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Well, I’m home! After a fantastic week in New Orleans, it’s time to get back to enjoying the various talents of TNA.

The show opened wit a graphic “In Memory of Warrior”. I want to send my most heart-felt sympathies to the family and friends of one of the most unique men to ever work in wrestling.

On a side note, I want to express my disgust as the so-called news journalist, Nancy Grace. I saw highlights (make that lowlights) of her butchering of Warrior’s career and those of many other great people like Joey Marella and Owen Hart. I have no idea where you got your journalistic credentials, but you are a blight on the world of true journalism. I took several semesters of Journalism as part of my Radio/TV/Film minor and someone like you would have been bounced from the program for shoddy reporting, filled with half-truths. I sincerely hope the families of those you slandered on you television program take all due legal action to shut you down. Maybe CNN should change you name to Nancy Dis-Grace.

Stepping down off my bashed and battered soapbox, let’s get to watching some worthwhile people…the men and women of TNA!

Dixie Carter was back and she had something to say…later.

A 10-man Gauntlet would run in a few moments. MBP talked about how Magnus survived the Fatal Four Way. Samoa Joe said he would not be available to compete, tonight. MVP said to take it to the ring.

10 Man Gauntlet Match for the Number One Contender Spot

James Storm and Gunner started the battle. The two started fighting on the ramp. Gunner slammed Storm into the apron and ring steps. Gunner threw Storm in. Storm tried to sneak attack Gunner but the Modern Day Viking went wild. Gunner almost eliminated Storm but he came back with an Enziguri. Rake to Gunner’s Eyes but Gunner with a Corner Clothesline. Gunner tried to oust the Cowboy. Storm went to the eyes. The countdown clocked led to the arrival of…

Bobby Roode. Roode went right after Gunner. Gunner saw him coming and punched away. Bobby threw Gunner into the corner and punched away. Clothesline by Roode. Bobby and James double teamed Gunner. Storm and Roode with a Double Whip. Storm whipped Bobby into Gunner. Snap Mare by Storm and Kneedrop by Bobby. The countdown clocked rolled to bring out…

Bully Ray! Ray tore into both Bobby and Storm. He mostly focused on Bobby. Double Suplex to Ray. Ray No Sold it nad hit a Double Clothesline on Bobby and James. Corner Splashes by Ray and Gunner. Double Whip on Bobby. Gunner was whipped into Bobby. Scoop Slam by Bobby. Ray called for the Wazzup! The countdown ran, again, as Gunner tried to go up.

Ethan Carter III. Storm stopped the Wazzup!. Ethan went after all the Faces. Ethan was told, earlier, to watch out for Kurt Angle. Ethan stood on Gunner’s neck but Gunner with an Open Hand Slap to EC3’s chest. Ray with the No Sold on a Chop from Ethan. Ray with a pair of hard Chops. Ray then Chopped Storm and went after Roode. He missed the It Factor and pounded away. Ethan and Storm went after Gunner. Time for someone new…

Bobby Lashley! The big man jogged to the ring and tore into everyone in sight. Corner Shoulder to Bobby, by Bobby. Biel to Ethan into a Ray Clothesline. Ray held Ethan so Lashley could nail the arrogant Carter. Funk Neckbreaker by Lashley to Ethan. The timer ran down to herald the arrival of…

Abyss! The Monster stormed down to the ring and blasted Ray and then Lashley. Abyss played no favorites as he took the fight to everyone in sight. Ray and Lashley tried to put out Abyss. They were stopped by the arrival of Magnus. TNA took a break.

Sanada had joined the fight, during the break. Eric Young came out just as the show returned. Eric tore into Abyss with a fury. Eric threw Sanada into Abyss. Eric was determined to eliminate Abyss. Eric almost eliminated Roode but failed. Ethan was sent to the apron by Ray. Low Blow by Ethan as the countdown brought out…

Willow! Dang, I hate this moronic character. Willow just blasted everyone he could reach. Willow focused on Ethan and punched away. Twist of Hate by Willow. Rockstar Spud rolled out in a wheelchair. Willow fought on the apron and Spud with a distraction. Spud jumped up and pulled Willow off the apron.

