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Dundee, Scotland (SWE – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment):

15 Years since uttering those famous words “I’m Not Booked” on Barry Blausteins famous “Beyond The Mat”, the phone has finally rung for Dennis Stamp, and he is making his way to Scotland.

Although been hailed as not one of the most successful wrestlers in the buisiness, Dennis has earned life long respect of people like Ted Debiase, Shawn Michaels (whom he wrestled numerous times) and Bret “Hitman” Hart (who had his very first match with Dennis). He received somewhat of a cult following after his appearance in the aforementioned movie, with various “Get Dennis Stamp booked” campaigns surfacing online.

Since then, Dennis has been recluse, so much so, that a lot of people guessed his demise. They were wrong.

Stamp resurfaced as as a weekly guest on Scotland’s “One Wrestling Show”, telling numerous stories about his amazing career.

Dennis had to take a hiatus in November 2010, when he was diagnosed with Terminal cancer, but fought through it, and came out the other side completely cancer free.

“I couldn’t have done it without my friends in Scotland” Stamp said.

And now, cancer free and stronger than ever, Dennis has accepted his first booking to appear at SWE Hell 4 Lycra event, in Dundee August 30th.

“Dennis has been and huge part of Scottish wrestling, and he doesn’t even know it” says David Low, SWE Promoter “He’s almost like the loving uncle of Scottish wrestling. We are very happy to have him on board, and funnily be the ones to day, Dennis Stamp…you are BOOKED”.

All information is on SWEs Facebook page www.facebook.com/swe online


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