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As always a great after WrestleMania RAW!

The first segment with new World Champion Daniel Bryan – especially the reaction from his fans – was amazing.  Triple H’s venom is so genuine as he ordered a match with himself against Bryan tonight for Bryan’s title.

John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E. vs. The Wyatts:  The fans tore the “good guys” in this match to pieces and totally backed the Wyatts. Whatever the Cena, Big E, Sheamus team did was met with jeers. The Wyatts are so “over!” Bray Wyatt made the audience very happy pinning Big E. with the “Sister Abigail” move.

Fandango and Summer Rae took on Santino Marella and Emma.  One of the few times I have seen fands  against Santino.   Summer tapped out to the “Emma-Lock.” After the victory the fans got into the Emma dance.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came out and were NOT cheered. Undertaker was hospitalized overnight with a diagnosed concussion (he was released today).  Vince McMahon left Wrestlemania to go to the hospital with ‘ Taker. Heyman called  Lesnar “the conquered the Undertaker’s streak.”  (Heyman is a master on the microphone). Heyman says that Lesnar is here to put “tears in the eyes of children.” He ranked on Hulk Hogan calling the Superdome the Silverdome last night and went onto praise Lesnar more and more.  Heyman likened the crowd in New Orleans to the people in the locker room – “all a bunch of wannabees.” He goes over all the people who could not accomplish what Lesnar did.

The USOs defended the tag team titles against Batista and Randy Orton by order of Chief Operating Officer Triple H. and  his wife Stephanie McMahon. They both wanted World title matches tonight against Daniel Bryan but this match was made to try to make them happy – but they said this would not do that.  Lots of Tattoos The match ended in a double-countout and Batista did a Batista bomb on one of the Usos on the ring steps.  It was a slaughter.

Surprise return of RVD! He is against Damien Sandow and the fans are popping huge for him. Rolling Thunder and the Five-Star-Frog-Splash for the win!  His R-V-D arm movement was done along with the fans. I’d love to see him team with Daniel Bryan for a double-arm “Yes-Yes-Yes-RVD” arm-wave!

Rey Mysterio battled Bad News Barrett – and the fans cheered him and chanted his name. They booed all of Rey’s moves.   I never saw a crowd boo the 619 before!  Barrett wound up pinning Rey to the delight of the fans!

Alexander Rusev took and destroyed Zack Ryder via submission.

The Warrior walked to the ring in a suit and tie. He was all smiles. He put on a Warrior jacket and shook the ropes and talked in character for a moment.  He put on an Ultimate Warrior face-mask and went into Ultimate character totally!

EXCELLENT “thank you” from the WWE video package was shown. So well done!

Divas champion AJ Lee came out with Tamina Snuka.  This was day 295 of AJ’s reign. She called herself a hero as AJ Lee vs. The World and overcame the odds and becoming the best Diva in the world. At that point the fans started to chant “CM Punk!”  NXT Women’s champion Paige came out and said she congratulates AJ for her win last night.  AJ told her to run back to NXT. AJ says she will beat her. Paige said she is not ready. AJ slapped her down.  AJ says she will put her title on the line (big ego) and called a referee to start the match.  AJ attacked her instantly. AJ tries to get her in the Black Widow submission but can’t lock it in.  Paige back-slammed her on her head and pinned her to win the title!

Hulk Hogan came out to present Antonio Cesaro with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. He made sure he called the building The Super Dome tonight!  Cesaro came out with manager Zeb Coulter.  Zeb took the mic to say “Let a real American talk!”  Coulter took all the credit and made him a “Real American” and Zeb Coulter guy!” Cesaro said he is not a Zeb guy – he’s a Paul Heyman guy – and Paul came out to the chants of “yes, yes, yes!” Paul calls him “The King Of Swing” and the fans chant it!”  Jack Swagger comes out, attacks Cesaro and smashed the trophy to pieces!  Cesaro goes nuts and beats up Swagger!

It’s now Swagger vs. Cesaro (match made by Brad Maddox). Cesaro won via countout. Bummer as the fans wanted to see the “Big Swing” finisher!

It’s revealed that on the WWE Network “Main Event” show at 8PM Eastern time it will be The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family.

Smackdown Main Event will be Cesaro vs. Big Show.

World Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H and before the match Stephanie ordered The Shield and Kane to insure that Bryan would not succeed again.

Randy Orton and Batista came down to ringside and attacked Bryan.  An RKO by Orton and then a Batista Bomb!  Next Kane came to the ring and ordered them to back off.  Kane chokeslammed Bryan! Triple H’s music played and he and Stephanie walked to the ring.  Bryan is nearly out cold on the mat – barley moving.  Triple H tells the referee to have the bell sounded.  The fans chant “no, no, no” and The Shields music plays and they come down toward the ring. Kane and Orton and Batista come onto the ring apron as the fans chant “Hounds Of Justice!”  They get on the ring apron and the tension is amazing. Triple H tells them to “stand down but now everyone is in the ring.  Triple H says “this is not happening” but Reigns spears him!  Ambrose and Rollins fly onto the others on the floor. The Shield are not in the ring with Triple H and the fans chat “yes, yes, yes!”  Bryan with the big flying knee to Triple H!  No match happened but Bryan is still the champion as the “yes” chants continue!

Excellent show even if the title match didn’t happen!

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