. He was there to “Take out the Trash” (Dixie). Ray called Eric “a Role Model” for the other wrestlers. Ray was really showing massive respect to the new champ. This was the Bully Ray that I met in New Orleans, a class act. Ray threatened (vaguely) to put Dixie through a table. I still remember when “Bubba” put Mae Young through a table, years ago. Ray got the crowd into the “Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye” chant. Dixie got out of the ring and stormed off.

Ray then told the crowd that they could get behind Eric. Ray said he respected and liked Eric. Ray then got an “E-Y” chant going. So cool.

Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne
Knockout Street Fight, Non-Title

The Beautiful People waited for Madison to come out. She surprised them by attacking from the opposite side. She dropped Sky and chased Angelina Love away. Madison threw Sky in the ring but got jumped by Sky. Sky rammed Madison’s head into the mat, over and over. Taz commented on Sky being back in black and started singing AC/DC lyrics. Quick side note: I want to send my best get-well wishes out to Malcolm Young of AC/DC. He is dealing with some serious health issues and has announced his retirement after 40+ years. My thoughts and prayers going out to this guitar legend.

Back to the action. Madison ran Sky into several turnbuckles. Love pulled Sky to the outside. Madison went after both BPs but hey snapped her neck on the top rope. Sky got a cookie sheet and smashed the champ, including a shot to the face. Sky pitched Madison out to the floor. Love stomped away at Madison. Sky whipped Madison into the ring steps.

Madison kicked out of a pin, once the girls got back in the ring. Love handed Sky a trash can. Madison with the Big Boot to send the can into Sky. Madison got the can and cracked Sky, several times, with it. Madison even teased throwing the can at Love. Another shot and Madison pitched the can out. Love with a kendo stick shot. Madison used a Low Bridge to send Love out of the ring. Madison then hit the Spear on Velvet Sky to take the win.

Your Winner: Madison Rayne
Impact Score: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Eric Young came up to Bully Ray, backstage, to thank him for his kind words. Ray meant every word. Ray was off to “Rick’s”, a strip club. Abyss then walked up and said he was worse than ever. Abyss challenged Eric to put up the World Title Match. Abyss accused Eric of being afraid of him. Eric not only accepted but wanted the match to be a Monster’s Ball match. Eric admitted that he was crazy and was really looking forward to the match, shortly.

Rock Star Spud and Ethan Carter III chatted in the locker room area. Spud whined about his hurt leg. Ethan said the problem was that Spud was scared of Willow/Jeff Hardy. Ethan reminded Spud that it was Spud who had the courage to knock Jeff hardy off the ladder during the World Title match between Hardy and Magnus. He continued to spark enthusiasm in the diminutive Brit. Ethan said he and Spud were Handicappers and Spud would end Willow’s career, tonight. Spud ramped up and headed out of the locker room.

MVP was in the ring, talking about how great Eric Young is. He mentioned how Eric cleared all the hurdles placed in front of him. MVP then switched to talking about Samoa Joe. MVP was ticked off that Joe “Would Not Be Available”. MVP said Joe hasn’t returned any of his calls. MVP understood that Joe was “disgruntled”.

Austin Aries came out to talk to MVP. Aries called himself the “Most disgruntled man that ever lived”. Aries said he has been totally ignored in recent weeks. He’s been on the shelf since Lockdown. Aries now had a fire under his *ss, by his own words. Aries couldn’t believe he was left out of the Gauntlet, last week. MVP explained that Aries stabbed him in the back and he took it personally. Aries couldn’t believe that he was being punished because MVP’s feelings were hurt. MVP was ready to kick Aries’ butt. MVP said TNA was all about the fans. MVP took off his jacket and Aries ripped off his shirt. Aries said he would fight MVP, next week. He brought up that MVP was an ex-felon. MVP didn’t want to wait but had to.

Another promo ran for Eric Young. TNA is so trying to compare him to Daniel Bryan. That is both a compliment and insult, at the same time.

The Wolves vs the Bro-Mans
World Tag Team Title Match

Christy Hemme introduced Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards of The Wolves. DJ Z (Zema Ion) introduced the champs, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz. The Wolves jumped the Bro-Mans.

Double Team on Robbie for a two. Eddie ran Robbie into Davey. More Double Teaming. Jessie made the save form a pin. Double Suplex, by the Bromans, blocked. Low Bridge into a Double Suicide Dive by The Wolves.