Willow – Eliminated

Willow chased Spud to the back. Sanada with a hard Enziguri but Abyss with a Chokeslam and threw Sanada over the top rope.

Sanada –Eliminated

Lashley attacked Abyss and then got ousted by Bobby Roode.

Bobby Lashley – Eliminated

Ray and Roode fought. Ray threw Roode onto the apron and then used a Big Boot to send Bobby to the back.

Bobby Roode – Eliminated

Roode pulled Bully Ray up and over the rope. Ethan Carter III helped him get rid of Bully Ray.

Bully Ray – Eliminated

Gunner went all Missing Link on the corner and then went to eliminated Ethan Carter III. Storm with the Last Call to Gunner. Up and Out.

Gunner – Eliminated

It was Storm, Carter, Abyss and Eric. Eric fought a 3-on-1 battle. Eric Skinned the Cat to eliminate EC3.

Ethan Carter III – Eliminated

Abyss with a huge Splash on Eric. Storm suggested he and Abyss work together on Eric Young. Storm put Eric in the corner. Eric with a Back Elbow to Abyss and a Bit Boot to Storm. Back Drop Suplex to Storm, but Eric. Eric with Double Boots to Abyss. Savage Elbow to Abyss. Back Stabber by Storm to Eric. Storm with a Ropes Assisted DDT to Eric. Storm waned the Las t Call but missed. Eric pitched storm over the ropes and Dropkicked him as Storm tried to Skin the Cat.

James Storm – Eliminated

Shock Treatment by Abyss. Abyss tried to Goozle Eric out of the ring. Eric refused to hit the floor. Shoulder and under Slide by Eric. Abyss reversed a Whip into a Flair Flop. Eric went up top and hit a Missile Dropkick! Eric psyched himself up and hit a La Bandera Clothesline to eliminate Abyss!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Score: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Christy Hemme interviewed Eric as the crowd chanted for him. Eric told MVP that he had a request. He asked MVP to come out to the ring. TNA took a quick break before MVP’s arrival.

MVP came from the back as the replay of the Gauntlet ending ran. MVP applauded the victor, Eric Young. The crowd with a wild MVP chant. Eric said MVP was doing one Hell of a job. Eric admitted that his left arm was messed up. Eric knew he had a title shot at Sacrifice. Eric told MVP that he was feeling crazy. Eric didn’t want to wait til Sacrifice…he wanted the title shot, now! Magnus chuckled at the idea. MVP confirmed that Eric wanted the title bout tonight. Eric acknowledged his own request. MVP told Magnus to get suited up to face Eric, later on tonight. Magnus said he was fine with the title fight. Magnus said it would be under Magnus Rules. MVP said it was time switch things up. MVP said Magnus would forfeit the title if he got disqualified or counted out. MVP warned Abyss that he was banned from ringside. MVP said if anyone else got involved in the title match, they would be fired, on the spot. Magnus stumbled over his words as he said MVP couldn’t do what he just did. MVP told Maguus to go get ready.

In the back, Rock Star Spud had a party ready for Dixie Carter. Spud scared the crap out of Dixie with a horn to the ear. Dixie wasn’t happy with the silliness around her. Dixie said she was looking for MVP. Dixie said Spud turned on her to kiss up to MVP. Dixie dismissed Spud and went to find MVP. There was a knock at the door and Willow came in to attack Spud. Jeez.

ODB vs Angelina Love vs Britany vs Gail Kim
Number One Contender Fatal Four Way Match

I got a chance to say hi to The Beautiful People, at Wrestlecon. They were at a booth just across the way from myself, my Rivalry Championship Wrestling partners and Greg Valentine and Andy Anderson. TV doesn’t do justice to their beauty.

