Posted April 5th, 2014 by Bill Apter

Carlito opens with that he is used to work in Bingo Halls (lol) … He says after Scott Hall – they “send in the Colons” (spoof of the song “Send In the Clowns”) … They talk about Carlos’ upbringing in New York watching wrestling on TV – people like Antonino Rocca and Bruno Sammartino … He began his career the day after graduating high school and went on the road – in Florida, Texas, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and finally went home to Puerto Rico in 1973. That was the year he started promoting wrestling there. They also brought up how he expanded into the entire Caribbean area an made it explode as a grat territory.

Carlos comes out to accept. He talks about starting 48 years ago and how he cannot believe he is being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame … He thanked his wife Nancy for standing by him throughout his career and the rigors of being on the road. He said he was on a 3000 per week guarantee – miles not money…Carlos discussed his family in wrestling as well … He thanked Abudullah The Butcher, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Dutch Mantel, The Funks, The Briscos, The Samoans and many others. He said he is proud to be here just like another Peurto Rican great, Pedro Morales in the WWE Hall Of Fame. He closed his speech in Spanish and said he loved his wife Nancy.

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