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Linda opens with saying she was highly flattered when Warrior asked her to induct him … She said he is a motivational speaker and unique individual, that he legally changed his name to “Warrior.” It is because he believes in the lifestyle of a Warrior. Linda said she always smiled when he made his entrance – like a locomotive charging to the ring and then shaking the ropes until the turnbuckles begged for mercy. She said he was a loner on the road – an absolute perfectionist and not always easy to get along with. Linda said that Warrior requested her as his lone contact in the WWE and she always heard him vent his frustrations – and then had a very good discussion. She complimented him in many ways and said he is a devoted husband, father, and patriot.

He came to the stage with his two young daughters and he was smiling from ear-to-ear. He opened with a growl in the microphone. He said “The most anticipated speech in the history of sports entertainment. He said to his wife how much he loves her and their children. He also pointed out his mom and how dad left and she did not skip a beat and provided for the family. He said he got his work ethic and self discipline from her. Neither of his daughters were alive when “I was doing my Ultimate Warrior thing.” He said the most awesome thing he will ever do in life is be their father.”
He praised DDP Yoga for helping people fix their self destructive ways. He thanked Paul (Triple H) for working this out (for him to come back). He said even after 18 years in exile here he is at the landmark 30th year of WrestleMania. Fans chanted “one more match!” He thanked them but said it’s not going to happen but bigger things will happen.

He said that everyone in the business taught him something. He mentioned Red Bastien and Steve “Sting” Borden and Billy Anderson. He talked about Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, The Fantastics, to Bill Watts, Ted DiBiase, Steve Williams. Next he talked about being Dingo Warrior in World Class Championship Wrestling – The Von Erichs, Bruiser Brody, George Scott and Bronco Lubich. He talks about the WWE lawyer Jerry McDivitt getting his “ass kicked” by the World Wildlife Federation (making then change to WWE).

He thanked and pointed out Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi, and a bunch of other guys that “helped me out.” Jim said it broke his heart when he saw a DVD that made him seem like an “A-hole” and a loner. He said he was and is a good guy. He wants to thank all the behind the scenes in the WWE as they are the real superstars. He pointed out the ring crew especially. He said there should be a category in the Hall Of Fame for those kind of people called the Jimmy Meranda award. He said Jimmy used to be at matches and setup t-shirt stands and merchandise long before all this happened.
Next he said he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the fans and the fans are legendary! He knows how they fought for him against all the negative things said about him. He thanked the fans for the life he has and how appreciative he is to have them.

Jim talked about the respect that he and Sting had for the veterans when they started. He said what he put into it was worth something and discipline and hard work was responsible for it.
He praised Vince McMahon who let him go as far as he could with the Ultimate Warrior character. He said Vince knew he was dedicated.
He misses the days on the road with the other wrestlers and be bigger in life than he really was and being made to be a tough guy to play. He was a character, a hero to people, to fans and kids. He did a “Make A Wish” foundation (sent kudos to John Cena for that) for kids visit and went to a room. There was a kid in a wheelchair and the power and gift of making that kid happy was wonderful.

The “gear bag” in the WWE didn’t give him how to make a match work – but to make his life work.
He misses pushing his body as far as he used to be able to do it when he was on the road. He could only hear the beat of his heart – when he “blew up” in the ring (on Warrior energy) and would love to be able to do it again.
The comments about how he was going to act tonight – doesn’t know the line between real life and “gimmick.” He said his gimmick is popular and continues to be popular. He said why not let the gimmick inspire your life and that is what he has done. He said the DVD on him was wrong and hurtful and made him angry.
He is honored to be in the Hall Of Fame tonight and has a multi-year deal as an ambassador with the company. He said “no more match” again to the fans chanting for “one more match.” He said to the young guys that the writing is already on the wall – your time will come and go and that’s the way it is. They should prepare into the real life too and make it happen there.

He thanked the audience.

An AMAZING speech.

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