The bell rang and the women circled. Gail went after Britney but the rookie fought back. Drop Toe Hold sent Gail into the corner. ODB and Love with a Collar and Elbow. Love wanted a Whip but ODB ran her into the corner. Love reversed a Whip but ODB held the ropes. ODB kicked Love out of the ring. ODB told Britney to hit her. ODB rocked the rookie. Britney and ODB with a Double Clothesline. Love pitched ODB out of the ring. Double team on Britney. Gail with a Boot Choke. Love with stomps. Snap Mare by Love into a Full Speed Dropkick by Gail. Gail and Love got into a shoving match. Britney took the fight to both Love and Kim. Britney sent Love into Gail. Handspring Back Elbow, by Britney, to Gail. ODB with a Corner Splash to Love and Shoulder Tackles to Gail. Fallaway Slam to Gail. Kip Up by ODB.

ODB with a Bronco Buster to Love. Gail pulled ODB down but took a kick to the face. Backspring Moonsault by Britney. Botox Injection by Love. Gail attacked Love with hard Kicks and a Flying Clothesline and Backbreaker. Love blocked Eat Da Feet. Sky sprayed Gail in the eyes, which allowed Love to connect with the Big Boot.

Your Winner: Angelina Love
Impact Score: 2.5

MVP and Dixie met face to face. Dixie reminded MVP that she was still the President of the company. MVP was ready to have security to drag her out. Dixie said she was ready to fire MVP as soon as she clears things up. Dixie said she was there to take care of someone who was responsible for this whole mess. She invited MVP to come watch the carnage.

The Wolves ran into Jessie and Zema Ion. Ion bragged about how sick they were. MVP said Robbie’s flight was cancelled. MVP stopped Jessie and Zema from leaving. MVP had a solution. MVP said Robbie had til bell time to get there for the tag title match. IF he didn’t’ show up, Zema Ion would proxy for Robbie.

Magnus was asked about the upcoming match. Magnus felt Eric made a mistake in challenging him, tonight.

Dixie Carter came out to a huge round of boos. Dixie ordered Bully Ray to join her in the ring. I got to speak with Bully Ray and Devon on Sunday afternoon. Great guys.

The Wrath of Dixie, so to speak. Ray encouraged the crowd to chant for Tables. Dixie ordered Bully to come to her, now. Bully got a “We Don’t Like You!” chant going for Dixie. Bully gave Dixie credit for being there. Dixie mocked Ray for going through multiple tables, last week. Ray told Dixie that she and Bobby couldn’t get the job done. Dixie wanted to know why Ray double crossed her. Ray called Dixie the most selfish woman that he had ever met. Ray explained to Dixie that it was the fans’ company. Ray said the company belonged to the talent, as well. Ray said the fans and “The Boys” respect him, not her. Dixie demanded her money back from Bully Ray. Ray said he bought a car and spent a lot at Rick’s Cabaret in New York. Ray asked Dixie if she knew…she knocked the microphone out of his hand. Dixie said she was still Ray’s boss. She slapped Ray in the face. Ray was ready to kick Dixie’s skinny little butt.

Bobby Roode rushed the ring and attacked Ray. Dixie ordered Bobby to get a table. Roode slid the table into the ring. Bobby said up the table as Ray tried to get his bearings. Ray began to fight back. Bobby got out of the Bully Bomb and took off. Ray stalked Dixie. Taz screamed at Dixie to bail out of the ring. Impact went to break.

Well, I guess Dixie escaped certain doom. Magnus went off on Dixie for not speaking to him, earlier. Magnus reminded Dixie that he was her business. Dixie said it was time to get on her plane with some wine and go home, take a shower and go to bed. Magnus mocked her for being a “typical woman”. Dixie reminded Magnus about dumping her for Abyss. Dixie said Magnus was on his own.