Davey was knocked off the ropes. Robbie tried to pin him, several times, but failed. Tag to Jessie. Sandwich Knees by the champs. Taz said that move was called the Double Boom. Side Headlock by Jessie. Davey got free and punched away. Jessie with a Gorilla Press Drop. Robbie tagged and flew off the ropes. 2 count. Tag back to Jesssie. Jessie kicked Davey in the head. Tag to Robbie. Double Whip but Davey ducked and Robbie cracked Jessie. Davey with a sweet Forward Roll to reach the corner. Eddie with a Double Hurancanrana. Eddie with Lightning Chops to both champs.

Eddie with a Jumping Elbow. The Howling to Robbie. Double Warrior’s Way Stops (Wolfsbane) to Robbie but DJZ rushed in to attack, pulling the disqualification.

Your Winner (by DQ): The Wolves
Impact Score: 2.5

Willow did one of his goofy, cryptic promos. That high-pitched voice and cackle are beyond annoying.

Eric Young talked with the Mystery Cameraman about his emotions. This was filmed, last week. He discussed his 17-Year career and how he didn’t have the “Look” of a champion.

Ethan Carter III and Rock Star Spud vs Willow (Jeff Hardy)
2-on-1 Handicap Match

I guess you can now buy that umbrella that Willow uses. Maybe if it was Rivalry Red and Black but not Black and White.

Willow rushed in and out of the ring to freak out his opponents. Both men attacked Willow but failed. Headbutt by Willow, to Ethan. Spud stayed on the floor. Ethan threw Willow down by the mask. He then ran the creepy one into the corners. Willow came back with hard punches and a Flying Clothesline and Inverted Atomic Drop. Double Leg Drops and a Running Elbow Drop by Willow. Flying Splash into a goofy dance. Ethan pushed out of the Twist of Hate. Spud tripped Willow, on the top rope. Stomps by Ethan. Snap Suplex by Ethan. 2 count.

Spud tagged in and got all cocky. Spud with a punch but Willow with the Ankle Pick. Tag to Ethan. Flying Elbow Drop by EC3. Arm Bar Chin Lock by EC3. Willow fought out and went into the Jackknife Pin for two. Spud rushed in to attack Willow. Spud took off running but eventually tagged in. Spud spat in Willow’s face and slapped him. Willow kicked Spud and then rocked Ethan with a kick. Twist of Hate to Spud.

Your Winner: Willow
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Ethan went after Willow’s leg, after the match. Before Ethan could apply the Carter Clutch Leg Lock, Kurt Angle rushed down to the ring. Kurt with a German Suplex that sent Ethan sailing out of the ring. Spud and Ethan made a hasty retreat as Impact took a break.

Kurt was still in the ring, after the break. Kurt accused Ethan of seeing a ghost. Kurt hen explained he was no ghost, he was back. “Welcome Back!” rose from the crowd. Kurt told Ethan that only Kurt could end his own career. Kurt brought up the Broken Freakin’ Neck thing. Kurt wanted a one-on-one match with Ethan. He would show why they call him “The Cyborg”. Kurt said he would take his time torturing Ethan in that match. Kurt said Ethan would be removed…in a Body Bag. Body Bag Match? I like it.

Bobby Roode was asked about his thing with Tables. Bobby said he took it away from Bully Ray, like Bully took away his chance to own part of TNA. Bobby said he would fight anyone, except Bully Ray, in a Tables Match. He wanted Bully to be able to watch the carnage.

A great promo, in Japanese, ran about Sanada. I really like this kid. Muta made an excellent choice is giving his support to this young man.

Kenny King came out to watch the next match. King asked the fans if they missed him. (Not really). King said he was back to stay. King felt everyone was disappointed that he hadn’t been around, much lately. King insulted MVP. King whined about being “benched” by MVP. King decided to sit down and watch the Best of Three Match, part 2. King wanted the winner of the series.

Tigre Uno vs Sanada
Best of Three Series, Match #2

Sanada took the first of the 3 matches. 2 weeks ago, Sanada used a Bridging German to capture the win. Tigre needed to win this one or the series is done.

The bell rang and the two men circled each other. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Clean break. Another Collar and Elbow went to the ropes. Tigre also gave a clean break. Arm Wringer by Sanada. Tigre reversed it and hit a Hip Toss. Deep Arm Drag and both men went for Dropkicks, but missed. Sanada flipped Tigre over and went into a Universal. Dropkick by Sanada. Tigre slid out of the way of a charging Tigre. Tigre missed he Moonsault. Springboard Chop by Sanada, for two. Sanada with a TKO but he only got a two count.

