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Two of the top contenders to the Ring of Honor World Title squared off in a massive war.

Roll the opening montage!

We are in Philly. Tonight’s main event will see “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs A.J. Styles.

Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger (Brutal Brugers) vs Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish (ReDRagon).

The tag champs have been trying to embarrass Cheeseburger in the last couple of weeks. The ran the Tale of the Tape and then did the Code of Honor Handshake. Fish yelled that he loved this part. Me too.

Cheeseburger and Kyle to start. Collar and Elbow into an amateur takedown by Kyle. Go Behind, by Kyle, into a European Uppercut. Cheesy tried for a German Suplex but couldn’t get Kyle up. Kyle slapped Cheesy in the face. Kyle missed a Dropkick and Cheesy with a slap to the face. Bob made the tag and Kyle threw it in reverse.

Fish took the tag and was ready to fight. Go Behind by Fish into a Leg Trip and Body Roll. Fish with a Side Headlock. Evans into a Hammerlock. The two kept reversing it. Hip Toss by Bob. Bobby with a hard kick and punch. Evans reversed the Whip and tagged out to Cheeseburger. Double Suplex. Evans aided Cheesy with Bodyslams to their foes. Corner Splash by Cheesy. Bobby yanked on Cheesy’s arm. ReDRagon went for a Dual German but Cheesy got free nad tagged out. Evans with a series of Polish Hammers, all around.

One Strength (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) were watching from the wings. Kyle dropped Cheesy, big time. Tag to Fish. Waistlock by Fish but Evans punched out. Clothesline by Evans and tag to Cheesy. Kyle also got the tag. Cheesy tried to fight both members of ReDRagon. Cheesy took numerous kicks but wouldn’t go down. Cheesy tried for a Crossbody but needed a little help from Evans to take down the champs. Cheesy sent Kyle into Fish with a Hurancanrana. Stunner by Cheesy. Double Uranage by Brutal Burgers. Evans was sent to the floor and Cheesy got annihilated. Bob made the save. The champs took the fight to Evans and sent him to the floor. The champs hit Chasing the Dragon (Brainbuster/Kick to the Head Combo).

Your Winners: ReDRagon
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

The Cliff Compton situation was examined. Outlaw Ink came out to talk with Compton. Eddie Kingston and Homicide had attacked Compton, out at the loading dock. Steen was asked to join Outlaw Ink. When he refused, Outlaw Ink worked him over. Suddenly, Compton rushed out to clean house. Why did Compton save Steen? The fans screamed for a the two to tag up.

A great prono for War of the Worlds/When Worlds Collide aired. New Japan and Ring of Honor are going to be putting on several co-promoted shows and they are going to be incredible.

Adam Cole was at the announce desk to watch the main event. Steve Corino was about to have a coronary with his admiration of the World Champ.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs “Phenomenal One” A.J. Styles

The streamers flew like snow at Lake Tahoe as Styles got in the ring. Cod of Honor Handshake. The two stood and stared at each other for a long time.

The bell sounded and the two men were a tad tentative to lock up. Elgin took Styles to the corner but gave a clean break. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Another clean break. Styles danced around and grabbed a Side Headlock. Elgin forced Styles down and then worked over the arm. Styles rolled around to reverse the move. Shoulder Blocks by Elgin and a nasty Arm Bar. Styles reversed it and worked over Elgin’s arm. Mid-ring collision sent Styles tumbling out of the ring.

Styles wasn’t about to do a Test of Strength and accused Elgin of being “Out of your mind”. Go Behind by Styles. Drop Toe Hold and Float Over by Elgin. Styles and Elgin went back and forth with counters that ended up with Styles holding a Hammerlock. Elgin backed Styles into the corner. Adam Cole mentioned that Elgin’s shoulder was a liability. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick, by Styles. That woke up Elgin would dared him to bring it. The two threw massive Forearms. Styles took Elgin down but he wouldn’t stay there. Powerwhip Arm Bar by Styles. RoH went to a quick break.

Both men were out on the floor and Styles sent Elgin into the barricade. Styles pitched Elgin back in the ring and followed. Side Backbreaker by Styles. Elbow Drops to the back of Elgin’s head. Elgin caught Styles foot and hit a Forearm. Universal into a Styles Dropkick. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Styles. Steve Corino left the announce desk to get Adam Cole coffee. That was just ridiculous.