The Wolves vs Jessie and Zema Ion
Tag Team Title Match

So this is under Freebirds Rules, apparently. Jessie opened up against Eddie Edwards. Davey now has a blonde Mohawk in his hair. Tag to Davey. Double Team on both champs. Davey with brutal kicks. DJZ grabbed the ankle, which let Jessie hit a Dropkick. Eddie helped deflect a Double Suplex. The champs ended up on the floor. Double Suicide Dive by the Wolves.

Jessie with a knee to the back of Eddie, who had tagged in. Eddie flipped out of the Double Back Drop Suplex and hit a Stereo Hurancanrana. Tag to Davey. Handspring Enaziguri and High Collar Suplex. Davey went up top and howled. Missile Dropkick. 1020no. Ion landed on Jessie. Davey went into the zone but took an Elbow. Wolves Pride Finisher but Robbie E came out and attacked the ref, drawing the DQ

Your Winners (by DQ): The Wolves
Impact Score: 3.25

Christy Hemme said she had something shocking about the how Samual Shaw thing. She made a decision and she wanted to meet Shaw in the ring to talk about “commitment”.

Christy Hemme brought Samual Shaw out to the ring. She said Shaw was misunderstood. Shaw thought Hemme had seen the light. They joked that he couldn’t spell Cretin. Shaw felt he was the love of Christy’s life. She asked Shaw if he trusted her. She flirted, big time. He agreed to go anywhere that she asked. During all this flirting, an ambulance pulled up from a Psychological Institute. She told him to close his eyes. Mr. Anderson got out of the ambulance/van. Ken came into the arena and attacked Shaw. Mic Check. Ken took the regular microphone and asked the fans to shush. He slapped Shaw in the face. Ken said Shaw was about to be committed to the Funny Farm. “Funny Farm” chant rang out. Ken threw Shaw out of the ring and then took him to the back. Shaw mocked Shaw as Ken kicked the ribs. Ken took Shaw back to the van and threw him in. Shaw managed to tumble out of the van and ram off/

Magnus and Eric Young made their final preparations to go one on one.

Sigh. A creepy promo from Willow. I so dislike this goofy character. He challenged Ethan Carter III and Rock Star Spud to a Handicap Match, next week.

Eric Young vs Magnus
World Title Match

The two men went nose to nose as the bell rang. Magnus talked rash and that led to a serious Slugfest. Magnus ran Eric into the corners and screamed at him. Float Over by Eric into a Slide Under and Dropkick. Magnus reversed a Whip into a Flair Flop. Magnus fought out of the Belly to Belly Suplex. Back Elbow and Forearm by E.Y. High Knee by Magnus after Eric missed the Moonsault.

Magnus ran Eric into the ring apron, several times. Magnus then pitched Eric into the ring.2 count. Seated Inverted Bear Hug by Magnus. Magus trapped the arm. Eric ran around to threw Magnus out of the ring. Eric went for a Suicide Dive but ran into a Forearm. Magnus threw Eric into the ring steps. Magnus ran Eric into the ring steps as Impact went to break.

Magnus was in total control. He hit an Elbow Drop to Eric’s chest. Gut Wrench, by Magnus, for a two. Eric began to punch away. Magnus reversed a Whip into a Sleeper. Eric dropped to one knee but refused to surrender. Eric with a Jawbreaker. Back Body Drop by Magnus. Camel Clutch by Magnus. Eric would not give up. Eric slid under and took Magnus up for an Electric Chair. I love that move. Eric and Magnus threw punches but Eric got the better of it. Universal to a Flying Forearm and Clothesline by Eric.

Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker by Eric. Savage Elbow by Eric. 1-2-no. Magnus with a brutal Clothesline. Michinoku Driver by Magnus. 2 count. Magnus went out to the floor and got his title belt. Magnus with a Low Blow as the ref was distracted. Could be…Might be…Not yet! Crucifix Backslide, by Eric, for two. Eric with a Piledriver. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): Eric Young!
Impact Score: 4.0

Hot Dog! I’m thrilled for Eric. It’s about time he got his time to shine. Eric was in tears! YES! What a ting to come home to!


–Jay Shannon


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