Sanada went up top and flew. He landed on his feet. Tigre with the Trapped leg Exploder. Tigre went to the corner and nailed the Sabretooth 450 Splash (a spinning 450). Man, that was impressive.

Your Winner: Tigre Uno
Impact Score: 3.25

Bully Ray talked with an unseen person about accepting the Bobby Roode Tables Challenge. Ray really psyched the mystery person up. Who would it be?

Bobby Roode was in the ring, ready to fight. He wondered if there was anyone brave enough to face him. There was and it led to…

Bobby Roode vs Gunner
Tables Match

Bobby jumped Gunner, before the bell. He stomped the former military man down, in the corner. Gunner came back with hard punches and a Back Elbow. Gunner threw bombs on the It Factor. Bobby went out to get the first table. Gunner Dropkicked the table into Roode’s chest and arm. On the floor, Gunner Clotheslined Roode. Gunner tried to slam Roode into a table but Bobby blocked it. Both men kept trying to put the other through the table. Gunner reversed a Whip and sent Bobby into the ring steps.

Gunner with a Shoulder Thrust, through the ropes. The two men battled near a table. Bobby connected with a Dropkick that nearly put Gunner through the table. Bobby then set up a table, in the corner. Bobby slammed Gunner’s head in the corner which was about as effective as peeing in the ocean and expecting it to change the salt content.

Gunner went to do d a Bulldog Bounce but Bobby got free and hit the BuffBuster. Bobby wanted the Powerbomb with a Brody Howl ala Bully Ray but Gunner reversed it. High Knee by Gunner. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby. Bobby was ready to end this. He went for the Roode Bomb but Gunner escaped. Gunner went for Hanger 18 but Bobby escaped. Suplex by Gunner. Gunner with a Headbutt. He put Bobby on the table and went to the corner. James Storm rushed down to distract. Bobby threw Gunner on the table but on the corner broke. Roode Bomb!

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.0

After the mach, Bully Ray ran down to save Gunner. I like this “Face Turn” by Bully Ray.

Several TNA stars talked about Eric Young being the new champ. Some were positive and a few were negative. In the back, Eric looked at the can full of “Toys”. Eric was cool with it as this was “his idea”. Eric was ready to go seriously crazy on Abyss…next.

Abyss vs Eric Young
Monster Ball’s Match for the TNA World Title

Eric threw a can full of toys in the ring. He then attacked Abyss with a cookie sheet and a trash can. Corner Mount Punches by the champ. Eric bit Abyss and then went for a kendo stick. Abyss almost nailed the Chokeslam. Instead, he settled to whip Eric up and over the top rope. Eric landed hard on the floor. Abyss came out to get his prey. Abyss punched away and then slammed Eric’ s face on the ring apron.

Abyss got a can but it was Dropkicked into his chest. Eric wanted the Suicide Dive but took a trash can to the face…on the fly. Impact took a quick break.

Abyss got back in the ring and stomped Eric. Abyss wedged a chair in the corner. Abyss with a solid punch. Eric slid to avoid the chair on a Whip. Dropkick by Eric. Abyss with a Whip but he took an Elbow. Slingshot sent Eric into the chair. Eric got trapped in the corner. Abyss went out and got the Black Bag o’ Doom. He poured out the hundreds of thumbtacks. Eric drove a cheese grater in Abyss’ crotch. Flair Flop as Eric went to the corner. Outside In Slide. Eric wanted the Piledriver but couldn’t get it. Back Body Drop by Abyss. Janice made her first appearance. Abyss went at Eric but Janice got stuck in the top turnbuckle. Low Kick by Eric. Eric removed Janie but didn’t get to use it. Chokeslam into the Tacks! OWWW! Abyss couldn’t get the pin. Eric tried to pull out some of the tacks. His poor back was shredded. Abyss went out to find something else. He found a board covered in barbed wire. Abyss slid it in the ring and blasted the cameraman. Abyss wanted the Chokeslam but Eric bit the fingers. Eric Dropkicked Abyss onto the barbed wire board. Savage Elbow! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Score: 3.5

Abyss was stuck on the board. That was as crazy as Eric said it would be.


–Jay Shannon

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