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Welcome back to my weekly Ring of Honor Recap. Last week-end, I had the honor of spending some time with various Ring of Honor stars at Wrestlecon. Much thanks to Kevin Steen, Steve Corino and Cliff Compton for pleasant interactions. So, let’s get right down to this week’s action…

The show opened with a promo from Jay Lethal. He talked about Supercard of Honor VIII. It was a 2 out of 3 falls match for the TV title. Tommaso Ciampa had been injured by Lethal, some time back.

Roll the opening montage.

Unfortunately, due to my responsibilities at the great Mid-South Reunion Show, I had to pass on Supercard of Honor VIII. I did hear feedback and this show was off the charts.

R.D. Evans vs Silas Young

I still wonder if Silas Young is related to “Gorgeous” Gary Young. He looks like he could be Gary’s son. Young yelled at the crowd on his way to the ring. He took exception to the streamers flying at him. R.D Evans had Veda Scott and “New Sign Guy” with him. Evans now claimed to be at 82-0. This week, Sign Guy is being called Ramon. Evans came out to the 1812 Overture. Ah, the Sunday mornings working at the Classical Radio Station finally pays off, a little (they also ran a graphic saying what the music was. Smile).

Code of Honor Handshake. Big Boot by Evans. Silas ran Evans into the corner. Knife Edge Chop by Silas. Flair Flop Corner Flip by Evans. Silas blocked a Suplex and brought Silas into the ring. Veda got involved and Silas chased her. Evans missed an Elbow Drop. Ramon popped Silas. Silas stalked Sign Guy but Evans flew off the apron. Veda retrieved her shoes as Evans went up top. Rocket Launcher by Silas. Silas stomped away.

Silas choked Evans on the middle rope. Snap Mare and Reverse Yakuza Kick by Silas. 2 count. Body Scissors by Silas as RoH took a break.

Evans went to the Penthouse and flew. He missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Silas came back with a Backbreaker with a Clothesline addition. Silas was surprised when he didn’t get the win. “You can’t beat him!” rang out. They went to the apron. Silas wanted a German Suplex, from the apron, but Evans blocked it. Silas ran Evans into the post. Electric Chair Drop onto the apron by Silas. Ouch! That is the toughest part of the ring.

Evans dove under the bottom rope at 19 out of 20. That started the “You can’t beat him” chant again. Evans with a Roll up for two. Veda got on the apron to distracted Silas. Ramon gave Evans his belt. Eddie Fake with the belt but the ref didn’t quite fall for it. Silas never hit Evans. Evans with a Roll Up. Silas blasted the ref, by accident, in the face. Evans with the Hangman’s Neckbreaker. The ref was still down. Silas with the Rolling Senton. Handstand Bouncing Elbow Drop. A new ref with the count.

Your Winner: Silas Young
The OTHER Streak is broken…

Wait, the original ref returned and disqualified Silas, so…

Your Winner: R.D. Evans (83-0)
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 our of a possible 5

The Truth Martini/Matt Taven feud was focused on. Matt fired Truth. Truth cut a promo saying he was there to help. He couldn’t believe that he had been fired. Truth said he walked alone, right now, but that wouldn’t be for very long. Truth said he had a huge surprise…the newest member of the H.O.T..

Matt Taven vs Truth Martini’a new client

Truth came out first and strolled out to the ring. Truth got on the apron and then into the ring. Truth asked for the ring microphone. Truth told Taven that Matt made the biggest mistake when he fired Truth. Truth invited Kevin Kelly to come into the ring. Steve Corino joked that Kevin was the new guy in Truth’s camp. Truth started to read from The Book of Truth but Taven shut the book. The book started to burst into flame. Truth kicked Taven in the crotch and left the ring. Ok, that was bizarre.

Your Winner: No Match
Honor Roll Ranking: N/A

Taven stormed around the locker room, looking for Truth. He broke into the bathroom but it was Truth that came out. Apparently, Taven had been burned by Truth.

A highlight reel ran of Ciampa defending his TV title in Europe. I hope he had the pleasure of going to Poland (my 2nd favorite place in the universe, next to my little farm out here in the Nevada Desert).

Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa
World TV Title Match, 2 out of 3 Falls Rules

Ciampa came out to a Taz-like intro, complete with Flatline Heart Monitor sound. Ciampa stormed down to the ring. Jay and Ciampa stood face to face. Bobby Cruise introduced the competitors. Both men got good pops from the crowd. Nigel McGuiness was at the announce table. He talked about Austin Aries. Ciampa took off his knee brace and handed it to Lethal as a sign that he was completely healed.

The two locked up and went to the corner. Clean break. Another Collar and Elbow took the men to the opposite corner. Another clean break. Stre down by both men. Side Headlock by Ciampa. Shoulder Tackle by Ciampa but only a 1 count. Side Headlock by Lethal but Lethal with a La Magistral Cradle for two. Ciampa avoided the Lethal Combination. Another C&E took them around the ropes and to a corner. Knife Edge Chops by both men. Slap by Lethal into a Whip attempt, that was reversed. Lethal with the Float Over. Ciampa dodged a Springboard Dropkick. Ciampa wanted the Barricade Swing but Lethal avoided it and hit a pair of Suicide Dives. The crowd called for a third Dive and they got what they wanted. Time for a break.

The two were still fighting on the floor. Knife Edge Chop by Lethal. Ciampa sent Jay into the ring post and then the barricade. Ciampa with a Running Knee that sent Ciampa up and over the barricade. The fans were loving it. Ciampa threw Lethal back in the ring and tried to pin him. He couldn’t get the three. Knife Edge Chop by Ciampa. Ciampa ran Lethal into the turnbuckles. Open Hand Slap by Tommaso. Jay reversed a Whip into the Lethal Combination. 1 count, only. Knife Edge Chop by Lethal. Slider Dropkick by Lethal. Lethal attacked Ciampa’s neck and hit a Corner Dropkick. Snap Mare Elbow Drop combo by Jay.

Top Wristlock by Jay but Ciampa bit the hand. Knife Edge Chop by Ciampa. Lethal with a brutal Knife Edge Chop. The two hit numerous vicious shots. Backspring, by Lethal, into a partial Back Stabber by Ciampa. Jay hit at an odd angle. Jay blocked a Suplex and then Ciampa did. . They kept trying for a Suplex but both ended up Suplexed over the ropes and to the floor. The two fought on the floor as the ref counted. Ciampa tried to slide in but Jay wouldn’t allow it. Ciampa prevented Jay from going in. Both men slid in at the 19 count. Ciampa blocked he Lethal Injection. Lethal rolled through a Roll UP and took the first fall.

Fall One: Jay Lethal.

Ciampa kicked lethal in the face. Ciampa with a hard knee to the face. 2 count. Break time./

Ciampa was up first but he was weakened. The crowd was split in their support. Lethal Injection into the Koji Clutch, by Lethal. Ciampa reversed into the Sicilian Stretch. Lethal got his feet on the ropes to force the break. Ciampa with a Forearm Smash, which was answered by one from Lethal. The two traded hard Forearms. They were mirroring each other’s moves. Ciampa with a Lethal Injection/RKO for a two count. Ciampa put Lethal on his back and climbed the ropes. Lethal tried to fight off Ciampa’s back. Lethal surprised Ciampa with his own Project Cimapa finisher. 1-2-no. Lethal climbed the ropes as the fans chanted “Randy Savage”. Lethal went for the Springboard Back Elbow but accidentally took out the ref, Todd Sinclair. The fans chanted “Chris Benoit” as Ciampa hit a series of German Suplexes. Incredible Clothesline by Ciampa. All 3 men were down. Truth Martini rushed down to ringside. Truth threw the knee brace to Jay Lethal. No way! Jay took the brace and blasted Ciampa with it. The ref made the count. Could be…might be…No! Jay went up top and hit the Savage Elbow. Ciampa fought out and psyched up. Jay with Superkicks but Ciampa wouldn’t surrender. Lethal Injection. 1-2-3.

Your Winner (and New TV Champion): Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

The fans were irate that Jay Lethal showed his alliance with Truth Martini. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Now Truth got on the microphone and said all should listen to the new champion. “You Sold Out!” rose from the crowd. Jay began to quote “House of the Rising Sun” but changed it to the House of Truth. Kevin Kelly was beyond irate at Jay’s heel turn. ‘Nigel called Truth a “Goober”.


–Jay Shannon

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