In the ring, Styles took Elgin down and held onto a Rear Chin Lock. Styles cranked on the move. Elgin fought up to his feet. Styles worked over Elgin’s neck. Back Roll into a Go Behind by Styles. Standing Switch. Stall Suplex by Elgin after a Knee Strike. He held him up there for a full 30 seconds. Styles kicked out at one. Elgin rammed Styles into the corner and threw Forearms. Hammer Throw that caused Styles to collapse. Flipping Hammer Throw that almost got Styles pinned. Another break time.

Jay Lethal is now doing commercials for J.G. Wentworth. Interesting.

Styles with a Knife Edge Chop but Elgin then flipped him up and over the top rope and to the floor. Elgin put Styles in a chair and hit repeated Knife Edge Chops. Elgin backed up a bit and charged. Running Boot to Styles’ jaw. Elgin threw Styles back in the ring. Battering Ram from the top by Elgin. 2 count. Elbow Drops to the neck by Elgin. Rear Chin Lock by Elgin. Next week, RoH will be running tape of their shows in the Chicago area. I heard from a wrestling acquaintance of mine that the tag belts are going to be up for grabs. If you read my column, a couple weeks back, you know what I’m talking about. If not…well, you wait and see…

Styles got to his feet and blasted Elgin. Elgin gave as good as he got with a Forearm to the back of Styles’ head. Pele by Styles! Styles waited and then flew into…a One-Arm Uranage aka the Samoa Joe Slam. Arm Bar by Elgin. Styles went for a Springboard Move but Elgin Dropkicked him in mid-flight. Low Bridge by Styles into the Moonsault DDT. The ref started to count. “This is Awesome” rose from the crowd. Styles got in at 11 and Elgin made it somewhere around 17. You have a 20 count in Ring of Honor to return.

Back in the ring, Styles with the Wheel Kick. Elgin flipped Styles onto the apron. Springboard Flying Forearm. Styles lifted Elgin and hit the Driver Shoulder Breaker. Front Face Lock by Styles but Elgin ran Styles into the corner. Hard Corner Clotheslines by Elgin. Modified Black Hole Slam by Elgin for a two count. RoH needed another quick break to pay the bills.

We are back and Elgin had Styles on the top rope. Styles blocked the Superplex. Headbutt by Styles into an attempt at the Sunset Flip Bomb. Elgin blocked it. Elgin also fought out of the German Superplex. Styles had to settle for the Torture Rack into the Eye of the Storm. Snap Suplex by Styles but only a two count.

Styles signed for the Styles Clash but Elgin rushed Styles to the corner. Styles tried for it against but Elgin with a Suplex attempt. Styles used his knees to get free. Styles wetn for another Moonsault DDT but Elgin converted it into the Tombstone Puledriver. Elgin’s knee buckled on him. Elgin was limping, badly. Elgin wanted the Buckle Bomb but couldn’t pick him up. Styles with an Uppercut and straight fists. Kneebreaker by Styles. Elgin kicked free. Styles caught Elgin in the Calf Killer. Elgin barely survived by driving Styles’ head into the canvas, multiple times. Jumping Enziguri by Styles as Cary Silkin (RoH Owner) watched on. Elgin sent flying with the Hurancanrana. Styles with the Springboard 450 Legdrop. The bell sounded as the 30 minute time limit.

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25 (slight deduction for no clear winner).

The crowd chanted “Five More Minutes!” Both men wanted to keep this one going. Cole screamed that the match was down.
Ring the Bell” was being chanted. Cole grabbed the World Title belt and rushed in the ring. He clocked both men and stood over them. He then took off as Jay Briscoe hit the ring. Cole started to leave but ran into Kevin Steen! Steen chased Cole out of the ringside area. The top four contenders to the World Title were all inside the ring.

Just a reminder to all you great fans, I won’t be here next week-end for the Ring of Honor Recap. I hop inside my tour bus (ok, it’s my beat up GMC Pickup) on Tuesday afternoon for the nice long drive through Texas and on to New Orleans. Ring of Honor will be there, as well. They are doing two shows plus meeting the fans at Wrestlecon. I’ll also be at Wrestlecon, on Saturday and Sundays, for photo ops and such. Plus, you will be able to meet me at the Rivalry Championship Wrestling booth at the Mid-South Reunion Show. Thanks for understanding and I hope to see some of you down in the Big Easy.


–Jay Shannon

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